Prophet Dr. Thomas Manton IV from the United States

Prophet Dr. Thomas Manton IV from the United States is one of God’s most dynamic prophetic voices in the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the 21st-century church today. Through his ministry, the Holy Spirit has lit fires of revival and reformation across many cities of the world on all 6 continents. He is well known for accurately prophesying the coming outcomes of Kenya’s 2002, 2007, 2013, 2017 & 2022 Presidential Elections.
He has also prophesied hundreds of other detailed predictions & descriptive prophecies for Kenya alone: as well as many more or many other nations. Things that were not there, nor even conceived of at the times he spoke them; including superhighways, the new expressway, new train lines, & so many other great things, have now materialized.
These have been in print from as early as 1999, and have reached multitudes of people in print. Just one prophecy alone for the Kenya Presidential Election got over 4 million hits on our website. To get more of Prophet Dr. Thomas Manton IV’s prophecies and great teachings on Success, Biblical Prosperity, Victorious Spiritual Warfare, Prayer, & Faith, amongst many other topics, join & follow his social media.
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Prophecy to Papua, New Guinea!

Prophecy to Papua, New Guinea!

By Thomas Manton IV


Papua, New Guinea is one nation that I am targeting now, says the Lord! It’s a nation of violence, and of bloodshed, and many things that are ungodly. But the Lord says truly, that I am raising up a remnant of My people in the midst of that nation in this day and hour like never before! And surely you shall see the Name of the Lord in action! I hear the Lord, and I see the Lord telling me to say these things to you.

There is coming in your land a time when the Name of the Lord will be on billboards and all throughout the media. His Name will be in the newspapers, and in the magazines, and all throughout your society. His Name is going to be put up in tangible reality in front of all the people. This is going to be a ‘sovereign sign’ of His ‘visitation’ upon your nation!

You are going to see the Name of the Lord raised up as a strong tower in New Guinea! And you will see the Hand of the Lord come behind His Name in great power! For truly I am going to bring My favour and My grace and My breakthrough into your land in a new way, says the Lord. My Name is a strong tower. And this is exactly what I’ll be to you, O’ My precious people of New Guinea. Allow the Holy Spirit to move as He pleases.

Stand fast, therefore, and get your loins girded up with the truth, having your feet prepared with the readiness of the gospel of peace. Take up the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God. Put on My helmet of salvation and My breastplate of righteousness, says the Lord! And take up the shield of faith wherewith you will certainly quench all the fiery darts of the wicked! Gird yourself up as a ‘fully armed’ man! Let the Glory of the Lord be your rear guard and reward!

Truly says the Lord, I am going to cause My faith to sovereignly rise up within you. O’ people of New Guinea, rise up with My faith, My people. Rise up with My glory, and My power and My majesty, says the Lord!

Let Me reign in your nation! Be wise not to always fight the enemy publicly. Just speak the Truth. Speak My Name, and speak of My miracles!

Bring My light and My glorious Gospel to the people! You will begin to receive new breakthroughs now. And I will confirm My Word with signs following! The people in your land will truly see who I am, and begin to know what I am all about. Surely My favour and My grace will rest upon New Guinea now and in the days to come, like never before, says the Lord God Almighty!

Prophecy to Louisiana!

Prophecy to Louisiana!

By Thomas Manton IV


Economic shifts are coming in the State of Louisiana, says the Lord! Changes in your economy are coming forth in the days ahead! For I am going to pour out My fire in the government arena in this State. From north to south, and from east to west, My favour is going to come upon My church in this hour like never before, says the Spirit of the Living God. And things I have spoken of before shall now come into resolution now. Even from this year into next year, and in this season of time, I will institute a ‘new integrity’ in the land. I will plant down into the soft and wet soil of this State a new ‘seed’ that will begin to germinate and grow. Things will begin to solidify, and true change will begin to take root and spring up and bear fruit. And My government and My salvation shall now begin to be established in this place, says the Spirit of the Lord. Surely, My grace will rise up within the hearts of the ones on the ‘edge.’ The ones on the ‘edge,’ and My remnant who I am calling forth, will begin to do a ‘new thing!’ And the Lord says that there will be a shift in the middle class in this State. Industry shall experience a ‘re-birth’ here. For many have ‘shunned’ this place, and written this state off and black-listed it, and called it the State of the ‘losers.’ They’ve called it the state of the failures, and the state of the drunkards and the poverty stricken. Many even in the world of business and the high levels in the planning realm, and even the U.S. government and corporate America have written this place off and said; ‘You can’t do anything down there.’ But God says; “Surely, I am going to begin a shift, and it is going to happen in the middle class. There is going to be a new level of industry released in this place, says the Spirit of the Lord. I am calling forth a new day of My government, and a new day of Apostolic Reformation to be poured out throughout this land.

I am raising up many houses, and surely the day of wealth will come to this people here in Louisiana. For I am going to break principalities and powers in the spirit, and the demonic forces that are trying to hold back the destiny of My people in this State of Louisiana, says the Spirit of the Lord. For surely My favour is coming upon My people in ways and measures that you have not seen before, says the Lord!

There will be commerce and trade again throughout your State, greater even than before! I am seeing the truck lines and the movement of products all through this land. There will be much business and activities even in the places that were ‘slow’ and called ‘slow’ by many. The Lord says, I will break the spirit of pride, and error, and the egos of men that have said; ‘We don’t have to change.’ The traditions of men that have tried to make My Word of none effect, and the demonic princes that have ruled in this land, and stood over this land have said (but we know the devil is a liar!) ‘You preachers will not break through!
I will not let you get through. I will cause you to fall. I will send women to you. And they won’t leave you alone until you go with them. But, the Lord says, “Surely in these days I am going to send My consuming fire and My hedge of protection around My servants who are on the ‘cutting-edge!’ And the evil one will not be able to break through that hedge! They will not be able to get through to them, says the Lord. For I am raising up a new remnant and a new government in this day and hour. The old day is over! No longer will it be acceptable for My people to ‘float’ through life acting like they’re doing something, when they’re never truly penetrating into the society, or the economic establishment, or the government, or the industries, the Lord says!

Surely in these days, says the Spirit of God, I am raising up My Apostles and My Prophets. And they will begin to enforce my holy ordinances in the land. And even the small towns shall begin to light up with the fire and the ‘torch’ that I send to them, says Spirit of the Lord. I am going to bring forth to bring a new coalition of leaders out from your ranks, and I will commission them, and send them forth to go and ‘plant’ in different towns and in different places, says the Spirit of the Lord. And I will cause My favour to rest upon the ‘young ones.’ They won’t be many. They’ll be just a few. But God says they will be ‘hand-picked’ and selected by Me, and the eyes of leadership shall fall upon them. And I will begin to raise them up, and send them forth. They will be worthy of the impartation. They will go forth and produce much fruit. Release them into My Harvest fields, for the fields are now ‘white’ unto Harvest!

Thomas Manton IV

Thomas Manton IV

In the Spirit, I see something about the State of Louisiana that God has wept over. He has cried over this State. He has been grieved over the lack of penetrating momentum. There has been momentum building, but then there has been a fall. There has been a move, but then there has been a crash. Many have just died out. However, the Lord says, in this day I will raise up a new remnant that is solid. They will be strong. And they will produce much fruit all throughout the land!

I am going to give a new release of compassion to My people, says the Spirit of the God. I am going to send My people forth into the streets, and into the market places, and all through the towns, and even into the small and insignificant places. And I will raise up men and women from those places, says the Lord. And the children from the towns will be touched by Me. And they will produce great fruit as they are led by My Spirit.

There will be an exposure and a scandal that will come out from the City Council and the City Government of homosexuality and wickedness taking place behind the scenes. It is about to come out. I am going to show you the wicked seed that the enemy has planted here.

Even from generations ago, and even from the year 1564, something evil was done here. Something wicked was set in motion from that very time. From that day until this day, there has been ‘ruler ship’ in the invisible world of evil in this State.

But now, says the Lord, I am coming forth in this new day to break that thing, and to destroy it and knock it down. It will not have any more effect. It will be erased, and it will begin to evaporate from this place, says the Spirit of the Lord. There is now going to go up between New Orleans and Baton Rouge new works that will penetrate the land in the years to come, says the Spirit of the Lord. There is going to be a bridge. I will erect a ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’ in the spirit. And I will clean up several cities. This will be an amazing phenomenon. It will be tangible and noticeable. The results will speak for themselves.

I am about to bless My people financially all throughout this place! A wave of financial blessing and abundance is coming to My Church! It’s never been seen in this generation before. That’s how strong it will come. And even upon the ‘down and outers,’ I will pour out My Blessings in a new way. And they too will begin to prosper as they learn to cooperate with My laws, says the Lord. I will begin to smile upon the poor, and show them My face. I have heard the poor man crying, and now I will surely deliver him out of his troubles.

There will be market and industry changes in Louisiana, and an elevation of the middle class. There has been the wealthy upper class, and the poor, but the middle class has been fledgling. Yours has been a very structured society in the separation of the ‘classes.’ But God is going to cause new Entrepreneurs to arise! New levels of production and commerce in the industries and markets will be reached. Kingdom economics will be multiplied. Multiplication will be produced by My Body. I will raise My people up unto a place of prominence! I see one, and then another, and then others being elected into government offices who are born again. They are sons and daughters of the Living God. The persecutors that will rise up against these chosen vessels of righteousness will not be able to stop what I am going to do. For I will have the righteous go into power in your government. And I will overturn much wickedness that has been civilly instituted behind the scenes. I am knocking on the hearts and the doors in your governments to open to Me. I am dealing with many in your government arena in this hour. I have been dealing with them for some time.

There has been a cycle running behind the scenes for the last four years since 1999, which will be exposed and revealed to the public. In the media, you will see over your airwaves and news broadcasts, church activity, and what is happening in My ‘government,’ and in my Kingdom here, says the Lord. You are going to see the day of the unveiling of the faith of My Church in this land like never before! You will live and walk in great power, My people! Poverty, tradition, and religion have gone hand in hand for generations and centuries in your land. Even from the 8th Century, says the Spirit of the Lord, these have gone virtually unchecked and unshaken in any great way. But now, God says, I am going to raise up my ‘vessels of fire.’ And they will go forth and demonstrate My power. They will gather together many, and release the grace and truth that I am pouring out from Heaven in these days. For I am opening up the Heavens over this land in these days, says the Lord!


Father, we thank you! For you alone are God, and besides you there is none other! Lord, you are raising up a hungry people. The hungry ones are going to experience your supernatural move. The ones who are desperate for you are going to receive it, Lord. That’s the first key to revival and reformation. But then, there’s the key of obedience. That’s the stronger key. And others will watch as they see you move for the hungry and obedient ones more than them. And Lord, we know that the old adage is true. ‘Some make things happen, some watch things happen, and others wonder what happened!’ But there are the ‘top level’ kinds of people, Lord, your kind of people that you are going to raise up and send forth. The kinds of people that make things happen! And God says further, that these are the days now as I made a Law in the spirit, where the Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force! This shall be the order of this day. I am going to raise up the violent ones now! And they are going to have skills. And they are going to have expertise. And they are going to have excellence of speech that will unlock the hearts of men. And these will have swords in their mouth in the spirit. I am going to give you excellence of speech, My precious ones, and I will insert My sword in the speech of man. I will set my anointing in and upon the lips of the one who will speak spirit to spirit, and talk directly to the hearts of the people. Information, revelation, and illumination will flow. And it will bring an impartation and an expansion of the capacity of the inner man. The Apostle Paul cried out for the strengthening of the inner man!

God says that in this day now, He is demanding for you to come into the realm of ‘dominion.’ I told you, My people, to take it by force. If you don’t take it, it won’t be taken. If you don’t do it, it can’t be done. If you don’t make it happen, it won’t happen. If you don’t step out on the water, who will? And even as I told My holy prophet Ezekiel of old in his day, says the Lord, so shall it be again in this day. If you don’t go out and touch them, and warn them, and win them, then their blood will be upon your hands! I will hold you accountable for them! But you would try to say, ‘I don’t know those people. How can I be responsible for them? But God says, “Yes you are!” For I have made you the salt and the light of the world, and I have put Myself in you. O, I have made you My hands, My feet, My voice, My lips, My eyes, and My ears. You are My ‘vision makers’ and My ‘dream makers.’
Thank you Lord for helping us to dream big! Lord, I hear you whispering in the ears of the people; “Dream your dream and go for it! O, who can stop you if you have the King of Kings on your side!

Who can change what I have said and decreed? Once you believe it, and once you conceive it, and once you receive it, who can stop it then? The Lord is my strength and my song; the Lord is my light and my salvation! The Lord is with me, so who should I fear? What can man do unto me? Though Death itself is moving strong throughout the land, God says; “The people are ready to cross over their Jordan!”

It’s time for the people to cross over the ‘banks’ of Regret, the banks of ‘Should I,’ the banks of ‘Can I,’ and the banks of ‘What if?’ They say the price is too high! Nevertheless, I will ‘anesthetize’ the people, God says, to ‘numbly’ walk across their ‘Jordan,’ and attain the land and get to the other side. It’s time to possess the land! But you can only do that after you have crossed the Jordan! You’ve got to pass through the death process before the ‘new man’ can arise. The new man will now arise, and the old man will be far behind him! The Lord says again; “Dream, My people, dream! Dream, and let My creative power overtake you! Let the spirit of entrepreneurship fall upon you! I’ll give you My Ideas that will generate millions!

New, exciting inventions will be created in the State of Louisiana. I hear the Lord saying that a major inventor will be born here. An inventor of something great in the earth will be born from the City of Baton Rouge. And this thing will generate millions and even billions of dollars, says the Lord. Thank you Lord, for giving us the kind of pro-creation coming from Heaven to dream and to work, and to generate great wealth for you and your Kingdom, Lord, in Jesus Holy, Matchless, and Mighty Name! Amen!

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Prophecy to Israel

Prophecy to Israel

By Thomas Manton IV


New declarations from the antichrist forces are coming! Militant uprisings will take place from within! They will even question and challenge the ‘powers that be’ on many issues. There will arise ‘new persecution’ against the ‘true’ Christians. satan himself will try to thwart out many works of the Gospel. This is a solemn warning to My servants in the Holy Land. There are attacks coming in ways not seen before in this generation. It will even take many by surprise. There are even governmental changes taking place behind the scenes. There is a ‘set-up’ of these things brewing, says the Lord.

Stand your ground and fight, My precious ones! For you will win in the end!
I will also send My prophets there once again, in succession and sequence, to prophesy regarding many things to come in future days. It is a day of great changes in the Holy Land, says the Lord!

New Year’s Eve~12/31/2001
The Lord will appear to many in the Palestinian world, and in the Western Bank in Israel. He will bring resolutions to the issues that are happening there.

I see something beginning on February 10th, 2002 in the Western Bank in Israel. The Lord says, on February 10th, 2002, something new will begin to erupt for the ‘crossing over’ into a new season. Much conflict, violence, and bloodshed will begin to erupt in the Western Bank beginning on this date.

But, the Lord says, I am going to show Myself strong behind these events. And I will bring change in what’s been going on!
You get ready now, because I am going to move, and I am going to bring resolution, finality and closure to many things that have been open and brewing there for a long time, says the Lord God Almighty!

Let Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done, Lord, in Jesus’ Majestic and Mighty Name! *Amen!

Prophecy to Egypt, the Mediterranean Nations, Tunisia, and the ‘Church-at-Large

Prophecy to Egypt, the Mediterranean Nations, Tunisia, and the ‘Church-at-Large

By Thomas Manton IV
Prophecy ‘Live from London’ At the Henry VIII Hotel
Friday, December 12th, 2003

Prophecy to Egypt:

“Lord, I thank you for what you are doing in Egypt right now. In that nation now, there is going to begin an eruption of violence in the next many days. Thank you Lord. An explosion of violence, warfare, and bloodshed will break out because you are removing a ‘circle’ from behind the scenes. And there is going to be a new thing done in that land now. And yea even for My purposes, says the Lord, I am going to begin to let this thing come out! For surely there are so many wicked things that are going on in that land and in that nation and in that government. I am going to begin to cause the world to see it. I am going to cause a new expression and even a new remnant to arise in that nation. And there is coming a new fire of My Spirit and My hand and My Glory down upon the land in the nation of Egypt.

Revival and breakthrough is going to come from within in the midst of My people. And yea there many that who have even said; “Lord I will be a martyr for you. I will let my blood be shed for you. I will do anything you want. I want to see your revival and reformation come in this land, whatever it takes. The Lord says, the prayers have been too great and many have even sweat tears, and even if it could be ‘drops of blood’ like the Master Himself did. They have cried and agonized in prayer and groaned and travailed in intercession for many years!
And the Lord says, I have heard every one of them and now I am going to begin to answer in this season of time like never ever before in that land. And the world will hear about what is going on.

There are seventeen and even twenty one, even twenty five, even thirty and thirty five, and forty and forty two, and forty seven and fifty five and sixty-plus different men that will be executed from their place of tyranny.
God says, I am going to institute a new order in that land. I am going to bring My Fire, My Favour, My Majesty and My Wisdom even upon My people.

I am going to begin to raise up churches, and the persecution will begin to be broken. For even from out of Egypt, says the Spirit of the Lord, I am going to do something new and fresh that will touch the entire continent and the top of the continent of Africa, and even over to the Middle East, says the Lord. I am going to make a Headquarters there. I am going to make a new thing arise there, and you are going to see the Hand of the Living God in that land in that nation.

There is coming a freedom of speech, a freedom of distribution and writing, and publishing of books and materials and literature, and even an opening in the airwaves. And yea the ‘media airwaves’ will even open up in that land for radio and for satellite broadcasting.

There is a group of three men and a company and a conglomerate of enterprises that is coming up from one company that is going to cause the distribution of satellite dishes and networks. (I don’t know if it will be cable because cable is on the ground, and cable could be controlled by the government entities.) But there is a way that God is going to beam the Gospel all around that nation and across the top of Africa and even into the Middle East. And even through the countries in the Middle East I am opening up the airwaves. I am opening up the hearts of people.

Some will even see it as a business and a way to increase in money and income. That’s fine. The Lord says; “I don’t care about that. Let them make their money. I want My Word to go out! If they can sell thousands of satellite dishes and make a living and a business out of that, that’s wonderful. I pray now, Lord, that you will even let some of Your people have those businesses instead of the worldly people. Where there is a market, people will just do it just for the money. Father, I give you praise tonight, that You are doing something great in this part of the world.

Prophecy to the Mediterranean Nations:

I saw this in a vision. All around the Mediterranean coasts, there is coming ‘visitations’ of God. Anything or any land or country or nation that touches the Mediterranean Sea, God is going to do something fresh. I don’t understand this. Please understand me, precious one listening. It is not that He is not moving in China. He is moving in China, big time!
The ‘Bamboo Curtain’ is going to fall down. It is not that He is not moving in Russia. He is moving in Russia. It is not that He is not moving in the United States. He is moving in every nation of the world.

But I saw a fresh and a new visitation happening all around the Mediterranean coasts. All across the top countries of Africa, and the nations of western Europe, and even down into some of the Eastern European nations, and into Greece and Turkey, and all the way down along the Middle East, and back around the Northern tip of Africa and all around Europe again. God is doing something fresh and new!

Thank you Lord. Even as Paul began to sail and the others began to sail in their ships that they made, out into the Mediterranean Coasts to go to other places, so I am moving again in these times along the Mediterranean Coasts, says the Spirit of the Lord.
There are going to be ‘pockets of visitation’ even in Italy, even in Spain, even in Algeria, even in Tunisia, even in Libya, even in Morocco, and in Egypt, and in Israel and in Lebanon, and in Jordan and Syria, and in Turkey and Greece, and in France and in England. Western Europe, Eastern Europe the Middle East and Africa.

Even the Islamic spirit that has set it footings in these parts of the world, will I now begin to break their backs and break their arms and their legs, says the Spirit of the Lord!

There is going to be a ‘mass exodus’ out of Islam like you have never seen in this generation, says the Spirit of the Living God.

I am working behind the scenes, and I am setting men in their positions and I am going to send them in like ‘flaming arrows’ into these places. And the changes will surely come, says the Lord thy God.

Father, let your Kingdom come and your will be done, for it is greater than anything else. Father, even in a small place like this, even in an obscure place like we are in tonight, you can begin to speak such awesome things to the nations of the world. And Father I thank you, that you are making London a type of a Headquarters for an International Revival, an International Move, an International Reformation and the counter-parts and the peoples and the connections and the ministers and the ministry gifts, and the business leaders and the financiers, and the people. You are arraying us all together, Lord, to pro-create this thing out to the world right from here in this season of time. We give your Name the praise.

Father, you are building something that is going to become so public it will literally frighten people. And they’ll say, ‘how did this thing happen, and where did this come from? It came from Heaven. That is what the Lord says. It came from Hand, My purpose, My Mind, My Heart, My Own Self. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord. We thank you, Lord, again that the airwaves are open. The airwaves are open now. And Your Voice and Your Message and Your Messengers will go forth like never ever before, in any generations’ times.

Prophecy to Tunisia:

The Lord says further, that the nation of Tunisia shall come out in the world’s media headlines, says the Lord, because I am doing a shift in that nation also. There have been literally thousands of people that have been devastated by the system and institution of that government. God says I am going to topple it! I am going to move it. I am going to shift it. I am going to shake it. I am going to break its underpinnings, and begin to let it fall! And then, I am going to institute a new thing in that nation, says the Lord.

All across these nations, I am going to begin to cause My new government to be put in. And apostles that are strong, and prophets that are strong, and pastors that are strong, and evangelists that are strong are going to begin to institute My government in these places, says the Lord. And I will deal with the ungodly, and I will make them do certain things that they didn’t know that they would do. I will even get involved with them, and make them move things into the way I desire them to be, says the Spirit of the Lord.

My government shall now be instituted. My government, My ways, and things that I want to happen will happen!

Many have prayed about what they call the 10/40 window, and now it is called the 40/70 window. They said we are going to fast and pray and decree breakthroughs over this part of the world. God says I am answering by fire now. In the next season of time, over the next few years, you are going to see great changes in these nations. It will be undeniable. It will be catastrophic to the kingdom of darkness. It will be absolutely annihilating to the forces and principalities that have stood there for years and years, and seemed as if they could never be removed or uprooted. But the Lord says I am doing it now!

My government shall be established in these places, says the Lord. And no longer shall the will of man be the ruler, but I will be the Ruler. No longer shall the will of the devil be the ruler, but I will be the Ruler, says the Lord. My favour shall come upon My chosen vessels and My fire, My wealth and My increase and My blessings shall come upon those that I have called and ordained to stand strong in the midst of the battle. In the midst of upheaval and turmoil, and in the midst of opposition and persecution, I am going to give My servants greater strength.

Prophecy to the ‘Church-at-Large:

The church-at-large will begin to understand that it is not just you here in your place, and the missionaries are out there in their place, and it is so hard and so tough for them. You only focus on their suffering!
Oh, we see the magazines of the suffering and the martyrdom of many, and how they have been persecuted. Yes, we need to see that. Yes, we need to pray. But that is not indicative of everything that is going on there. It’s not all so tragic.

My presence is with My people there. My glory is with My people there. I am moving there. People are getting saved. People are getting healed. People are getting baptized. People are getting delivered. People are coming into the family of God.

I see that the Lord is going to ordain a magazine that is going to go around the world. I don’t know who He is going to use to do this, but it is going to literally depict revival and depict the positive aspects of what is happening even in the ‘hard places’ of the world. Others have just portrayed the violence and the devastation and the murder and the persecution and the horrible things that have been happening even to My people. But the Lord is going to cause this thing to become a reality.

The Lord says that two other Christian Networks, even in America, will I raise up in years to come. One will be large, but another one will be absolutely massive. They will rival even in their viewer ship, and the amounts of broadcast quality and quantity of the world, even what the other great network and networks have done before.

The Lord says I am now raising up a new breed and a new company of ministers that are going to carry My fire. It will be like the Saul and David fight where the Saul’s will say, ‘we are the rulers and who is this young David? And David will just say ‘Praise the Lord!’ He sent me. He has anointed me. I am not going to apologize for it. We will just see what happens. And surely, even as David ended up being king on the throne, so it will be for these My servants that I am raising up in this day and hour.

The ‘user-friendly, weak-kneed, ‘milk-toast’ Gospel Churches will become a ‘by-word’ in My Body, says the Lord. Oh, they have the nice principles and the nice format, and God says, “People will always go to those churches.” They will always follow their ‘non-controversial’ programs. The family structure and the administrative structures are there, and thousands come. God says they will always be there. Just leave them to themselves. But the Lord says I am going to skip over many places and many orders and raise up My own.

I will be with those that have a heart to do battle and those that have a heart to do what I want them to do! I am going to bless them. I am going to fund them. I am going to increase them. I am going to promote them, and make them as ‘flaming-fires,’ even before the nations of the world, says the Lord.

Lord, as you said to me sometime ago, that you are raising up 1,000 new ‘mega-ministries.’ You are making ‘major-ministries’ out of those that have been in obscurity, and in preparation. Those that have had small organizations, but they have been powerful. Now, You are going to take them and make them ‘mega.’ ‘Mega’ means ‘impact!’
They will have major impact upon nations, major impact upon groups of peoples, major impact upon the Leadership of the Church-at-large, and major impact upon the Body of Christ to bring the message and the favour of God and the Word of the Lord to this generation. They will bring the Power of God to this generation!

It is the time of their release now like never before. The Lord says, I am moving in these ways. I am raising up some, and I am putting down others. I set them up, and I put them down, the way that I want. The heart of the king is in My Hand, not even in his own, says the Lord. As I let kings be put up on the throne in generations past, and then I let them die the way they died, so I will in these days as well, says the Spirit of God. Some will just die out. Some will just go off the scene that have grieved Me over and over and never wanted My heart, and never wanted to pay the price for what I want, and never wanted to go in the direction I want, but they wanted to steer Me instead of Me steering them. God says I will leave these men, and go on about My business with the ones who want to walk with Me in the way I desire, says the Lord.

The new remnant, the new breed, and the new company is going to arise now, and neither men nor demonic forces will be able to stop what I am about to do. For it will surely be that strong, says the Sprit of the Lord. And My fire will encompass them and engulf them. And My Mantle will be draped over them, says the Spirit of the Lord. And nobody will be able to stop or touch what I am doing in these days, through these ones, My precious ones, says the Lord thy God.

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for the new order! Thank you for the new breed, the new remnant, and the new company! Thank you, Lord Jesus. You are the King of kings and the Lord of lords! Beside you, there is nobody else that can dictate to nations. Nobody. No one! It is your Voice that we want to hear. It is you, Lord. It is you that we want to hear. It is you that we want to obey. It is you that we want to walk with. It is you Lord. It always was. But somehow, man got in the way. We thank you, that you are raising up ‘transparent’ vessels that can be like a ‘glass’ before the light and say, ‘look through me and see Him.’ Look through me and see Him!

Father, the more selfless we can become, the greater we can become. Like John the Baptist said, ‘I must decrease that He can increase.’ If I decrease, He will increase. That is the principle. I thank you Lord. In these days, we are seeing it.

Now Father, we thank you again for the equipment. We thank you, Lord, for the team. We thank you, Lord, for the teams. We thank you, Lord, for the peoples, and the resources. We thank you, Lord, for everything being ‘par excellence,’ nothing spared, for Your Work around the World! We will advance Your Kingdom, in great power, in Jesus’ mighty and majestic Name! *Amen!”

Lord, we thank you that your Kingdom is being advanced in Colombia now in greater ways and measures than ever before, in Jesus’ Majestic and Mighty Name! *Amen!



Fulfilled Prophecies concerning World Leaders & World Events  – Through Thomas Manton IV

Fulfilled Prophecies concerning World Leaders & World Events – Through Thomas Manton IV

The Holy Spirit has used Thomas Manton IV in a very unique and distinct way to prophesy about many startling world events involving many nations of the world! Here are just a few that have been documented with great impact in recent times: the 9/11/2001 World Trade Center disaster in New York City (prophesied about from 1997 in explicit detail), the February 10th, 2002 beginning of the new Western Bank conflict in Israel (prophesied about on New Year’s Eve, December 31st, 2001), a myriad of political scandals including the 1998 & 1999 scandals and ‘impeachment proceedings’ concerning former U.S. President Bill Clinton (prophesied about in January, 1998), the personal scandals concerning former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani that hit the ‘press’ in November, 2000 (prophesied about in January, 1998), the death of the Governor of Florida Lawton Chiles by a heart attack in late 1998 (prophesied about on July 10, 1998 in the Daytona Beach Revival) and the subsequent ‘divinely ordained’ election of Jeb Bush as new Governor of Florida, and then the ‘divinely ordained’ election of George W. Bush as President of the United States with the election won by just a few votes from the State of Florida, the Presidential assassination attempt of France President Jacques Chirac (prophesied about in Paris, France in a revival in August, 2000), the national scandal and shame of the Prime Minister of Japan and other Japanese government officials and top business leaders (prophesied about in June, 1998 in the Daytona Beach Revival), the September 22, 2002 earthquakes across England (prophesied about in London on September 14th, 2002), the personal indiscretions and scandals of British rulers and government leaders that have hit the ‘media’ continuously from September 2002 onward…(prophesied about on September 14th, 2002 in London, England), the forming of a ‘New Government’ in 2002 in Kenya (prophesied about in June, 2000 with over 10,000 in attendance at the Kenyatta Int’l Conference Centre in downtown Nairobi), the ‘unanimous’ election on December 27, 2002 of Mwai Kibaki as new President of Kenya (prophesied on December 13th, 2002 in London, England), the January, 2004 death of a political leader in Kenya (prophesied about on January 4th, 2004 in Nairobi, Kenya) etc.

These and many other amazingly detailed prophetic utterances concerning world leaders have been fulfilled one after another. Others ‘in motion’ now are several, including; the fall of the Red China Communist regime, the capture of Osama bin Laden and the ‘destruction’ of the top twelve leaders of Al Qaeda, the toppling of the political regime in Tunisia, an outbreak of violence and change of political leadership and subsequent reformation and revival in Egypt, the spiritual ‘execution’ of the top fifty ‘rulers of darkness’ in England in 2004- and the subsequent improvement in the spiritual climate over London and other parts of England, new visitations of revival in France in 2005, the ‘infiltration’ of God’s influence into the hearts of many of the top leaders in India and a greater ‘opening’ to the Gospel there, a sweeping visitation of revival across America in 2005, etc…

Prophecy for China:

1.3 billion Souls and counting! Could I leave them to the dogs? I am even now dismantling the old communist regime, says the Lord! As you saw the Berlin Wall fall, and the Soviet Union fall, so shall you see Red China fall! The ‘Bamboo Curtain’ will be torn to shreds! I will utterly destroy the wickedness of oppression that has ruled over this vast community of My humanity! Tiananmen Square will not just be remembered as the place of tragedy and bloodshed, but the day will come when Millions will stand in that great square arm-in-arm and openly worship Me without fear of retaliation! My ‘Freedom Bell’ is ringing all across China now, and I will reap this great harvest of souls, says the Lord!

Prophecies for America:

The Lord said to me that, “2005 will begin a great season of revival in many places in America! He said that these visitations and moves of His Spirit will sweep across many places. In the same breath, He said to me that, “2004 is the year of preparation for this. And as hard as you prepare for My Coming to you will determine how much you receive, and how much you will retain, it when it comes.”

Visitations of God will hit many churches on the Southeast Coast of Florida from Melbourne to Miami, a greater breakthrough will commence in the Northwest in Seattle, Portland and their surrounding regions, a sovereign touch of revival will hit in the western part of Minneapolis, Minnesota, the City of Chicago will experience a supernatural movement of unity amongst its church leaders, California and its great harvest fields are yet on God’s mind, and He will infiltrate their industries and peoples with His visitation, Texas shall feel a great spiritual dearth and an ensuing hunger for true revival will erupt and cry out from the hearts of many in that State, a new coalition of leaders will emerge in the State of Louisiana to form a strategic link to gather leaders from around the Nation to launch a National movement calling for unity and revival amongst leaders,

The Iraq issue will become very intricate and not easy to solve. This could cause a great problem for President Bush and for America. Lord, we decree that you will supernaturally divert and interrupt that cycle. These issues will be extensively spoken of in the media. They will be openly talked about. Great fights and strife and debates and discussions will come out in the media, but I see that if we all pray the Lord will diminish it all.

America is in danger. Terrorists are regrouping and planning other things and My Church must rise up! People can’t sit back and be complacent and say this doesn’t affect them. It is time for you to pray and fall on your faces once again. It is time you all get serious and do battle in the realm of the spirit!

You are in a season of war. There are things brewing in the spirit world that need to be addressed. I am releasing a new realm of deep intercession within the Church now! I will have many of My voices challenge My People to get back to praying, and not just asking Me to bless them and their own houses. You need to receive the passion to get caught up into the Presence of My Spirit and intercede effectively for your cities and nations!

I will break the strong demonic assignments and attacks from hell that have been against you, and these things will be broken in the spirit, says the Lord! I will stir up My Church to pray! And not just for the cause of overcoming the enemy, but to help you get broken before Me yourselves. I want you closer to Me. What greater thing can happen to you than to know Me more and be really get close to My heart?

Prophecies for Europe:

Great Britain: “The greatest spiritual breakthrough in England’s history will happen in this next season!”

Amsterdam, Holland:
The Aids virus is rampant in that city. If it were to be known on what scale, fear would grip their society. The powers that be don’t want it to be known. I saw the finger of God coming down and squashing the filthy, perverse spirit there in the next season of time. A new hunger for the supernatural move of the Holy Spirit will erupt in the churches throughout Holland, and I will move greatly in that land, says the Spirit of the Lord.

Satanic orders and operations will be brought down in the coming season. Supernatural Visitations of Revival will break loose in Cologne, Frankfurt, & Berlin. A great rise of independent works and new apostles will bring breakthrough and reformation in the Nation.

Dark forces operating behind ‘behind the scenes’ through the government and the occultist ‘orders’ will both be exposed and restrained.

Reformation is coming in the Church. New apostles will step forth to the forefront and lead.

In 2000 the Lord had me prophesy of a coming assassination attempt and a coming assassination. God told me to declare to the churches in Paris and throughout France that they need to pray. Evidently, someone prayed. The assassination attempt on the President was unsuccessful. We’ll see what develops next. Visitations will sweep across the nation in 2005, and a true revival will commence in the South of France in and around the Marseilles Region.

Visitation, Breakthrough and Revival!

A new breakthrough move of Unity is coming amongst Church leaders and God will break old religious traditions.

Prophecies regarding some Major International Events:

  1. 9/11/2001 –  N.Y.C. Tragedy  (Prophesied in 1997)
  2. The Scandals and Embarrassments of the Prime Minister and other leaders of Japan  –  (Prophesied in 1998)
  3. Stock Market Panic – 2nd Black Monday ~ (Prophesied on 9/30/97 in New York City) – happened less than a month later on the 3rd Monday of October, 1997
  4. The 1999 President Bill Clinton Impeachment Proceedings ~ (Prophesied in 1998)
  5. The Death of the Governor of Florida Lawton Chiles by a sudden Heart attack (Prophesied Friday Night 6/10/98 in the Daytona Beach Revival)
  6. Then God raised up the Bushes into Office…Jeb Bush   Governor of Florida
  7. George W. Bush – Into the Presidency! (I asked God who will win this crazy election? God said to me: ‘George W. Bush – he is My choice!’)
  8. Nairobi, Kenya  – First Tuesday & Wednesday of June, 2000 ~ Live from the platform @ the K.I.C.C. in front of over 10,000 people – I said (obviously possessed by the Holy Ghost!) ‘A New Government will be formed in Kenya! My God! This amazingly began the next year in Kenya when planning for new Presidential Elections began.
  9. God prophesied again on Fri, Dec 13, 2002 of the outcome of the Upcoming Elections and two Fridays later – Mwai Kibaki was unanimously elected the new President of Kenya as the Lord had said to me!
  10. Now, Corruption is being exposed as the Lord said in the 2002 Kenya Prophecy.
  11. New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani – Personal Scandals – (Prophesied in 1997)
    In November of 200 – It all came out in the Media!
  12. The Scandals of two U.S. Congressmen in the Media – Rep. Traficant convicted and jailed for corruption charges, and Rep. Conduit implicated in the mysterious death of Sandra Levy.


Prophecy to Kenya –  January 4th 2004 –

Prophecy to Kenya – January 4th 2004 –

By Thomas Manton IV


Thomas Manton IV

Thomas Manton IV

*It’s just after midnight, Sunday morning, January 4, 2004, here in my hotel suite in downtown Nairobi. The Lord will have me speak some of this forth at Uhuru Park today. Here is a fresh Prophetic Word from the Lord to the Church, and to the Nation of Kenya!

Father God, I hear You saying that You are going to cause a new outpouring and a new wind and a new shift and a new swing to take place in Kenya, even economically. There is going to be favour where You are going to show favour. And there is going to be dishonour and shame where you are going to show dishonour and shame. For you raise up some and take down others.

Now is the season and the time when I am going to begin to move in My people in greater measures than has ever been seen in many generations, says the Lord! For surely as you cross over now into this new year of 2004, I am going to release more! There will be a new ‘outpour.’ I am going to bring new things to the fore-front now. For surely I will now move in the lives of those who are ‘lagging behind’ concerning issues that I want them to excel in; even in My house, even in My church, and amongst My leaders, and amongst My people, says the Lord. New flames of fire will be released upon them all in this new season!

I will anoint men and women with ‘torches’ of My fire and glory, even as I said in Isaiah 60: 1; “Arise and shine, for thy light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon thee! And now in this generation as never before, says the Lord, My light and My glory shall be seen upon thee, says the Lord thy God!

A new ‘dividing-line’ will be ‘drawn’ in this land. I will mark a strong ‘distinction’ between those who are serving Me, and those who are serving themselves.

Those who are not founded upon the ‘rock’ of Jesus Christ will begin to be plundered! They will be shaken, and they will be ‘shamed and dishonored’ like never before. But the Lord will cause great favour to come upon His sons and His daughters in new and great and mighty ways!


Where is Jesus?

Where is Jesus?

Prophetic Poetry By Thomas Manton IV

‘Where is Jesus? *Let’s see…
You arrive at the crusades and prayer meetings desiring breakthroughs…
The Holy Spirit gloriously visits you!
He prophesies about big connections and big blessings.
Instantly these miraculously come to pass for you!
You suddenly make new ‘Great Connections’ you say…
And receive a great Spiritual breakthrough…
Then you get a New Job ~ the Best Paying one ever, you say…
Hmmm…Let’s see…Where is Jesus?

Then, Jezebel comes around and yells out foolishly ‘Where’s Jesus?’
Hmmm… Let’s see…Where is Jesus?
Apparently He is really moving here by His Sovereign and Almighty Power!
And what about Jezebel? How’s she doing? She seems so frustrated!
If she cries out ‘Where’s Jesus?’ She obviously does not even know the answer to her own question…
Hmmm… “Where is Jesus?
Constant and Abundant Miracles are happening here by the Hand of God! Jesus is right here!
Wake up, my friend!

In the Lord’s Love,
Your True Brothers and Sisters!

Lord, You are First!

Lord, You are First!

Prophetic Poetry By Thomas Manton IV

Lord, You are First!
For You I do thirst!
In Your Spirit, dear Jesus,
Let me stay immersed!
I don’t ever want to be cursed.

I am blessed, because You are the best
so all the rest belongs to me, you see
And the jewels you left behind,
are there for me to find.

Discovery of who I am in You
makes me love You –
more I do!
It is You I adore,
Your voice I won’t ignore.
I can’t wait to see what You have in store.
O Lord, Your blessings I do implore.
My life, Master, restore!!!
And add Your blessings to me more and more!
It’s You I adore!

Lord, how I love you so
You have really helped me grow
When Your Spirit flows through me
I can’t help but see…
The riches of Your kingdom
The inheritance that’s there for me



Help me do your will, O God!

Help me do your will, O God!

Prophetic Poetry By Thomas Manton IV

I choose this day to do your will, O God.
I want to know you as Lord and King.
The plans you have for me are big.
I have a great destiny. I must fulfill your commission.
Thank you, Lord, for your provision so I can accomplish your mission.
Move through me, Holy Spirit, in miracles, signs and wonders.
Let me usher in your Glory and advance your Kingdom by your mighty power.
It’s a crucial day and hour!
I’ll proclaim the Good News of the King;
A new song unto you I will sing!
Across the earth, O Lord, let your praises ring!
In you I live and move and have my being.

International Copyright 2004. Thomas Manton IV ~ Dominion International.
All rights reserved.

New Year’s Eve Visitation – Prophetic Words For 2002

New Year’s Eve Visitation – Prophetic Words For 2002

Hello, My Precious Friend…Get ready to hear from the Throne of God!
(The following message is the transcription of the prophecy given through Prophet Thomas Manton IV on 12/31/2001 in his New Year’s Eve Service in North Carolina)

Prophetic Prayer for 2002:

Lord, in this year of 2002, you are taking us to places and heights that we’ve never been to before! Your schedule will be our schedule! Your people will finally be able to drop off all of their hurts, pain, emotional bondage, baggage, and their ‘luggage’ full of yesterday’s ‘clothes’ and ‘seasons.’ Lord, you’re now causing your people to literally inherit the land!

You are going to bring the wealth of cities, families, and churches into the hands of the faithful remnant that is ready to do what you command! Lord, it’s in the stricken and barren places where you’re going to show up! Father, I hear you saying to the Church around the world that the ‘pleasure season’ is now coming upon us! We thank you now, Lord, for the life of glory, wealth, victory, power, and dominion that is coming to your people all over the world!

Father, you delight in showing up in the obscure place! You are blowing a ‘fresh wind of Fire’ on the ‘Eastern Seaboard’ of America–like we’ve never seen before in this generation. I pray, Lord, that in 2002, men will stop trying to put themselves up. You are going to promote whom you want. True elevation only comes from you!

Lord, I ask you to cut the cords of illness, financial encumbrances, debt, and all past problems and issues. Let all unforgiveness, strong holds and curses that have been running in family lines be totally eradicated and destroyed! Lord, wipe our slates clean so that we can rise to a level we have never known before!

Prophetic Exhortation for 2002:

The Lord is speeding up the time and the process. They can’t stop you! The Lord’s already moving! It’s already in motion! Before many days pass, we are going to look back and say, ‘What happened?’ That’s how fast it’s going to come forth!

Prophetic Words for 2002:

I see an attack – a physical attack coming against our President – even in the heart. I’ve never said that before, but the Lord’s just showing it to me right now. Let’s pray for President George W. Bush. There’s something unknown. I see a real demonic assault coming against his physical body. Father, we pray that your Hand of fire and hedge of protection come all around his body, his family, his soul, his mind, his spirit, and also around the Vice President and all of the Cabinet Officers. In this day of tremendous spiritual wickedness, you are going to touch and heal. There’s something else that’s been happening behind the scenes. I see it coming out in the media against him. But the Lord says don’t listen to the gainsayers, for surely I am going to vindicate him, saith the Lord. The Lord says again, He is my man and my chosen vessel for this hour, and nothing shall be able to stop what I am doing, saith the Lord.

I am seeing one thousand (1000) ministries coming into ‘major ministry status.’ That’s now being birthed and formed. Yes, they’ve already been in operation, but I see them exploding on the scene in America, and in other nations of the world. The major Christian media will bring them to the forefront. I want to prophesy even from this place of the coming forth of the 1000 new major ‘world shaking’ ministries. I’m not talking about little stuff. They’re going to break through and shake the lands on a massive scale. The new order is coming to the forefront! There will be a name and a face change in the leadership in the Body of Christ.

Prophecy for Kenya through Dr. Thomas Manton

Prophecy for Kenya through Dr. Thomas Manton

“A lot of healing will take place in future days, & God will raise up different people within the communities who will allow God’s love and presence to take a new precedence, and Kenya will progress ahead greatly into the next season now, with people being more able to accept and love one another, more and more, as the days go further ahead now. This will be a phenomenal miracle in action and in motion. God will raise up many new vessels and voices now in the various ”communities”, and they will flow by the Holy Spirit, in the ‘name of progress, and God will create and affect much change, and the “New Kenya” will truly emerge, with much more love and comradery and acceptance and love and celebration, between all, and between each other. It will be truly amazing to see; but pls. know that God is going to do this for His people in Kenya in the coming days! A new breed of leaders and leadership will now emerge, with people in the movements that will be very passionate about progress, healing and change; for a new and better Kenya for tomorrow. Again, this will be a real miracle, but many people already want to get past the past, and move forward and ahead very powerfully and forcefully, so everyone can be blessed and be made prosperous and successful! Strife’s and hatreds are the devil’s evil-seeds and breeding grounds for destruction, and even for every evil work, as the Scripture says, so it is surely high-time for people to just grow to higher levels of maturity now, and grow up past all the messes of yesterday’s with renewed hope for great tomorrow’s for everyone now! We look forward to a dialogue more on all this, and other things, as the precious Holy Spirit leads and directs. Kenya’s societal, infrastructural and economic developments and advancements are really here and they are really happening now. I feel genuinely excited about all this. God is developing and raising up a great Kenya, a new Kenya, for which He always intended for it to be, and everyone here is going to be blessed, as we get more and more acquainted with the Lord, our great and brilliant Creator and Boss! (See Job 22:21-28) *Amen!”

A Testimony from Kenya

A Testimony from Kenya

“God’s Prophet, Dr.Thomas Manton IV, has Ministered to us in Kenya prophetically, regarding upcoming events that no one knew would develop & others that no one could have known the outcomes of in advance, once they unfolded. God led him to first speak very boldly & precisely over our Nation in the June 2000, that God would change our Government regime of the time; & raise up a new one.

The Lord wanted new progress that HE wanted to bring about into reality in Kenya! Then, in Dec.2002, he spoke again, before’ GOD was just about to do just that! He prophesied on Dec.13, 2002, that Mr. Mwai Kibaki would be elected to be Kenya’s President for the next five years. On Dec.27, 2002, that came to pass, and became a reality. GOD said Mr. Kibaki would be like a “Joseph” administrator for Kenya’s development, and that has truly been the case, in so many ways. Kenya has skyrocketed in advancement since 2002. All have seen this happen. All have been blessed in one way or another because it has! Then, again in Dec.2007, before the next Presidential Election, GOD spoke to us through His Prophet, Dr. Thomas Manton IV again, declaring specifically that it was His Will that Hon. Mwai Kibaki be re-elected to another five-year term, and seemingly against some ‘odds, he was! Now on March 4th, 2013, what GOD spoke through Dr.Thomas Manton IV has sure as Heaven’s fire happened again! Uhuru Kenyatta was elected as Kenya’s next and fourth President! This is as good as it gets! Visit to read his many magnanimously-detailed Prophecies to Kenya, & several other Nations. Learn more about this God-fearing man. Long live Dr. Thomas Manton IV…

May GOD now bless you so much more richly for helping millions of us here in Kenya! Lord, we give You glory, honor and praise for all You’re Doing! Thank You!” *More are Coming…Stay Tuned…”

The Power of Productive Partnership!

The Power of Productive Partnership!

  •  Success is found in actually attaining exactly what you want. That is, if in fact, what you want is actually good.
  • You have to understand that God is for your success.
  • God is for you; & not against you!
  • When God is coming for you & to you, on purpose & by design to bless you; it’s just too powerful for anything but anyone else to resist. There are just too many good things that are going to happen!
  • Jesus, spiritually & supernaturally makes it all work. And God being in the midst of it, is the most awesome thing that any human can have happen to them!
  • John 15:7 says, “If you abide in me and My words abide in you, you will ask for what you want, and it will be done for you.”
  • Abiding with Me means, “Living with Me, in My presence & under My anointing & covering & glory.
  • The Lord emphasized to me while teaching this last Sunday, the special word ‘will’. As we know a “will’ is also a covenant, & legal, verifiable & actionable document of execution to bring things into transference & being.
  • Partnership with God & His Anointing & His Anointed is just so very vital & important; more than you even realize yet.
  • Take as many Action Steps as you can now, to get GOD to bless you through connecting with His Anointing & His Anointed!
  • You’ll be very glad that you did!
  • Blessings to you, dear one, In Jesus’ Mighty Name!

Make this your Confession now!

“Almighty God, My Heavenly Father, in Jesus Christ’s mighty Name, I thank You now, and I declare that Today will be the greatest Day of its kind, in my life! I pray and I declare this now Lord, and I thank you for it, that all of this Week, and the rest of this entire Month will be the Greatest Days that I have ever known in my Life! All of the best Blessings, Monies, Resources, Materials and the Best possible People and Friends are coming to me to all work for me, and with me, in my favour, and for my good, now, in Jesus’ Name! I declare now, and I thank You, Lord, that You are Opening for me now, the Best Possible Doors and Opportunities for me, Now, in Jesus Christ’s mighty Name! This will be my Greatest Season, filled with the best opportunities and blessings and relationships and atmospheres and environments for me to live in and dwell in and enjoy immensely! All these Favours, Blessings, Resources and Relationships are coming to me now, beyond all of my imaginations and expectations! Today will be the greatest-day filled with revelatory-insights and divine-connections opening up to me and for me! Lord God Almighty, my desire is for You to be glorified in everything I do today and every day. I pray and declare all of this now, and I declare that it is done, and it is so, now, in the Marvelous, Matchless, Majestic, and Mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of the Living God and Savior of the World. Amen!

Dr. Thomas Manton



Prophecy to Madagascar

Prophecy to Madagascar


Thomas Manton IV

*Thomas Manton IV* is respected worldwide as one of God’s most dynamic ‘Prophetic Voices’ to the Nations, and to the 21st Century Church. People across Five continents throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia are experiencing God’s Word, Presence, and Power through his Miracle Crusades, Conferences and Television Ministry. God has used him to speak prophetically into the destiny of multiplied thousands of individuals and directly concerning many nations, world leaders and world events. His ministry has received hundreds of testimonies of spiritual breakthrough, healings and financial increase from many people who have been touched by this anointing all around the world! Visit regularly! The Glory of God will cover the Earth! *Jesus Christ is Lord of Every Nation!

Prophecy to Madagascar!

Behold I show you an open vision, says the Lord, of a man sitting upon a throne but suddenly falling forward and down to the floor. And so in this way, I will unseat the ruler of darkness who sits upon an authority structure that was only man-made.

For will you not remember, says God, that I Am the Supreme Ruler of the Earth and I will have the last say? O you of little faith, please remember that the Earth is Mine, and the fullness thereof, and the world and all they that dwell therein!

Surely I will now rise up as a travailing woman over the security of her children. You will see Me uproot and topple seats of darkness. Once I touch the prince of darkness with the tip of My finger, great shackles that have been on your land will be broken and removed! Witchcraft and traditional practices will begin to be seen for what they are. The people will surely see them as from the source they are really from.

I will begin to have My people speak and judge the wickedness in your land, O Madagascar! The powers of darkness will be neutralized in the coming days by My Church! In the same hour that their powers are bound and will no longer work, I will have some of My servants and representatives in your nation show your people that through Jesus Christ the victory has truly been won!

A revival of “fresh living water” shall run throughout your land in the days to come. Many new churches will be born into existence. And multiplied thousands of souls will be swept into My Kingdom in the midst of this new Visitation of My Presence and Power in Madagascar, says the Spirit of the True and Living God!

International Copyright • 2004. Thomas Manton IV • Dominion International. All Rights Reserved by Law. This Prophecy may be reprinted (In Its Entirety) with full display of the Author’s Contact Information only. Please also send us Original copies of any publication(s) or Links by E-Mail that this or any other of Thomas Manton IV’s Prophecies are reprinted in or distributed through. You may also Print or Forward this Prophecy for Distribution to Individuals and/or Organizations for their Spiritual Enrichment and Edification. Thank you.


Always Advancing His Kingdom…
His for the Miraculous…& Yours for the Breakthrough!


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Prophecy to Kuwait

Prophecy to Kuwait

Dr. Thomas Manton IV


Prophecy to KUWAIT!

There will be new Law changes and the Lifting of restrictions for Christianity and the Gospel in Kuwait in the coming season, says the Lord!

There will be a change of ambassadors, and the new ones will set into motion great diplomatic advantages for international travel both in-to and out-from the nation of Kuwait.

There will finally be an expression of gratitude released toward the United States for their help in rescuing their nation out from the evil grip of Saddam Hussein and his wicked regime.   The Gospel of Jesus Christ will go forth in Kuwait in many new ways. Several missionary apostles and evangelists will set up new works there.  The increase of ‘My’ government shall break through in Kuwait now greater than ever before!

Get ready for your greatest hour of Visitation to date, O Kuwait, says the Spirit of the Lord!

Always Advancing His Kingdom…
His for the Miraculous…& Yours for the Breakthrough!

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Fulfilled Prophecies concerning World Leaders & World Events  – Through Thomas Manton IV

New Prophecy To BRAZIL!


Friday, March 1st, 2019 @ 3 pm
Spoken through Prophet Dr. Thomas Manton IV
The Word of the Lord comes unto me, saying to the Nation of Brazil…

“Brazil is a blessed nation, says the Lord! And I have surely made Brazil a beautiful ‘sheep-nation’. Brazil is a Christian-nation. And Brazil will always be a Christian-nation! And now, Brazilians have just been smart to elect a pro-Christian President, who will implement many ‘correct’ and right policies for the people and the nation. The ‘other’ option as an outcome for the election, as you know, would have been a disaster! That, of course, didn’t succeed. But God’s plan did!

The Lord had me prophesy, before your recent Presidential election, that Jair Bolsonaro would be elected as the new president of Brazil. And he was, in a landslide victory! This is very good for Brazil. And it’s even good for South America. It’s very good for the people of Brazil.

I see that the Lord will cause new growths and developments in your economy in the coming days. New growth will grow here. New money will flow here. Many people will come out of poverty in the coming days. New programs even helped by the government, for new systems and institutions to teach people and train people for the workplace, will come forth and be instituted!

God is going to work to see that many people that have been in poverty will now break through, and be raised up out of their poverty! God wants to use leaders in the Church who will commit to teach the laws and principles of success and biblical economics. God wants to see financial well-being in His peoples’ lives!

In addition to the other-things of the Gospel, there is an anointing that I will now bring upon My people; directing them to go into business to prosper! And this will be a mass movement! God will cause a new outpouring of power to help people live greater lives for the Kingdom. There is great victory ahead for the Brazilian people! It will be phenomenal.

This is now the day of great change. This is now the day of new beginnings! This is now the day of a new-season! A greater outpouring of My Spirit will happen now, says the Lord! My people will know the Holy Spirit deeply, and in intimate ways!

There will be a lot of teaching on this from the Churches in Brazil that are real. In Brazil, you have real churches that are moved by the Holy Spirit. And then you have some churches that have mixtures or contamination of other things. But My real church will rise in this hour; and filled with My power! In this next season  and you will see a new outpouring of My power to cause My people to break through all the nonsense that goes on, says the Lord! I will cause a new flow of Mine to flow and grow, and I will cause people to rise up higher and higher, and more and more filled with My Fire and Power! This movement will grow big, and touch masses and multitudes of people!

In this next season, I will cause many people to rise up, and come up and out from the poor class, and up into the middle class! And I will cause many people to rise up and out from the middle class, up into the upper class! And people that have already prospered will prosper even more now, says the Lord!

I will move upon your economy and people here in Brazil. I will cause your Nation and people to prosper greatly!

Your new President is for this! He’s for this kind of movement! He will be excited to see it. He wants the economy to grow here in Brazil. He wants the Nation to progress and move forward in great new ways now! And know this, I am the One who has orchestrated all of this!

The Lord says, I will now cause the Miracle Ministry to go to higher heights, and deeper depths, and wider breadths! I will perform so many miracles of healing and deliverance for My people, and even for non-believers, so they too, can also get saved! The Miracles you will see performed will be astounding! And I will break demons of witchcraft, and even religious demons, and even demons of perversion, and pride and lust. All types of illicit lifestyles and operations will be challenged and even crushed out of many peoples’ lives! I will break demonic influences of greed and lust and fear and pride and arrogance! 

I will show people what it means to be humble, and the importance of humility! And as I bless people greatly, I will also help them to be very humble, with it. But I will cause many to become tremendously wealthy, but yet very humble. This is My will and My plan. And I have great plans and important uses for the Wealth that I will now put into My peoples’ hands!

Fame and fortune can come by faith, and through the use of faith, but I then have to get after the character of the person, for them to be Christ-like and humble and not proud. I detest arrogance. I want My people to always but humble and meek teachable. I want My people to display in reality, a beautiful spirit, I see as a ‘pearl of great price’. A meek and quiet spirit is always beautiful in My eyes. I do not want people to be overly brash, nor arrogant! I don’t want people to be like that, says the Lord! I want to bless people and have them be sweet and loving and humble and lovable. This is attractive and great, in My eyes. Being Christ-like is always important! This is always part of my plan. Many people will grow greatly financially, but then they will also have to go through another season of pruning and character development to handle well, what I give them. People can carry abundance without caring to be too flashy and too full of themselves! Nevertheless, I will bless many people now, and also let them walk through the process, so they can handle it all very well.

Remember that I said that Wisdom is the principle thing! People will know that all blessings and abundance originated from Me! Please know that it is all from Me, and you have to give Me all of the glory for it, and also be very humble and grateful about it! All that I give is My own plan in action, says the Lord! These are actions I will take toward many people now, and you all will see it! It is My own doing!

A very serious time of growth and expansion will now come upon your country. I see new and advanced and expanded industries emerging, and rising to higher heights and broader horizons! I see new factories producing goods here in Brazil. I see new movements coming even in the far-away places, even in smaller towns where great infrastructural development and advancement has not happened yet. New development will begin to grow in new cities. Your country will be built up for My glory, says the Lord! And it will be for the benefit of the people here.

I see your children of the next generation rising up and being very brilliant and very wise. I see them being brilliantly and extraordinarily educated. I see them walking in the spirit of excellence. Where many have previously been ignorant of many things, I want people to now be highly educated and become highly skilled in many things.  

I will now teach and train people here about how to flow in the realm of servanthood and in the realm of learnedness. I am calling for the realms of education and the realms of service, in realms of excellence and with an excellent spirit! I want My people to serve well and excellently, in Ministries and in Businesses and in the Corporate world! I will teach and communicate to you, the spirit of grace and excellence and elegance, in all things. This will seem challenging to some, but I want it done, says the Lord!

I want brilliant things taught and even fought for! I want instilled in the people, and especially in the next generation, the great and powerful effects of excellence, and the spirit of good order, and the solving of problems in the most brilliant and effective ways! I want people and even visitors to have a great experience when the encounter you. This is important. And this is also a vital key for you getting My favour directed toward you, for you to be blessed!

I will cause men and women to rise to this occasion to teach and train and bring people into training for reigning! This will be a strong wave and current reformation that I will bring forth now within the beautiful people of Brazil!

There are outpourings of My Spirit that will come to many cities and towns in Brazil. And these Outpourings will shake the devils and principalities down to the ground! I will crush the works of demons that have been looming and lording over the peoples and people groups here. Many evil-operations will be crushed now in this next day, says the Lord!

I will cause My touch to come upon many, and revival and repentance and reformation is surely coming forth now in your societies, says the Lord! Get ready for it now!

Many have prayed for these to happen, but they have not yet seen it manifested enough. And many who have prayed are also already in Heaven now. But now the day of the outpouring is quickly coming upon you, says the Lord, and millions of people will be touched. Millions of people will be saved. Millions of people will be healed. Millions of people will be delivered. Get ready for this, as I have said. Can you just simply believe that I will do this, says the Lord? Yes I can, and Yes, I will! Watch for this, and prepare yourself now to become a part of this. Prepare yourselves to be Vessels in My movements on the Earth, says the Lord!

Next, I see greater and also new Automobile manufacturing situations that will arise in Brazil. I see the designing of new cars and new vehicles. These will come out from Brazil. And these will be designed here. And brilliance will even flow in from abroad to Brazilian entities. Certain Brazilians will design and build new cars and new vehicles! I see much happening in the days ahead in your automobile and vehicle industries here in Brazil. I see things that have never been happening in Brazil before, and being put into place in Brazil.

Next, I see a greater development of your Airline industries in Brazil. The Brazilian airline will have upgrades. Greater service will be provided, as even greater aircrafts and services increase in your routes. This will also enhance sand expand tourism and business travel for many that want to come from around the world. 

Everything good will increase for the better in Brazil now in the future coming days. And the common man and the common woman will be blessed by all of these advancements. I foresee so many upgrades and so many infrastructural advancements; and I see so many new developments that will happen in Brazil.

Increased developments and upgrades in all sectors will also create tremendous growth in your GDP and in your GNP (your gross national product). Your economy will increase greatly by this. And this is on My mind and in My own plan for you in Brazil, says the Lord!

There are coming now, tremendous increases in economic-development and also in their amounts of monies and resources flowing throughout your land! But I will put much abundance in the hands of ‘good’ people! Not everyone is good in My eyes. You may be a believer. But you may also be a self-appointed judge or a slanderer. There are many examples of people that do things that I despise. And these ones I will not bless. They will just continue in toiling for their living expenses. But there are people that I like, by how they are, and what they are doing, and not doing. These I want to bless now with riches and wealth. And I will also grant you My direction and correction wherever you need it. I also know that you need continuous healing and great health. I will help you with that too. I know that you need My protection and also emotional and intellectual well-being. I will also help you with that! [See 1 Corinthians 2:9,10,16 .. 2 Corinthians 10:3,4,5 .. 3 John 2,3,4 ..1 Peter 2:24 .. Jeremiah 33: 3, 6], etc…

The well-being and the resources and assets of many people will increase in this next day, says the Lord! And know that I am behind that!

I will cause good people to prosper; but I won’t be blessing nor empowering the wicked! I will not bless evil people! But I will cause good people, who are ‘good’ before me, to prosper greatly! Remember that I had King Solomon declare this in Ecclesiastes 2:26. I had him to say that I cause the wicked to gather and collect things, so that those things can then be given to those who are good before Me!

Next, many new technological advancements will happen in your country, says the Lord. Better ways of doing things, in all good things, will be developed and instituted and implemented. More beneficial services, such as more powerful Internet and media technologies will be structured and out into place. More powerful cellular, and more powerful broadcasting facilities for the benefit of the people will be installed and used. I see interactive technologies, that are already in use very much in what people call the 1st world, being installed strongly and used by the people in Brazil. Fast high-tech services in so many creative dimensions will become more available to more people. So be it!

I will now raise up into greater boldness and power, the people that I have called and ordained, says the Lord! I will have My own warriors now confront and break down and crush religious demons and witchcraft demons. I will have My own warriors confront and crush demons that wrap people up in illicit lifestyles! I will have My own warriors confront and crush all kinds of demonic and wrong things! I want wrong things to be confronted by the power of the Holy Ghost! So be it!

I am raising My people up higher now, and I want you to worship Me in Spirit and in Truth, and in the manifested mighty power of the Holy Ghost! I want My people to dwell in My presence and live under My Anointing, all the time! I want My people to love My Word, and to live by My Word! it My Word and My Spirit are always in agreement! I will cause many multitudes of people to understand more about that. I want accuracy. I want true righteousness. I want a pure-flow of what I have given you to be continuously moving everywhere throughout your societies! Focus on that. Pray for that. Desire that. Declare that. Expect that, continuously! And you will then see it and you will live in it! You will move forth in and flourish in the pure, power-filled and accurate movements of My Word and My Spirit going forth, bringing about change, healing, deliverance, and wisdom, knowledge and understanding, so you can attain success and prosperity! Yes, My children, I want you to be living in great success; and I want you living in abundant prosperity, says the Lord! So be it!

I will now raise up a new-breed of aggressive-warriors! And I say to you: “Do not be afraid of My power! Do not be afraid of My abundance coming into your lives! I am raising up new orders of people that will receive this from Me! I am raising up new tribes of Kingdom-minded and Word-minded people who will walk in and demonstrate the Mind of Christ in the Earth now!

The day will now come when many Brazilians will be moving forth further into the international scenes; doing very high-level and very powerful things! And those that speak perfect English will be speaking to people all over the world! There is a great business that can be a lucrative one. And that is to teach people to learn and speak English! The education business to teach people to learn and speak English will be a very lucrative enterprise! The Holy Spirit is saying this! The Lord wants people to also be speaking English, so that they can flow forth well, into t international communities more easily. So be it!

I am seeing fashion-designers and fashion-design companies being raised up in Brazil, and coming from Brazilian people! This is an amazing thing that I am seeing! Entire new clothing-lines and factories and industries will come forth through this! It will even spread all around the world! New levels in productions of clothing-lines will come forth! And many people will get involved in this, and this will create multi-million dollar and even multi-billion dollar enterprises if waked on very well. It will be a very lucrative industry. And I see great competition coming up in the midst of this, but the survival of the strong will work and thrive! Remember, this is capitalism! The worlds of the strong will be power-filled, and several will soar to high-heights and out into broad-horizons, says the Lord! The realms of creativity that will flow, and the business-development, and new-distributions into many markets, will astound the minds of many, says the Lord!

I see a new and greater emergence of great and brilliant thinkers! I see great writers and great authors bringing forth brilliant messages with brilliant content that will enlighten and empower so many people! I am touching people to become vessels filled with gifts of brilliance! It grieves me so much to see and hear the nonsense and foolishness that people say and listen to, says the Lord!

I am not the author of derogatory speech and actions that dishonours others, says the Lord! Things said and done that do not lead to anywhere good are grievous to Me, says the Lord! Things going forth over the airwaves, and through conversations, and through the speech of people that are not edifying, developmental and empowering are grieving Me, says the Lord! I don’t like it and I don’t want it happening, says the Lord! The nonsense that is being spoken throughout the whole world that causes detriment and degradation to people is displeasing to Me! I want people to speak good things and positive things and brilliant things over people, says the Lord!

In My churches and houses I want My people to speak with eloquence and brilliance! I want you to teach and raise up a new generation of brilliant thinkers and brilliantly successful people! I want the next generation of children to be brilliant, and I want them trained and raised up to be so powerful, brilliant and successful, says the Lord! I want to see people and even children being raised up as they are trained. I want them to speak brilliantly and eloquently!  I want them touched by Me, says the Lord! I want My people operating in the special gift of the Mind of Christ! I want My people flowing in the special gift of the Spirit of brilliance, which, of course, is from the Holy Spirit, says the Lord!

Brazil is going to higher heights, says the Lord! My elect will be blessed! I will bless you! I will bless My elect! This is not for everyone, of course. It is especially assigned to those I favour, because they favour Me, and they favour My servants! My favour will flow to, and through, and for, those who I have ordained, and for those that I love, and those that love Me, says the Lord!

Millions of people will be saved in this movement, says the Lord! Millions will be healed in this movement! Millions will be delivered in this movement! Millions of people will become Christ minded, and I will have many my disciples going forth and doing great things, says the Lord! My Hand of favour will be upon them! My power and My anointing will be upon them! And great days of elevation and breakthrough are just ahead of you now, declares the Lord! Mighty reformation is just ahead of you now, says the Lord! Get ready and be ready now, for things will move forward in very fast motion now!

Revival, reformation and even revolution by My Spirit is moving forth now! And it will move forward at a very fast pace now!  I want the things that the enemy has done, and set up as strongholds, overturned now!  I am going to bless My people, mightily! I am going to anoint you mightily! I am going to empower you mightily! I am going to enlighten you with great revelation! I am going to elevate you! And through you, the world will become a better place to live! So many of My beloved servants will be demonstrating My power and My brilliance! I will cause My servants to let you know more about what My imagination is destining for humanity! So be it!

I will reveal and make known now, better ways of doing everything, says the Lord! Multitudes of people will now have their minds and hearts being enlightened and illuminated! And they will clearly know exactly what to do with themselves in the days ahead! I will show My elect exactly what to do, to make things better in every way in every day, says the Lord! And things will work better in so many ways, says the Lord! So be it!

You can realize that true revival and reformation from Me are happening when new ideas and new wisdom comes to people. Wisdom and brilliance is coming to people by the Holy Spirit! New knowledge and new understanding is coming to people by the Holy Spirit! This is astounding and amazing when this happens in widespread manifestations. And I declare to you, My people, that this will happen, and it will be marvelous to behold and enjoy! So be it!

I am now causing Brazil to become a much more brilliant nation! I am the one who is making this to come forth now. I am doing this now, says the Lord, so get yourself ready! Ask Me to make you become a recipient of this movement of Heaven upon the Earth! Ask Me to give you My anointing! Ask Me to give you My power! Ask Me, says the Lord, to give you My imagination! Ask Me to give you My creativity! Ask Me to give you what you need and want! Let the people ask Me for what they need and want, and then I will grant these blessings to you, as you walk with Me! So be it! [See Mark 11:22-25]

I said in John 15:7: “As you abide in Me, and as My words abide in you, you will ask for what you want, and it will then be done for you!” So be it!

I said in Deuteronomy 8:18 that I will give you power to get wealth! In Psalm 66:12 I said that I will cause to rise above oppressors, and bring you into wealthy places! So be it!

In Isaiah 45: 2 & 3, I said that I would cause you to inherit treasures and riches, even from various and even unknown sources! And when these treasures and this wealth gets into your hands, these treasures and riches will be useful for Me for My work through you, and also for you to have a very prosperous and beneficial life, says the Lord! So be it!

All generations – from children, to youth, to adults, and even to the elderly – will be touched by these movements that I am now going to carry forth into manifestation; in enlightenment and in empowerment and in enrichment, says the Lord! This is all going to happen now, says the Lord! So be it!

I saw a vision of some type of violence that was being directed toward a certain person in the government. But the Lord told me that He had sent His angels to stop it from succeeding! And whatever was happening would not result in what the enemy wanted. Hallelujah! Divine protection is over good people that God wants to use! The enemy cannot have his evil and twisted way! My divine protection has been released, in Jesus Christ’s majestic, mighty, matchless and marvelous Name! Amen! Hallelujah! The devil was scheming and trying to do some harm to a certain individual, but God did not allow it!

The Lord has good plans for you! Know that I am Your protector, says the Lord! Know that I am Your provider, says the Lord! I am Your intercessor, says the Lord! Please remember that I am Your friend and Your lover, says the Lord! Know that I have good intentions for you! Know that I have great plans for you, and no evil can stand successfully against you! My plans are to prosper you, and see that you never be harmed! [See Jeremiah 29:11; Habakkuk 2:1, 2]

I see a vision of the Lord coming against corruption in your nation! I see that there are certain people that need to be prosecuted for corruption. Their evil deeds need to be exposed and crushed. They need to be charged with the crimes they have committed, for their grievous thefts and corruption, in both business and in government. I will cause a great clean-up to take place in your societies in the coming days, says the Lord! So be it!

A very great and massive move of My Spirit will come forth in your nation and in your people now, says the Lord! I am doing this now! As I am prophesying here now through My servant here that speaks to you now; so shall it be! [See Amos 3:7, 8; Hosea 12:13]

I am bringing forth wars from Heaven to the Earth against corruption in many countries; and I am doing this now also very strongly in Brazil.

I want people to live clean, and I want people to do things right!

I will greatly reveal My mind and My thoughts to many people now in this coming season!

Many will know My mind and My heart! And many will understand My ways! Many will get to know My laws and principles for righteous and successful living! Many will come to understand how I like and want things to be done. Many will come to understand My laws of blessing and My laws of success. So be it!

I am the Lord Your God, but you need to apply yourselves to learning. You need to apply yourselves to wisdom, and to understanding. You need to apply yourselves to doing things My way! For surely then I will bless you richly and mightily, My precious chosen sons and daughters! 

You will yet now see the greatest-days ever, of manifestations of wealth-creations! You will yet now see the manifestations of My power gifts. Great manifestations of My Spirit coming to break people free are coming now! The amazing power and anointing of My Spirit will now penetrate your societies from the highest to the lowest, says the Lord! 

Amazing advancements will now take place in your societies, governments, industries, and in your infrastructural developments, says the Lord!

Love & blessings to you who are living for the glory of God! I love you so very much, beautiful people of Brazil, with the Love of Jesus!

I will speak to you again, with more, soon…
I Am … His For The Miraculous … & Yours For The Breakthrough!

God’s Servant…
Prophet Dr. Thomas Manton IV
Copyright 2019 – Dr. Thomas Manton IV – Dominion International

“Prophetic-Affirmations For Your Success!”

“Prophetic-Affirmations For Your Success!”

40 Prophetic-Affirmations For Your Success!
Volume 1

Volume 2

Warfare, Victory & Breakthrough! – Part 1
Volume 3

Warfare, Victory & Breakthrough! – Part 2

“7 Revelations…”

“…About The Game Of Life That You Must Know To Succeed!”

  1. Grab your Bible now please, and let us look at 1 Chronicles 4:9,10 & Isaiah 43:18,19.
  2. I am speaking today about something that’s very profound, yet very crucial for your success.
  3. Too many people today neither know, nor possess, the power for success that comes from just these 4 ‘known’ Scripture Verses.
  4. My friend, success and perfection do not come forth by accident. We must understand the fact that that God has particular-ways in which He operates.
  5. From 1 Chronicles 4:9,10, we learn that we must not be of any harm to anyone, and that we must exercise our faith.
  6. From Isaiah 43:18,19, we learn that dwelling on the past is simply not healthy for us. Then, we see that God will show us ‘what’ to look at, and then He will bring it forth for us…
  7. Believe this, and take positive-action on this, my friend, and you will begin to succeed and prosper, much greater than ever before!
    Amen! … (3 John 2 is 4’ U’)…
    Your Prophet & Intercessor,
    Dr. Thomas Manton IV
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