By Thomas Manton IV


Economic shifts are coming in the State of Louisiana, says the Lord! Changes in your economy are coming forth in the days ahead! For I am going to pour out My fire in the government arena in this State. From north to south, and from east to west, My favour is going to come upon My church in this hour like never before, says the Spirit of the Living God. And things I have spoken of before shall now come into resolution now. Even from this year into next year, and in this season of time, I will institute a ‘new integrity’ in the land. I will plant down into the soft and wet soil of this State a new ‘seed’ that will begin to germinate and grow. Things will begin to solidify, and true change will begin to take root and spring up and bear fruit. And My government and My salvation shall now begin to be established in this place, says the Spirit of the Lord. Surely, My grace will rise up within the hearts of the ones on the ‘edge.’ The ones on the ‘edge,’ and My remnant who I am calling forth, will begin to do a ‘new thing!’ And the Lord says that there will be a shift in the middle class in this State. Industry shall experience a ‘re-birth’ here. For many have ‘shunned’ this place, and written this state off and black-listed it, and called it the State of the ‘losers.’ They’ve called it the state of the failures, and the state of the drunkards and the poverty stricken. Many even in the world of business and the high levels in the planning realm, and even the U.S. government and corporate America have written this place off and said; ‘You can’t do anything down there.’ But God says; “Surely, I am going to begin a shift, and it is going to happen in the middle class. There is going to be a new level of industry released in this place, says the Spirit of the Lord. I am calling forth a new day of My government, and a new day of Apostolic Reformation to be poured out throughout this land.

I am raising up many houses, and surely the day of wealth will come to this people here in Louisiana. For I am going to break principalities and powers in the spirit, and the demonic forces that are trying to hold back the destiny of My people in this State of Louisiana, says the Spirit of the Lord. For surely My favour is coming upon My people in ways and measures that you have not seen before, says the Lord!

There will be commerce and trade again throughout your State, greater even than before! I am seeing the truck lines and the movement of products all through this land. There will be much business and activities even in the places that were ‘slow’ and called ‘slow’ by many. The Lord says, I will break the spirit of pride, and error, and the egos of men that have said; ‘We don’t have to change.’ The traditions of men that have tried to make My Word of none effect, and the demonic princes that have ruled in this land, and stood over this land have said (but we know the devil is a liar!) ‘You preachers will not break through!
I will not let you get through. I will cause you to fall. I will send women to you. And they won’t leave you alone until you go with them. But, the Lord says, “Surely in these days I am going to send My consuming fire and My hedge of protection around My servants who are on the ‘cutting-edge!’ And the evil one will not be able to break through that hedge! They will not be able to get through to them, says the Lord. For I am raising up a new remnant and a new government in this day and hour. The old day is over! No longer will it be acceptable for My people to ‘float’ through life acting like they’re doing something, when they’re never truly penetrating into the society, or the economic establishment, or the government, or the industries, the Lord says!

Surely in these days, says the Spirit of God, I am raising up My Apostles and My Prophets. And they will begin to enforce my holy ordinances in the land. And even the small towns shall begin to light up with the fire and the ‘torch’ that I send to them, says Spirit of the Lord. I am going to bring forth to bring a new coalition of leaders out from your ranks, and I will commission them, and send them forth to go and ‘plant’ in different towns and in different places, says the Spirit of the Lord. And I will cause My favour to rest upon the ‘young ones.’ They won’t be many. They’ll be just a few. But God says they will be ‘hand-picked’ and selected by Me, and the eyes of leadership shall fall upon them. And I will begin to raise them up, and send them forth. They will be worthy of the impartation. They will go forth and produce much fruit. Release them into My Harvest fields, for the fields are now ‘white’ unto Harvest!

Thomas Manton IV

Thomas Manton IV

In the Spirit, I see something about the State of Louisiana that God has wept over. He has cried over this State. He has been grieved over the lack of penetrating momentum. There has been momentum building, but then there has been a fall. There has been a move, but then there has been a crash. Many have just died out. However, the Lord says, in this day I will raise up a new remnant that is solid. They will be strong. And they will produce much fruit all throughout the land!

I am going to give a new release of compassion to My people, says the Spirit of the God. I am going to send My people forth into the streets, and into the market places, and all through the towns, and even into the small and insignificant places. And I will raise up men and women from those places, says the Lord. And the children from the towns will be touched by Me. And they will produce great fruit as they are led by My Spirit.

There will be an exposure and a scandal that will come out from the City Council and the City Government of homosexuality and wickedness taking place behind the scenes. It is about to come out. I am going to show you the wicked seed that the enemy has planted here.

Even from generations ago, and even from the year 1564, something evil was done here. Something wicked was set in motion from that very time. From that day until this day, there has been ‘ruler ship’ in the invisible world of evil in this State.

But now, says the Lord, I am coming forth in this new day to break that thing, and to destroy it and knock it down. It will not have any more effect. It will be erased, and it will begin to evaporate from this place, says the Spirit of the Lord. There is now going to go up between New Orleans and Baton Rouge new works that will penetrate the land in the years to come, says the Spirit of the Lord. There is going to be a bridge. I will erect a ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’ in the spirit. And I will clean up several cities. This will be an amazing phenomenon. It will be tangible and noticeable. The results will speak for themselves.

I am about to bless My people financially all throughout this place! A wave of financial blessing and abundance is coming to My Church! It’s never been seen in this generation before. That’s how strong it will come. And even upon the ‘down and outers,’ I will pour out My Blessings in a new way. And they too will begin to prosper as they learn to cooperate with My laws, says the Lord. I will begin to smile upon the poor, and show them My face. I have heard the poor man crying, and now I will surely deliver him out of his troubles.

There will be market and industry changes in Louisiana, and an elevation of the middle class. There has been the wealthy upper class, and the poor, but the middle class has been fledgling. Yours has been a very structured society in the separation of the ‘classes.’ But God is going to cause new Entrepreneurs to arise! New levels of production and commerce in the industries and markets will be reached. Kingdom economics will be multiplied. Multiplication will be produced by My Body. I will raise My people up unto a place of prominence! I see one, and then another, and then others being elected into government offices who are born again. They are sons and daughters of the Living God. The persecutors that will rise up against these chosen vessels of righteousness will not be able to stop what I am going to do. For I will have the righteous go into power in your government. And I will overturn much wickedness that has been civilly instituted behind the scenes. I am knocking on the hearts and the doors in your governments to open to Me. I am dealing with many in your government arena in this hour. I have been dealing with them for some time.

There has been a cycle running behind the scenes for the last four years since 1999, which will be exposed and revealed to the public. In the media, you will see over your airwaves and news broadcasts, church activity, and what is happening in My ‘government,’ and in my Kingdom here, says the Lord. You are going to see the day of the unveiling of the faith of My Church in this land like never before! You will live and walk in great power, My people! Poverty, tradition, and religion have gone hand in hand for generations and centuries in your land. Even from the 8th Century, says the Spirit of the Lord, these have gone virtually unchecked and unshaken in any great way. But now, God says, I am going to raise up my ‘vessels of fire.’ And they will go forth and demonstrate My power. They will gather together many, and release the grace and truth that I am pouring out from Heaven in these days. For I am opening up the Heavens over this land in these days, says the Lord!


Father, we thank you! For you alone are God, and besides you there is none other! Lord, you are raising up a hungry people. The hungry ones are going to experience your supernatural move. The ones who are desperate for you are going to receive it, Lord. That’s the first key to revival and reformation. But then, there’s the key of obedience. That’s the stronger key. And others will watch as they see you move for the hungry and obedient ones more than them. And Lord, we know that the old adage is true. ‘Some make things happen, some watch things happen, and others wonder what happened!’ But there are the ‘top level’ kinds of people, Lord, your kind of people that you are going to raise up and send forth. The kinds of people that make things happen! And God says further, that these are the days now as I made a Law in the spirit, where the Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force! This shall be the order of this day. I am going to raise up the violent ones now! And they are going to have skills. And they are going to have expertise. And they are going to have excellence of speech that will unlock the hearts of men. And these will have swords in their mouth in the spirit. I am going to give you excellence of speech, My precious ones, and I will insert My sword in the speech of man. I will set my anointing in and upon the lips of the one who will speak spirit to spirit, and talk directly to the hearts of the people. Information, revelation, and illumination will flow. And it will bring an impartation and an expansion of the capacity of the inner man. The Apostle Paul cried out for the strengthening of the inner man!

God says that in this day now, He is demanding for you to come into the realm of ‘dominion.’ I told you, My people, to take it by force. If you don’t take it, it won’t be taken. If you don’t do it, it can’t be done. If you don’t make it happen, it won’t happen. If you don’t step out on the water, who will? And even as I told My holy prophet Ezekiel of old in his day, says the Lord, so shall it be again in this day. If you don’t go out and touch them, and warn them, and win them, then their blood will be upon your hands! I will hold you accountable for them! But you would try to say, ‘I don’t know those people. How can I be responsible for them? But God says, “Yes you are!” For I have made you the salt and the light of the world, and I have put Myself in you. O, I have made you My hands, My feet, My voice, My lips, My eyes, and My ears. You are My ‘vision makers’ and My ‘dream makers.’
Thank you Lord for helping us to dream big! Lord, I hear you whispering in the ears of the people; “Dream your dream and go for it! O, who can stop you if you have the King of Kings on your side!

Who can change what I have said and decreed? Once you believe it, and once you conceive it, and once you receive it, who can stop it then? The Lord is my strength and my song; the Lord is my light and my salvation! The Lord is with me, so who should I fear? What can man do unto me? Though Death itself is moving strong throughout the land, God says; “The people are ready to cross over their Jordan!”

It’s time for the people to cross over the ‘banks’ of Regret, the banks of ‘Should I,’ the banks of ‘Can I,’ and the banks of ‘What if?’ They say the price is too high! Nevertheless, I will ‘anesthetize’ the people, God says, to ‘numbly’ walk across their ‘Jordan,’ and attain the land and get to the other side. It’s time to possess the land! But you can only do that after you have crossed the Jordan! You’ve got to pass through the death process before the ‘new man’ can arise. The new man will now arise, and the old man will be far behind him! The Lord says again; “Dream, My people, dream! Dream, and let My creative power overtake you! Let the spirit of entrepreneurship fall upon you! I’ll give you My Ideas that will generate millions!

New, exciting inventions will be created in the State of Louisiana. I hear the Lord saying that a major inventor will be born here. An inventor of something great in the earth will be born from the City of Baton Rouge. And this thing will generate millions and even billions of dollars, says the Lord. Thank you Lord, for giving us the kind of pro-creation coming from Heaven to dream and to work, and to generate great wealth for you and your Kingdom, Lord, in Jesus Holy, Matchless, and Mighty Name! Amen!

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