Prophet Dr. Thomas Manton IV from the United States is one of God’s most dynamic prophetic voices in the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the 21st-century church today. Through his ministry, the Holy Spirit has lit fires of revival and reformation across many cities of the world on all 6 continents. He is well known for accurately prophesying the coming outcomes of Kenya’s 2002, 2007, 2013, 2017 & 2022 Presidential Elections.
He has also prophesied hundreds of other detailed predictions & descriptive prophecies for Kenya alone: as well as many more or many other nations. Things that were not there, nor even conceived of at the times he spoke them; including superhighways, the new expressway, new train lines, & so many other great things, have now materialized.
These have been in print from as early as 1999, and have reached multitudes of people in print. Just one prophecy alone for the Kenya Presidential Election got over 4 million hits on our website. To get more of Prophet Dr. Thomas Manton IV’s prophecies and great teachings on Success, Biblical Prosperity, Victorious Spiritual Warfare, Prayer, & Faith, amongst many other topics, join & follow his social media.
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