Mighty Prophet of God

“Thomas Manton IV is a mighty Prophet of God called to stir up the flames of revival among the nations. God uses him to deliver clear, specific, and accurate prophecies to the nations in specific areas of economic growth, governance, poverty eradication, elimination of corruption, and other macro issues.

As God’s voice to the church, he brings forth powerful ‘now’ words to establish churches and strengthen believers. Within the last two decades, God has confirmed Thomas Manton IV as His Servant, by having him declare accurate predictions of Presidential elections in Africa, Europe and other nations.

He is mightily anointed to teach and equip God’s people about biblical principles on financial prosperity and entrepreneurship for the advancement of God’s kingdom. This humble servant of God has traveled to many nations, making disciples of men, encouraging believers, and winning many souls into the Kingdom.

He is an author, and the founder of Dominion International, a ministry that believes that Jesus is the Son of God, and also the only way to salvation and to God the Father. I highly recommend this great prophet and author.”

Testimony from Dr. Lucy Mwangi – Denver, Colorado USA