“A lot of healing will take place in future days, & God will raise up different people within the communities who will allow God’s love and presence to take a new precedence, and Kenya will progress ahead greatly into the next season now, with people being more able to accept and love one another, more and more, as the days go further ahead now. This will be a phenomenal miracle in action and in motion. God will raise up many new vessels and voices now in the various ”communities”, and they will flow by the Holy Spirit, in the ‘name of progress, and God will create and affect much change, and the “New Kenya” will truly emerge, with much more love and comradery and acceptance and love and celebration, between all, and between each other. It will be truly amazing to see; but pls. know that God is going to do this for His people in Kenya in the coming days! A new breed of leaders and leadership will now emerge, with people in the movements that will be very passionate about progress, healing and change; for a new and better Kenya for tomorrow. Again, this will be a real miracle, but many people already want to get past the past, and move forward and ahead very powerfully and forcefully, so everyone can be blessed and be made prosperous and successful! Strife’s and hatreds are the devil’s evil-seeds and breeding grounds for destruction, and even for every evil work, as the Scripture says, so it is surely high-time for people to just grow to higher levels of maturity now, and grow up past all the messes of yesterday’s with renewed hope for great tomorrow’s for everyone now! We look forward to a dialogue more on all this, and other things, as the precious Holy Spirit leads and directs. Kenya’s societal, infrastructural and economic developments and advancements are really here and they are really happening now. I feel genuinely excited about all this. God is developing and raising up a great Kenya, a new Kenya, for which He always intended for it to be, and everyone here is going to be blessed, as we get more and more acquainted with the Lord, our great and brilliant Creator and Boss! (See Job 22:21-28) *Amen!”