“God’s Prophet, Dr.Thomas Manton IV, has Ministered to us in Kenya prophetically, regarding upcoming events that no one knew would develop & others that no one could have known the outcomes of in advance, once they unfolded. God led him to first speak very boldly & precisely over our Nation in the June 2000, that God would change our Government regime of the time; & raise up a new one.

The Lord wanted new progress that HE wanted to bring about into reality in Kenya! Then, in Dec.2002, he spoke again, before’ GOD was just about to do just that! He prophesied on Dec.13, 2002, that Mr. Mwai Kibaki would be elected to be Kenya’s President for the next five years. On Dec.27, 2002, that came to pass, and became a reality. GOD said Mr. Kibaki would be like a “Joseph” administrator for Kenya’s development, and that has truly been the case, in so many ways. Kenya has skyrocketed in advancement since 2002. All have seen this happen. All have been blessed in one way or another because it has! Then, again in Dec.2007, before the next Presidential Election, GOD spoke to us through His Prophet, Dr. Thomas Manton IV again, declaring specifically that it was His Will that Hon. Mwai Kibaki be re-elected to another five-year term, and seemingly against some ‘odds, he was! Now on March 4th, 2013, what GOD spoke through Dr.Thomas Manton IV has sure as Heaven’s fire happened again! Uhuru Kenyatta was elected as Kenya’s next and fourth President! This is as good as it gets! Visit www.ThomasManton.com to read his many magnanimously-detailed Prophecies to Kenya, & several other Nations. Learn more about this God-fearing man. Long live Dr. Thomas Manton IV…

May GOD now bless you so much more richly for helping millions of us here in Kenya! Lord, we give You glory, honor and praise for all You’re Doing! Thank You!” *More are Coming…Stay Tuned…”

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