Hello, My Precious Friend…Get ready to hear from the Throne of God!
(The following message is the transcription of the prophecy given through Prophet Thomas Manton IV on 12/31/2001 in his New Year’s Eve Service in North Carolina)

Prophetic Prayer for 2002:

Lord, in this year of 2002, you are taking us to places and heights that we’ve never been to before! Your schedule will be our schedule! Your people will finally be able to drop off all of their hurts, pain, emotional bondage, baggage, and their ‘luggage’ full of yesterday’s ‘clothes’ and ‘seasons.’ Lord, you’re now causing your people to literally inherit the land!

You are going to bring the wealth of cities, families, and churches into the hands of the faithful remnant that is ready to do what you command! Lord, it’s in the stricken and barren places where you’re going to show up! Father, I hear you saying to the Church around the world that the ‘pleasure season’ is now coming upon us! We thank you now, Lord, for the life of glory, wealth, victory, power, and dominion that is coming to your people all over the world!

Father, you delight in showing up in the obscure place! You are blowing a ‘fresh wind of Fire’ on the ‘Eastern Seaboard’ of America–like we’ve never seen before in this generation. I pray, Lord, that in 2002, men will stop trying to put themselves up. You are going to promote whom you want. True elevation only comes from you!

Lord, I ask you to cut the cords of illness, financial encumbrances, debt, and all past problems and issues. Let all unforgiveness, strong holds and curses that have been running in family lines be totally eradicated and destroyed! Lord, wipe our slates clean so that we can rise to a level we have never known before!

Prophetic Exhortation for 2002:

The Lord is speeding up the time and the process. They can’t stop you! The Lord’s already moving! It’s already in motion! Before many days pass, we are going to look back and say, ‘What happened?’ That’s how fast it’s going to come forth!

Prophetic Words for 2002:

I see an attack – a physical attack coming against our President – even in the heart. I’ve never said that before, but the Lord’s just showing it to me right now. Let’s pray for President George W. Bush. There’s something unknown. I see a real demonic assault coming against his physical body. Father, we pray that your Hand of fire and hedge of protection come all around his body, his family, his soul, his mind, his spirit, and also around the Vice President and all of the Cabinet Officers. In this day of tremendous spiritual wickedness, you are going to touch and heal. There’s something else that’s been happening behind the scenes. I see it coming out in the media against him. But the Lord says don’t listen to the gainsayers, for surely I am going to vindicate him, saith the Lord. The Lord says again, He is my man and my chosen vessel for this hour, and nothing shall be able to stop what I am doing, saith the Lord.

I am seeing one thousand (1000) ministries coming into ‘major ministry status.’ That’s now being birthed and formed. Yes, they’ve already been in operation, but I see them exploding on the scene in America, and in other nations of the world. The major Christian media will bring them to the forefront. I want to prophesy even from this place of the coming forth of the 1000 new major ‘world shaking’ ministries. I’m not talking about little stuff. They’re going to break through and shake the lands on a massive scale. The new order is coming to the forefront! There will be a name and a face change in the leadership in the Body of Christ.

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