12 Laws Of Success!

Your ‘Diamond-Keys’ To Success & Prosperity!)
-By-Dr. Thomas Manton IV

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1. *Arch-Enemies: Your Greatest Enemies Are Poverty, Sickness And Ignorance! The Lord Is The One who Wants To Help Make Everyone Rich, But Ignorance And Indifference Toward This Truth Can Actually push Divine-Success Away From You! Continuously Doing Wrong Or Inept Things, And Breaking God’s Laws, While Failing To Understand How Much God Really Wants To Bless Us, Will Lead One Further Into The Bondages Of Poverty. But Poverty Is Never The Intended Plan Of God For Anyone That Is Smart, And Desires To Be Obedient To Him. God Wants You To Get Rich, Healthy And Brilliant, Always! Never Forget About His Love, And Always Remember That He Wants You Blessed, Most Favoured, Healthy, Wealthy And Happy!

2. *Speed: Speed Is Power! Anything That Keeps You Down, Or Slows You Down, Is Usually Of The Devil! The Situations And Things And People That Move Fast Will Help You Achieve The Necessaries Much Quicker, And Make You Soar, While Doing And Achieving More!

3. *Environments & Ideas: Poor-Environments – Naturally, Spiritually And Socially – Will Cause Even‘ Good People’ To Miss God’s Blessings, As They Continue Wallowing Around In Poverty And Lack. Rich Environments Will Obviously Help Us Produce The Opposite Of That, And It Is God’s Will That We Accelerate Upward In All Things And Get A Lot Done For Him! Also Know That Great-Ideas Will Help Produce And Generate Great Wealth, If They Are Facilitated And Implemented Wisely And Correctly. And Productively Conducive Environments And Atmospheres Are Necessary To Accelerate Forward In Favourable-Momentum. Kings And Queens Need Palaces To Operate And Rule From, Right? So Then, We Too, The Royal Kings And Priests And Ambassadors Of God Must Also Rule And Reign And Operate From Our Affluent Positions, Yes, But Also From High-Quality Environments And Atmospheres! Each Person Needs The Specific Atmosphere And Environment That Triggers His Gift And Anointing. Let Me Also Say This: If Any Individual Would Try To Say That They Are Humble And That They Don’t Really Need Anything Big, Then That Is Their Own Problem! Perhaps They Are Really Quite A Loser Anyway, Possessing No Desire, Ability Or Savvy To Produce Anything Great. That Speaks For Itself. But High-Level And Highly-Productive People Must Have The Proper High-Level Environments That Will Both Energize And Facilitate Them For The Highest-Levels Of Productivity Possible. Let Me Also Say Here: God Loves This; And He Has Made All Great Things For Us To Possess And Enjoy Splendiferously! Amen!

4. Possessions: Let Me Make It Explicitly Clear Here Right Now, By The Word Of The Lord, That God Wants Us To Possess Abundances Of Possessions! And He Wants Us To Rule And Reign With Great Abundance Throughout The Earth, For His Own Glory! (See Psalm 35:27) God Wants His People To Own And Control Commodities And Resources And Industries From Every Sector Of Every Kingdom That Is In This World! (See Daniel 7: 27, 28) The Problem Is, Almost No One Has Taught And Thoroughly Explained This Truth To Us All From The Bible! God Himself Visited His Prophet Daniel With This Revelation, So It Is Absolutely His Will That We, The Saints Of God, Take Over As Many Things As Possible In This World! Religious-Demons And Mentally-Limited And Deceived-Men Have Infiltrated The Ranks Of Leadership In The Church. Thus, Too Many People That God Loves Do Not Understand God’s Intention For Us To Possess And Manage And Multiply Enormous Sums Of Wealth! And, Further Than That, He Wants Us To Eventually Have It All, And Rule Over Everything By His Mighty Wisdom And Brilliance! (See Revelation 15) He Wants His True-Saints To Possess Everything He Has Made. This Was Always His Plan. And We See It All Throughout Scripture. Abraham Was Made Very Rich By God. (See Genesis 13) Moses And His Big Flock Took The Wealth Of The Nation As They Marched Out Of Egypt. David Gathered Much Wealth Through His Spoils Of War. Solomon Then Carried On In That Legacy, Even Receiving Large Gifts From A Queen, And Becoming Perhaps The Richest King In History. Job Was Granted Double For His Trouble And Loss, Then Becoming What Scholars Have Estimated To Be In The Billions Of Dollars, Equivalently. Isaac Prospered Greatly By Sowing, And He Reaped Supernaturally, In The Presence Of His Enemies. Jacob Became A Savvy Entrepreneur, After Being Ripped Off. Joseph Was Elevated To The Office Of Prime Minister, And Given The Authority To Manage All That Was In The Kingdom. Are You Getting This? This Is Bible Doctrine! So Then, We Too, Are Supposed To, And Will, Inherit And Manage And Multiply All Things! This Is The Will And The Plan Of God! It Is Up To You Now To Receive It! God Has Been Waiting For Your Decision And Corresponding Action! As He Had Had Me Prophesy, Great Wealth Transfers Are Coming To Us! (Get My Audio CD Albums On This Subject. The “Wealth-Transfer” Series Will Enlighten And Empower You With Knowledge, So You Too, Can Prosper Greatly!) Amen!

5. Identity: Your Divinely-Granted-Royal-Image And Likeness Should Never Be Marred! (See Genesis 1:26) Never Allow Anyone To Cloud Your Vision From Continuously Operating From Your True Identity, And The Vision God Has Given You. Always Look Up To God For Your Help. He Is The Best In Giving You All The Assistance You Will Ever Need. Do Not Look To People In The World, Or To Lending Institutions, Or People That Would Just Love To Take Advantage Of Any Naivety That Is Still Left Inside Of You. The World And Their Systems Are All Too Often Evil, Or In A Mess. You Already Have The Right-Image Inside Of You; And The Right Power-Source Available To Work For You, If You Are Truly His.

6. Abundance: You Can Truly Reach A Point Of Not Even Having Wants, Let Alone Needs; If You Will Just Walk With The Shepherd, And Follow Him To Green Pastures! (See Psalm 23)

7. Presentation: Every King, And Even Jesus Christ, Himself, Was Always Suave, Presentable And Classy. Jesus Rode On A Brand-New Ride – The Donkey, On Which He Demanded The One That No Man Ever ‘Sat On ’ Likewise, You Should Not Go For ‘Second-Hand’ Stuff, If At All Possible!) Jesus Wore A Seamless (Expertly Designed And Crafted Designer) Garment Which Sinners Even Ended Up Gambling For, Because Of The Extent Of Its ‘Quality ’ Who Would Gamble For A ‘Condemned-Man’s Garment? No One, Really And Those Men There Did Not View Jesus As A Valued-Celebrity At That Time In Fact, They Were Spitting At Him And Mocking Him. So, It Had To Be The Sheer Luxury Of The Garment Itself That Made Them Want It!

8. Position: Our God Is Always Up; And He Is Always On-Top! And So, We Should Also Always Be Up, And On-Top, And Above Only, And Never Beneath! (See Deuteronomy 28:1-13)

9. Learning: You Must Avoid The Plague That So Many Other Humans Have, By Not Knowing And/Or Not Operating In Their “Royalty-Rights.” Becoming Learned, By Applying Yourself To Learning Much More About What Is Important To You, Every Single Day Is A Necessary And Vital Key To Your Success!

10. Truth: Your Breakthrough And Subsequent-Prosperity Is Directly Tied To Your Knowledge And Awareness Levels Of Truth. The More Truth You Know And Walk In, The More Prosperity You Will Possess And Enjoy! (See John 8:32 & 3rd John. Verses 2,3,4)

11. God’s Methods: Whoever Cooperates And Works With God, In His Ways Of Doing Things, Will Always Have Everything Working Better For Them! That’s A Fact! And Even If You Are Still Facing Some Challenges, You Will Still Always Be Better Off By Working With God! His Business-Partners Always Do Well. Jesus Said: In This World, You’ll Have Some Trouble, But Be Of Good Cheer, For I Have Overcome It All! And The Bible Also Declares That God Will Deliver His Own Righteous Ones Out Of Every Form Of Trouble. And Scripture Also Says That Though A Man Stumble Or Fall During His Journey, God Himself Will Pick Him Up! God Always Wants You To Carry And Be Possessed With Severe Joy, Peace, Passion, Aggressive Faith And Relentless Pursuit Of Him And What He Has In Store For You! And What He Has Planned For You Is All Good! (See Jeremiah 29:11)

12. The Word And The Spirit: The Word Of God Is God. John 1 Tells Us So. The Word Called Jesus Christ The Word Itself! This Is Truly Amazing, Isn’t It? God Said Elsewhere In Scripture, Centuries Before, That He Exalts His Word Over Even His Very Name. Now That Is Powerful! Then, We See That The Holy Spirit, Also God Himself, In The Third Person, Is The Author Of The Word. He Is The One Who Spoke, To And Through, His Prophets And Apostles To Author In Writing, The Logos Word Of God. And God Gave Us His Word So We Would Benefit And Prosper In All Things, While Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Sin, And The Traps Of The Evil-One And His Friends. From And Know More On How To Do God’s Will In The Earth Though Our Lives. Our Lord Jesus Told Us That He Wants To Give Us Life And He Wants Us To Live In Abundance Of All Good Things. The Holy Spirit Draws Us To Walk With Him In The Ways And Paths God Has Ordained For Us. The Father Jehovah Watches It All And Rejoices Over It With Singing! (See Zephaniah 3)Wow! The Best Things We Can Ever Possess Are God’s Own Attributes. I Must Say That Strongly And Emphatically. Having God’s Own Presence, Power, Word, And Authority Working In And Through You, Is Absolutely The Greatest Treasure We Can Ever Have In This Life. Yes, God Gives Us Riches, Power And Influence, But Let Us Always Remember, It All Came From Him! Abraham Said: No Man Has Made Me Rich But Almighty God! Also See Deuteronomy 8 Where God Tells Us Explicitly That He Is The Source Of Our Wealth! A Million Thanks To You For All Of This, Lord! Hallelujah!

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