Mighty Prophet of God

“Thomas Manton IV is a mighty Prophet of God called to stir up the flames of revival among the nations. God uses him to deliver clear, specific, and accurate prophecies to the nations in specific areas of economic growth, governance, poverty eradication, elimination of corruption, and other macro issues. As God’s voice to the church,… Read more “Mighty Prophet of God”

God Is Using You to Change People’s Lives

“Prophet Thomas Manton, God is using you to change people’s lives. Can you remember when I inbox’d you asking you to pray for me; so that God would save me from financial-constraints. You replied, giving me several Scriptures. You recommended that I read these several special verses on Financial Breakthrough & Blessing. You also told… Read more “God Is Using You to Change People’s Lives”

Trust In the LORD!

“The LORD asked me this again, a couple of days ago: “My precious son Thomas, do you trust Me? Do you really, really trust Me?” I instantly replied: “Yes I do, LORD!” Know this, people of God, one thing that really grieves the LORD, is when we allow any doubt to manifest about His taking… Read more “Trust In the LORD!”

Road Developments in Kenya

  ““Man of God, Dr.Thomas Manton, Blessed be the Name of the Lord! I don’t know whether you got the Update now about Chuka, in Tharaka Nithi County, in Kenya, where you ministered and prophesied. We are now celebrating the project of tarmac for our roads, as you declared would happen! The government is now… Read more “Road Developments in Kenya”


  1. “My apostle, Dr.TM4, to God be the glory for keeping you well, as you have now been serving Him faithfully for over 26 years now! Dad, you are very special to us. You are such a unique servant of God. You do not compromise the Gospel. You always speak what is on the Mind… Read more “TESTIMONIES ABOUT OUR MINISTRY!”