By Thomas Manton IV


New declarations from the antichrist forces are coming! Militant uprisings will take place from within! They will even question and challenge the ‘powers that be’ on many issues. There will arise ‘new persecution’ against the ‘true’ Christians. satan himself will try to thwart out many works of the Gospel. This is a solemn warning to My servants in the Holy Land. There are attacks coming in ways not seen before in this generation. It will even take many by surprise. There are even governmental changes taking place behind the scenes. There is a ‘set-up’ of these things brewing, says the Lord.

Stand your ground and fight, My precious ones! For you will win in the end!
I will also send My prophets there once again, in succession and sequence, to prophesy regarding many things to come in future days. It is a day of great changes in the Holy Land, says the Lord!

New Year’s Eve~12/31/2001
The Lord will appear to many in the Palestinian world, and in the Western Bank in Israel. He will bring resolutions to the issues that are happening there.

I see something beginning on February 10th, 2002 in the Western Bank in Israel. The Lord says, on February 10th, 2002, something new will begin to erupt for the ‘crossing over’ into a new season. Much conflict, violence, and bloodshed will begin to erupt in the Western Bank beginning on this date.

But, the Lord says, I am going to show Myself strong behind these events. And I will bring change in what’s been going on!
You get ready now, because I am going to move, and I am going to bring resolution, finality and closure to many things that have been open and brewing there for a long time, says the Lord God Almighty!

Let Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done, Lord, in Jesus’ Majestic and Mighty Name! *Amen!