“7 Revelations…”

“…About The Game Of Life That You Must Know To Succeed!”

  1. Grab your Bible now please, and let us look at 1 Chronicles 4:9,10 & Isaiah 43:18,19.
  2. I am speaking today about something that’s very profound, yet very crucial for your success.
  3. Too many people today neither know, nor possess, the power for success that comes from just these 4 ‘known’ Scripture Verses.
  4. My friend, success and perfection do not come forth by accident. We must understand the fact that that God has particular-ways in which He operates.
  5. From 1 Chronicles 4:9,10, we learn that we must not be of any harm to anyone, and that we must exercise our faith.
  6. From Isaiah 43:18,19, we learn that dwelling on the past is simply not healthy for us. Then, we see that God will show us ‘what’ to look at, and then He will bring it forth for us…
  7. Believe this, and take positive-action on this, my friend, and you will begin to succeed and prosper, much greater than ever before!
    Amen! … (3 John 2 is 4’ U’)…
    Your Prophet & Intercessor,
    Dr. Thomas Manton IV

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