Prophetic Poetry By Thomas Manton IV

‘Where is Jesus? *Let’s see…
You arrive at the crusades and prayer meetings desiring breakthroughs…
The Holy Spirit gloriously visits you!
He prophesies about big connections and big blessings.
Instantly these miraculously come to pass for you!
You suddenly make new ‘Great Connections’ you say…
And receive a great Spiritual breakthrough…
Then you get a New Job ~ the Best Paying one ever, you say…
Hmmm…Let’s see…Where is Jesus?

Then, Jezebel comes around and yells out foolishly ‘Where’s Jesus?’
Hmmm… Let’s see…Where is Jesus?
Apparently He is really moving here by His Sovereign and Almighty Power!
And what about Jezebel? How’s she doing? She seems so frustrated!
If she cries out ‘Where’s Jesus?’ She obviously does not even know the answer to her own question…
Hmmm… “Where is Jesus?
Constant and Abundant Miracles are happening here by the Hand of God! Jesus is right here!
Wake up, my friend!

In the Lord’s Love,
Your True Brothers and Sisters!