Trust In the LORD!

“The LORD asked me this again, a couple of days ago: “My precious son Thomas, do you trust Me? Do you really, really trust Me?” I instantly replied: “Yes I do, LORD!” Know this, people of God, one thing that really grieves the LORD, is when we allow any doubt to manifest about His taking good action for us. The Blessings of the LORD make us rich, with no sorrow in them! He wants us to totally trust Him! But remember, He did say ‘Trust Him’, He didn’t say trust people readily! [See Psalm 108, Jeremiah 17:5, etc] And I declare now, that: “God is working all things together for my good, & never for bad, IJMN! He has a master-plan for my life, which is rich, prosperous & successful, in the very things He has chosen me to do! There are some things I may not understand right now, but I’m not worried; because I trust Him! If all the pieces aren’t in place yet, soon, it will all come together! I will see God’s amazing plan taking me places, even more than I forethought He would! This is my declaration now here today, in Jesus Christ’s mighty Name! Amen!”