Prophet’s Journal

January 17, 2019
A Kingdom-Warriors’ Prayer, Prophecy & Proclamation For You!’

Our Dearest and Almighty Father God, in the Name above every other name, the Name of our matchless, marvelous and majestic Son of the Living God, our Lord and King and only possible Saviour of all mankind, the Name of Your only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ; let Your favour and glory and power now come upon us, Your elect! Lord, let Your mighty power come upon us in greater ways, dimensions and measures than any man or woman has ever seen in our current generation! Lord, release Your Holy Power upon all of Your good saints now, and cause us to rise up in Kenya now to combat evil! Lord, release Your power from Heaven upon us now here on the Earth. Let your revival-breakthroughs here now begin! Lord God, let Your revival, reformation, restoration, reconciliation and revolution now come forth into true and real manifestation here in Nairobi and throughout the entire nation of Kenya, right now, Lord! Let Your true spiritual reformation and revolution now come forth in this land, in Jesus Christ’s mighty Name! 

I was in the Westgate Mall myself on Friday night, just before the Siege began on Saturday morning. I was there on Friday night. It is almost unthinkable that just some few hours later, on Saturday morning, these devils would storm the place, killing over 70 people, with several other lives still missing and unaccounted for! I was feeling so bad in spirit while there on Friday night. I felt absolutely terrible. In addition to several battles that I am already fighting here, I felt really bad being there! I think now that the way I felt was definitely some sort of premonition of this horrific-episode that was about to happen. Lord God Almighty, raise up Your Church now! Lord, raise up Your people now! Let us now get together; those of us who are of like-spirit (meaning full of the Holy Spirit, and not ‘something’ else!) The movements of God will now manifest here in Kenya, in greater and deeper ways than ever before! And I prophesy again here now by telling you that it’ already happening! Anything that’s been seen before in any positive-way was still yet small, compared to what’s now coming! Glory to God!  

Let God’s true Church now arise and shine in Kenya! Amen!  Let us all be filled with hunger and thirst for all of Your manifestations and ways and movements, Lord! I dare say again that too many people do not yet truly know God very-well, because they have been devoid of the necessary reference-points for that, which are His true Power and Presence, and deep-Revelation of His Word and His Mind and Heart! 

This recent Westgate-Tragedy is actually a call-to-arms anda call-to-action for all of us in the Spirit! But do people even really see that clearly enough here? Sadly again, many still do not. Nevertheless, God will yet raise up His Own people now to fight this off, in the Spirit, in Jesus’ Name! 

The Lord showed me that terrorists out there are gearing up to do other things. We must pray them down by fire, so they cannot have their evil-way! Nairobi and Mombasa people – please wake-up now and pray, in Jesus Christ’s Holy Name!  

My God, in Jesus Christ’s mighty Name, for He is the only begotten son of God, who takes away the sins of the world. He is the only true mediator for mankind, and only He has the Name that is above every other name, in the entire universe! 

There is salvation through no other name. There is only one Name, whereby people can be saved, and that is only through the Name of Jesus Christ! Salvation is neither possible nor available through any other religion! No matter what men in this world may say, there simply is no other way to Heaven except through Jesus! The Holy Scripture, from the Holy Bible, is very clear on that and everything else Almighty God tells us in His Holy Book! Hallelujah! And if someone has any problem issue over that, and they don’t want to believe, well then, they can just suffer the consequences of their unbelief! There is no salvation through any other religion or philosophy. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life, period! No man can come to our Father, the Supreme Creator, except by Him! Anyone that attempts another other way is a thief and a liar, and they will just be refused entrance, and cast back down! That is clear to us from the Holy Bible!  Amen!  

Lord Jesus, You alone are the Great Shepherd, and the Door of the Sheep! And without your propitiation and cleansing and forgiveness through Your own shed Blood; there can be no salvation for anyone! And that is very concrete and clear!  

We thank You now Lord, that Your true Church will rise up now! Let us all rise now, and get even more anointed through this occasion! We need to all catch the attitude and posture of being aggressive now! We need to all be revived and moving into the things of God and the movements of the Holy Spirit!  

Lord, I pray for Your Church here now. And I say: “Separate now, those who are real, from those that are false! Lord, separate those who are truly serving You from those that are not! Lord, separate hypocrites and liars and cheaters, that are demonic, away from Your true saints who are righteous!” Amen! And now Lord, even in the midst of the supposed “Houses of God”, Lord, separate the wheat from the chaff; and Your true sheep from the wolves and the goats! Amen!Lord, separate the pure from the profane, and the true from the false, and the committed from the corrupt, and the consecrated from the compromised, in Jesus’ mighty Name! Amen!  

Lord, I declare that in the coming days, whenever the wicked will stir and shake themselves up to fight, they will see that they have lost all of their strength and ability! The wicked will now become as nothing! But the righteous will arise and flourish!  So be it!

Lord, whom you call, you choose, and whom You choose, You elect! Lord, cause Your true remnant to arise now! Lord, You know just who You will now raise up, and You know just who You will put down! You are the Boss! And You already know exactly whom You are now rejecting and also whom You will now raise up! And the differentiation between them all, will now happen, regardless of what any man would want to think or say about himself or herself! You choose whom You choose, and You elect whom You elect! And You will raise whom You want to raise up! And You also will put down who You want to put down! Your Holy Scripture tells us: “You set up some, and take down others.” 

This is how it will be now. Subverters and wicked infidels from within the ‘Church’ that position themselves against any true Kingdom-Warriors will now be cut-off and crushed down! (Read Psalm 37 to see a great Biblical reference-point for this!) And this is how it will be now: “The clanging gongs and tinkling cymbals type-people that are merely-religious and self-serving; and those that are carrying on, without the Heart of God, will now be cast down and cast off, and they will never rise again! The wicked will only diminish now, because of their crookedness and sin, and they will now reap the consequences they now deserve because of their wicked and evil lives!”  So be it!  

Lord, initiate and activate Your own elect to come up and alive into greater-dimensions now, and to push forward now! Lord, raise Your own elect up now, to do great-exploits for You, in Jesus Christ’s mighty Name! Lord, raise even those who have suffered for You here, for Your own Name’s sake, like I personally have, so horrifically! Lord, bless and raise up even those like myself, who have stood the test of time and have been true and faithful to You! Lord, all throughout and across many years, You have continuously moved upon me and had me speak Your own Words forth (as I heard them directly from You) to millions and millions of people! 

Lord, You have anointed me, and You have ordained me, and You have caused me to speak for You; and demonstrate such great and supernatural exploits to the nation and people of Kenya. And now, Lord, we are all seeing so many awesome things that we have spoken coming into fulfillment and fruition. A few examples being => the new-constitution, more breaking of corruption and corrupt-systems (though that is still in motion!), the road-developments, and now the oil and the water discoveries in the north, the coming-developments for new high-tech cities, and Kenya’s new 4th President, etc! It is all just more than magnificent and marvelous in our eyes! And to You belongs all the glory, and all the praise, for all of this, and for all You are doing, and are about to do!  Hallelujah! 

We thank You Lord! And increase it all even more amongst us all now! Lord, make us Your own Ambassadors for Your own Kingdom-advancing purposes! Lord, this is our Desire and our Prayer now! Use us mightily now Lord, in even greater-ways, and with even more mega-impact! Lord, raise us with Your great and mighty Power, and make us very successful in every endeavor we set our hearts and minds and hands to! Lord, give us now the most tremendous insights and cooperation from people! Lord, Your tremendous supernatural power and ability will now help us see, and dream, and think, and plan! And we will now set specific goals that will be achievable now, in reality, by Your mighty Power and brilliant Ability!  And Lord, You will grant us all of the resources that we need and want, in great abundance, so we can fulfill Your Holy Will here on Earth! And Lord, You will give us the absolute best people to work with us and for us now! You will cause the people to cooperate and flow with us now! And Lord, We thank you for all of these, and for Your mighty Hand of Protection over us now, in Jesus Christ’s Marvelous, Matchless, Mighty and Majestic Name!  Amen! So be it! And, Glory be to God Almighty! 

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