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*Thomas Manton IV* is respected worldwide as one of God’s most dynamic ‘Prophetic Voices’ to the Nations, and to the 21st Century Church. People across Five continents throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia are experiencing God’s Word, Presence, and Power through his Miracle Crusades, Conferences and Television Ministry. God has used him to speak prophetically into the destiny of multiplied thousands of individuals and directly concerning many nations, world leaders and world events. His ministry has received hundreds of testimonies of spiritual breakthrough, healings and financial increase from many people who have been touched by this anointing all around the world! Visit www.ThomasManton.com regularly! The Glory of God will cover the Earth! *Jesus Christ is Lord of Every Nation!

Prophecy to Madagascar!

Behold I show you an open vision, says the Lord, of a man sitting upon a throne but suddenly falling forward and down to the floor. And so in this way, I will unseat the ruler of darkness who sits upon an authority structure that was only man-made.

For will you not remember, says God, that I Am the Supreme Ruler of the Earth and I will have the last say? O you of little faith, please remember that the Earth is Mine, and the fullness thereof, and the world and all they that dwell therein!

Surely I will now rise up as a travailing woman over the security of her children. You will see Me uproot and topple seats of darkness. Once I touch the prince of darkness with the tip of My finger, great shackles that have been on your land will be broken and removed! Witchcraft and traditional practices will begin to be seen for what they are. The people will surely see them as from the source they are really from.

I will begin to have My people speak and judge the wickedness in your land, O Madagascar! The powers of darkness will be neutralized in the coming days by My Church! In the same hour that their powers are bound and will no longer work, I will have some of My servants and representatives in your nation show your people that through Jesus Christ the victory has truly been won!

A revival of “fresh living water” shall run throughout your land in the days to come. Many new churches will be born into existence. And multiplied thousands of souls will be swept into My Kingdom in the midst of this new Visitation of My Presence and Power in Madagascar, says the Spirit of the True and Living God!

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