By Thomas Manton IV


Thomas Manton IV

Thomas Manton IV

*It’s just after midnight, Sunday morning, January 4, 2004, here in my hotel suite in downtown Nairobi. The Lord will have me speak some of this forth at Uhuru Park today. Here is a fresh Prophetic Word from the Lord to the Church, and to the Nation of Kenya!

Father God, I hear You saying that You are going to cause a new outpouring and a new wind and a new shift and a new swing to take place in Kenya, even economically. There is going to be favour where You are going to show favour. And there is going to be dishonour and shame where you are going to show dishonour and shame. For you raise up some and take down others.

Now is the season and the time when I am going to begin to move in My people in greater measures than has ever been seen in many generations, says the Lord! For surely as you cross over now into this new year of 2004, I am going to release more! There will be a new ‘outpour.’ I am going to bring new things to the fore-front now. For surely I will now move in the lives of those who are ‘lagging behind’ concerning issues that I want them to excel in; even in My house, even in My church, and amongst My leaders, and amongst My people, says the Lord. New flames of fire will be released upon them all in this new season!

I will anoint men and women with ‘torches’ of My fire and glory, even as I said in Isaiah 60: 1; “Arise and shine, for thy light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon thee! And now in this generation as never before, says the Lord, My light and My glory shall be seen upon thee, says the Lord thy God!

A new ‘dividing-line’ will be ‘drawn’ in this land. I will mark a strong ‘distinction’ between those who are serving Me, and those who are serving themselves.

Those who are not founded upon the ‘rock’ of Jesus Christ will begin to be plundered! They will be shaken, and they will be ‘shamed and dishonored’ like never before. But the Lord will cause great favour to come upon His sons and His daughters in new and great and mighty ways!

I am looking for those, says the Lord, who will rise up and move in My plans and My purposes! For surely, the earth is groaning and travailing now for the manifestation of the sons of God!

Now the Lord says, that even under the earth, there is going to be a shaking and quaking in Kenya from here in Nairobi, down to Tanzania, across to the other nation west of Kenya, and directly west – from here in the middle of the nation, to the north of Kenya, and also from the bottom tip of Kenya going directly west. The ground will shake in days to come, says the Spirit of the Lord!

There is going to be ‘movement’ in the ground, and there is going to be ‘movement’ in the weather patterns. There will also be changes in the influx and outgo of resources and also of people in the days to come. For surely, I am going to set up and institute ‘new government’ in your land, says the Lord.

Millions acknowledge Me, but there have been few men and women who have risen up for Me in dominion and power! For now I am releasing the spirit of empowerment to those who have been down. I am breaking the spirit of corruption, and taking people above this ‘system’ of evil-doers.

I will make ‘public examples’ of corrupt individuals who have ‘raped’ the people by taking much and giving them little. There will be new economic revival in Kenya! I will dishonour the oppressors and raise up the common man now, says the Lord.

I will cause faith to arise in My sons and daughters like never before. I will raise up ‘thinkers’ now, and they will begin to ‘think’ new thoughts from Me! They will begin to think and say; ‘Why are things like this?’ ‘How did this happen?’ ‘Why is it always a struggle?’ ‘Why are other people running away with our stuff?’ ‘Why are they taking our labour and our natural resources?’ ‘Why are we working to enrich and empower others?’

My sons and daughters will arise now in this ‘Land of the Lion!’
A new ‘roar’ will rise up from within My people against the ‘air’ of superiority and domination that foreigners have had against them in their own land!

The Lord says; I am dealing with these issues very strongly, and it will even come out in the media headlines when I begin to judge these men, says the Lord. I will judge those who, in their wicked devices and schemes, have ‘carted’ away massive amounts of wealth. I will foil them and bring them to naught.

Injustice has been the ‘norm’ of the day, but now I am going to bless My people! Church leaders who have promoted ‘themselves’ and not advanced My Kingdom will also be dealt with in these days.

In the Nyayo Stadium on New Year’s Eve, December 31st; and in Uhuru Park on Sunday, January 4th 2004; God said very strongly through me that He is going to raise up His people now! They will be blessed to be a blessing!

In many cities, like Kisumu and Mombasa, and Nakuru and Kisii, and up in the North West, and up in the North East of the nation, and down in the South West tip of Kenya, there will be many breakthroughs and new revivals erupting!

The region from one hundred miles north of Mombasa straight down to the bottom tip of Kenya, and fifty miles inland will experience a rushing mighty wind of My fire, says the Lord! I will break forces of darkness in this region in greater ways than anyone has seen in this or any other generation!

Reformation is coming in the land! Across the entire nation, and even in remote villages, I will begin to do ‘mass-miracles’ of salvation, and a ‘sweeping move’ of revival. The miraculous will rise and accelerate! My Holy Fire will move through the men and women that I have ordained to bring forth the miraculous Gospel. I will move greater through their voices and their ministries than ever before!

I will raise up a new media network, and I will put My voices on the air. I am increasing the levels of power in the satellites, and in the radio frequencies and availability. I am releasing new strong voices over the airwaves from amongst your own people, says the Lord.

The Lord is going to shake East Africa! From Egypt down to Mozambique, He will shake the land! I am raising up governing apostles, says the Lord! I am ‘appointing’ My ‘anointing!’ And even though you were attacked and persecuted in times past, they could not stop you! My ‘government’ shall be upon your shoulders, and you will begin to reign with princely authority!

2004 is going to be the Year of Breakthrough like never before! You are going to see favour and blessing coming to you that you couldn’t make happen! ‘Walls’ that have stood against you will begin to ‘crumble’ down at your feet; and new doors will begin to open unto you, My chosen vessels!

Principalities and powers that have hidden behind ‘smoke-screens’ of institutions will be broken now. Philosophies, ideologies, government policies, doctrines and cultural traditions and thoughts that have stood in the way of ‘progress’ will now be broken in these days, says the Lord!

A new ‘spiritual atmosphere’ is coming over the offices of Parliament, and over the Presidency and the Vice Presidency, and over the Cabinet Members and other government leaders, and even over the national officials, state officials, city officials and local officials, says the Lord. Prayers are going to go up like missiles from earth to heaven that will pierce through and get My attention! And I will return the ‘calls’ back to earth multiplied many times over in great power!

I am bringing forth ‘economic empowerment’ in My house, says the Lord. My people will not have to look to the world systems to prosper. Look to My Word, My precious ones, and look up to Me to get your blessings! I will bless those who look up to Me, says the Lord. As you seek Me, you will be blessed. The limitations will be broken; if you can believe that I want you to be rich!

Both the ‘wicked one’ and the ‘will of men’ have ‘cursed’ many people. But I am going to bless My creation now, says the Spirit of the Lord. Wealth, health and peace of mind are My plan for you, My precious ones!

I will move greatly now in East Africa! I will even cause Kenya to excel beyond other peoples and other nations. O ye of little faith, have I not ordained greatness for you? Have I not decided to honour you? I will do a new thing in your midst! Shall it not spring forth?

New ordinations, new callings and new anointings are dropping upon men and women in this land. And shame will fall upon the wicked ones and their friends!

Over the next five years, Kenya will begin to have great changes politically. New developments, new legislations, new refining of things and new direction will take place in appointed and elective offices.

Watch that the enemy doesn’t try to ‘lock down’ what I am re-developing through terrible debating, strife and quarrels (even to the point of bloodshed; if it were not to be restrained).

There is a ‘boiling pot’ here. People are frustrated. That is part of the reason for all of this ‘political upheaval.’ From now, in this year of 2004, straight into the year of 2009, there will come major ‘political changes’ in your nation.

There is coming ‘new favour’ upon some of My servants to become ‘national voices.’ I will raise up some young men as prophets, and some as pastors and some as evangelists. I am even grooming some to become strong governing apostles. I will give them excellent strategies, and eloquence of speech, to say the right things at the right times.

I will be glorified through the anointings of governing power, authority and might and ability that I am giving to My men. They will know how to speak a word in season. They will also know when to be silent. They will know how to come out and ‘address’ issues.

Listen, though the devil himself will come against My servants in the days when I will have them become more ‘vocal’ and more ‘public’ with My Words, they shall surely prevail against all evil. Many will say, ‘He is a pastor and a man of the cloth’, he is a preacher and a Christian. How can he tell us all what to do? We are not all in the church. There should be the separation of church and state. There should be the government, and there should be the church. There should be the business world, and there should be the common man’s world. How can they tell ‘us’ what to do?

I will have My Church to ‘infiltrate’ the world’s order now, says the Lord! My Church will speak, pray, preach and prophesy deeply and powerfully all throughout your land. And I will do many new things now in the way of leading the nation of Kenya out of darkness and into My light, says the Spirit of Almighty God!

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