The Holy Spirit has used Thomas Manton IV in a very unique and distinct way to prophesy about many startling world events involving many nations of the world! Here are just a few that have been documented with great impact in recent times: the 9/11/2001 World Trade Center disaster in New York City (prophesied about from 1997 in explicit detail), the February 10th, 2002 beginning of the new Western Bank conflict in Israel (prophesied about on New Year’s Eve, December 31st, 2001), a myriad of political scandals including the 1998 & 1999 scandals and ‘impeachment proceedings’ concerning former U.S. President Bill Clinton (prophesied about in January, 1998), the personal scandals concerning former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani that hit the ‘press’ in November, 2000 (prophesied about in January, 1998), the death of the Governor of Florida Lawton Chiles by a heart attack in late 1998 (prophesied about on July 10, 1998 in the Daytona Beach Revival) and the subsequent ‘divinely ordained’ election of Jeb Bush as new Governor of Florida, and then the ‘divinely ordained’ election of George W. Bush as President of the United States with the election won by just a few votes from the State of Florida, the Presidential assassination attempt of France President Jacques Chirac (prophesied about in Paris, France in a revival in August, 2000), the national scandal and shame of the Prime Minister of Japan and other Japanese government officials and top business leaders (prophesied about in June, 1998 in the Daytona Beach Revival), the September 22, 2002 earthquakes across England (prophesied about in London on September 14th, 2002), the personal indiscretions and scandals of British rulers and government leaders that have hit the ‘media’ continuously from September 2002 onward…(prophesied about on September 14th, 2002 in London, England), the forming of a ‘New Government’ in 2002 in Kenya (prophesied about in June, 2000 with over 10,000 in attendance at the Kenyatta Int’l Conference Centre in downtown Nairobi), the ‘unanimous’ election on December 27, 2002 of Mwai Kibaki as new President of Kenya (prophesied on December 13th, 2002 in London, England), the January, 2004 death of a political leader in Kenya (prophesied about on January 4th, 2004 in Nairobi, Kenya) etc.

These and many other amazingly detailed prophetic utterances concerning world leaders have been fulfilled one after another. Others ‘in motion’ now are several, including; the fall of the Red China Communist regime, the capture of Osama bin Laden and the ‘destruction’ of the top twelve leaders of Al Qaeda, the toppling of the political regime in Tunisia, an outbreak of violence and change of political leadership and subsequent reformation and revival in Egypt, the spiritual ‘execution’ of the top fifty ‘rulers of darkness’ in England in 2004- and the subsequent improvement in the spiritual climate over London and other parts of England, new visitations of revival in France in 2005, the ‘infiltration’ of God’s influence into the hearts of many of the top leaders in India and a greater ‘opening’ to the Gospel there, a sweeping visitation of revival across America in 2005, etc…

Prophecy for China:

1.3 billion Souls and counting! Could I leave them to the dogs? I am even now dismantling the old communist regime, says the Lord! As you saw the Berlin Wall fall, and the Soviet Union fall, so shall you see Red China fall! The ‘Bamboo Curtain’ will be torn to shreds! I will utterly destroy the wickedness of oppression that has ruled over this vast community of My humanity! Tiananmen Square will not just be remembered as the place of tragedy and bloodshed, but the day will come when Millions will stand in that great square arm-in-arm and openly worship Me without fear of retaliation! My ‘Freedom Bell’ is ringing all across China now, and I will reap this great harvest of souls, says the Lord!

Prophecies for America:

The Lord said to me that, “2005 will begin a great season of revival in many places in America! He said that these visitations and moves of His Spirit will sweep across many places. In the same breath, He said to me that, “2004 is the year of preparation for this. And as hard as you prepare for My Coming to you will determine how much you receive, and how much you will retain, it when it comes.”

Visitations of God will hit many churches on the Southeast Coast of Florida from Melbourne to Miami, a greater breakthrough will commence in the Northwest in Seattle, Portland and their surrounding regions, a sovereign touch of revival will hit in the western part of Minneapolis, Minnesota, the City of Chicago will experience a supernatural movement of unity amongst its church leaders, California and its great harvest fields are yet on God’s mind, and He will infiltrate their industries and peoples with His visitation, Texas shall feel a great spiritual dearth and an ensuing hunger for true revival will erupt and cry out from the hearts of many in that State, a new coalition of leaders will emerge in the State of Louisiana to form a strategic link to gather leaders from around the Nation to launch a National movement calling for unity and revival amongst leaders,

The Iraq issue will become very intricate and not easy to solve. This could cause a great problem for President Bush and for America. Lord, we decree that you will supernaturally divert and interrupt that cycle. These issues will be extensively spoken of in the media. They will be openly talked about. Great fights and strife and debates and discussions will come out in the media, but I see that if we all pray the Lord will diminish it all.

America is in danger. Terrorists are regrouping and planning other things and My Church must rise up! People can’t sit back and be complacent and say this doesn’t affect them. It is time for you to pray and fall on your faces once again. It is time you all get serious and do battle in the realm of the spirit!

You are in a season of war. There are things brewing in the spirit world that need to be addressed. I am releasing a new realm of deep intercession within the Church now! I will have many of My voices challenge My People to get back to praying, and not just asking Me to bless them and their own houses. You need to receive the passion to get caught up into the Presence of My Spirit and intercede effectively for your cities and nations!

I will break the strong demonic assignments and attacks from hell that have been against you, and these things will be broken in the spirit, says the Lord! I will stir up My Church to pray! And not just for the cause of overcoming the enemy, but to help you get broken before Me yourselves. I want you closer to Me. What greater thing can happen to you than to know Me more and be really get close to My heart?

Prophecies for Europe:

Great Britain: “The greatest spiritual breakthrough in England’s history will happen in this next season!”

Amsterdam, Holland:
The Aids virus is rampant in that city. If it were to be known on what scale, fear would grip their society. The powers that be don’t want it to be known. I saw the finger of God coming down and squashing the filthy, perverse spirit there in the next season of time. A new hunger for the supernatural move of the Holy Spirit will erupt in the churches throughout Holland, and I will move greatly in that land, says the Spirit of the Lord.

Satanic orders and operations will be brought down in the coming season. Supernatural Visitations of Revival will break loose in Cologne, Frankfurt, & Berlin. A great rise of independent works and new apostles will bring breakthrough and reformation in the Nation.

Dark forces operating behind ‘behind the scenes’ through the government and the occultist ‘orders’ will both be exposed and restrained.

Reformation is coming in the Church. New apostles will step forth to the forefront and lead.

In 2000 the Lord had me prophesy of a coming assassination attempt and a coming assassination. God told me to declare to the churches in Paris and throughout France that they need to pray. Evidently, someone prayed. The assassination attempt on the President was unsuccessful. We’ll see what develops next. Visitations will sweep across the nation in 2005, and a true revival will commence in the South of France in and around the Marseilles Region.

Visitation, Breakthrough and Revival!

A new breakthrough move of Unity is coming amongst Church leaders and God will break old religious traditions.

Prophecies regarding some Major International Events:

  1. 9/11/2001 –  N.Y.C. Tragedy  (Prophesied in 1997)
  2. The Scandals and Embarrassments of the Prime Minister and other leaders of Japan  –  (Prophesied in 1998)
  3. Stock Market Panic – 2nd Black Monday ~ (Prophesied on 9/30/97 in New York City) – happened less than a month later on the 3rd Monday of October, 1997
  4. The 1999 President Bill Clinton Impeachment Proceedings ~ (Prophesied in 1998)
  5. The Death of the Governor of Florida Lawton Chiles by a sudden Heart attack (Prophesied Friday Night 6/10/98 in the Daytona Beach Revival)
  6. Then God raised up the Bushes into Office…Jeb Bush   Governor of Florida
  7. George W. Bush – Into the Presidency! (I asked God who will win this crazy election? God said to me: ‘George W. Bush – he is My choice!’)
  8. Nairobi, Kenya  – First Tuesday & Wednesday of June, 2000 ~ Live from the platform @ the K.I.C.C. in front of over 10,000 people – I said (obviously possessed by the Holy Ghost!) ‘A New Government will be formed in Kenya! My God! This amazingly began the next year in Kenya when planning for new Presidential Elections began.
  9. God prophesied again on Fri, Dec 13, 2002 of the outcome of the Upcoming Elections and two Fridays later – Mwai Kibaki was unanimously elected the new President of Kenya as the Lord had said to me!
  10. Now, Corruption is being exposed as the Lord said in the 2002 Kenya Prophecy.
  11. New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani – Personal Scandals – (Prophesied in 1997)
    In November of 200 – It all came out in the Media!
  12. The Scandals of two U.S. Congressmen in the Media – Rep. Traficant convicted and jailed for corruption charges, and Rep. Conduit implicated in the mysterious death of Sandra Levy.