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Our Vision Is To Reach The Unreached; And Tell The Untold The Precious And Powerful Gospel Of Jesus Christ In Our Communities, Inner Cities, States, Nations And The World.


“New Prophecy For Kenya!” (2016 / 2017) – ‘Part One’ – “Regarding The August 2017 ‘Presidential-Election!” -Through- Dr. Thomas Manton IV “New Prophecy For Kenya!” (2016 / 2017)


Knowing God Intimately. By This, You Can Unlock The Secrets And Treasures Of The Manifestations Of God’s Presence, Power, Authority, And Protection.


Your partnership helps the ministry provide  help to our unique mission. Areas of help include the creation of multimedia and the printing and distribution of our religious message.

Dr. Thomas Manton IV is one of God’s most dynamic ‘prophetic-voices’ to the 21st Century Church today. Multitudes across all six-continents have been impacted by God’s Word, Presence, and Power through his Miracle Revivals, Conferences and Television and Radio appearances. Through his ministry, the Holy Spirit has lit fires of revival and reformation in many cities. God has also had him speak profound prophetic utterances to cities, states, regions and nations -and to more than 50,000+ individuals personally- one-by-one; across 26 nations- in over two-decades of full-time ministry.

His prophetic writings to 80+ nations; and his amazingly-accurate and detailed prophetic-predictions of NYC’s 9/11; London’s 7/7, Kenya’s political, economic, and infrastructural developments –amongst numerous others– have alerted millions across the nations to what God is saying concerning unfolding world events today. His dynamic teachings on Biblical economics and personal success have enlightened and empowered many around the world to climb higher in life, up into their God-ordained destinies.


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30 New Prophecies For Kenya   THE WORD OF THE LORD COMES UNTO ME SAYING UNTO THE NATION OF KENYA: 30 New Prophecies For Kenya ~ 2007 ~ 2012! Through The Prophetic Ministry of Dr.Thomas Manton IV~ 2007 – Presidential Elections: ‘President Mwai Kibaki- My......

THE WORD OF THE LORD COMES UNTO ME THIS FRIDAY AFTERNOON, DECEMBER 13th, 2002, HERE IN LONDON ENGLAND; SAYING UNTO THE NATION OF KENYA: The Lord tells me, first of all this afternoon, to declare to you that Mr. Mwai Kibaki will be elected as......

PART 1…….BY Dr. THOMAS MANTON Lord thank for what you are doing right now, we give you praise that this is the day when your kingdom is going to be advanced. I keep seeing the property we can build, houses to build and even things......

Jeremiah 2:31-32; the first and foremost thing for every child of God is to remember Him. ‘If thou love me, keep my commandments.’ Matthew 6:33,” seek the kingdom of God and all its righteousness and all these things will be given onto you” Change your environment. If you......

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