New Prophecy To BRAZIL!


Friday, March 1st, 2019 @ 3 pm
Spoken through Prophet Dr. Thomas Manton IV
The Word of the Lord comes unto me, saying to the Nation of Brazil…

“Brazil is a blessed nation, says the Lord! And I have surely made Brazil a beautiful ‘sheep-nation’. Brazil is a Christian-nation. And Brazil will always be a Christian-nation! And now, Brazilians have just been smart to elect a pro-Christian President, who will implement many ‘correct’ and right policies for the people and the nation. The ‘other’ option as an outcome for the election, as you know, would have been a disaster! That, of course, didn’t succeed. But God’s plan did!

The Lord had me prophesy, before your recent Presidential election, that Jair Bolsonaro would be elected as the new president of Brazil. And he was, in a landslide victory! This is very good for Brazil. And it’s even good for South America. It’s very good for the people of Brazil.

I see that the Lord will cause new growths and developments in your economy in the coming days. New growth will grow here. New money will flow here. Many people will come out of poverty in the coming days. New programs even helped by the government, for new systems and institutions to teach people and train people for the workplace, will come forth and be instituted!

God is going to work to see that many people that have been in poverty will now break through, and be raised up out of their poverty! God wants to use leaders in the Church who will commit to teach the laws and principles of success and biblical economics. God wants to see financial well-being in His peoples’ lives!

In addition to the other-things of the Gospel, there is an anointing that I will now bring upon My people; directing them to go into business to prosper! And this will be a mass movement! God will cause a new outpouring of power to help people live greater lives for the Kingdom. There is great victory ahead for the Brazilian people! It will be phenomenal.

This is now the day of great change. This is now the day of new beginnings! This is now the day of a new-season! A greater outpouring of My Spirit will happen now, says the Lord! My people will know the Holy Spirit deeply, and in intimate ways!

There will be a lot of teaching on this from the Churches in Brazil that are real. In Brazil, you have real churches that are moved by the Holy Spirit. And then you have some churches that have mixtures or contamination of other things. But My real church will rise in this hour; and filled with My power! In this next season  and you will see a new outpouring of My power to cause My people to break through all the nonsense that goes on, says the Lord! I will cause a new flow of Mine to flow and grow, and I will cause people to rise up higher and higher, and more and more filled with My Fire and Power! This movement will grow big, and touch masses and multitudes of people!

In this next season, I will cause many people to rise up, and come up and out from the poor class, and up into the middle class! And I will cause many people to rise up and out from the middle class, up into the upper class! And people that have already prospered will prosper even more now, says the Lord!

I will move upon your economy and people here in Brazil. I will cause your Nation and people to prosper greatly!

Your new President is for this! He’s for this kind of movement! He will be excited to see it. He wants the economy to grow here in Brazil. He wants the Nation to progress and move forward in great new ways now! And know this, I am the One who has orchestrated all of this!

The Lord says, I will now cause the Miracle Ministry to go to higher heights, and deeper depths, and wider breadths! I will perform so many miracles of healing and deliverance for My people, and even for non-believers, so they too, can also get saved! The Miracles you will see performed will be astounding! And I will break demons of witchcraft, and even religious demons, and even demons of perversion, and pride and lust. All types of illicit lifestyles and operations will be challenged and even crushed out of many peoples’ lives! I will break demonic influences of greed and lust and fear and pride and arrogance! 

I will show people what it means to be humble, and the importance of humility! And as I bless people greatly, I will also help them to be very humble, with it. But I will cause many to become tremendously wealthy, but yet very humble. This is My will and My plan. And I have great plans and important uses for the Wealth that I will now put into My peoples’ hands!

Fame and fortune can come by faith, and through the use of faith, but I then have to get after the character of the person, for them to be Christ-like and humble and not proud. I detest arrogance. I want My people to always but humble and meek teachable. I want My people to display in reality, a beautiful spirit, I see as a ‘pearl of great price’. A meek and quiet spirit is always beautiful in My eyes. I do not want people to be overly brash, nor arrogant! I don’t want people to be like that, says the Lord! I want to bless people and have them be sweet and loving and humble and lovable. This is attractive and great, in My eyes. Being Christ-like is always important! This is always part of my plan. Many people will grow greatly financially, but then they will also have to go through another season of pruning and character development to handle well, what I give them. People can carry abundance without caring to be too flashy and too full of themselves! Nevertheless, I will bless many people now, and also let them walk through the process, so they can handle it all very well.

Remember that I said that Wisdom is the principle thing! People will know that all blessings and abundance originated from Me! Please know that it is all from Me, and you have to give Me all of the glory for it, and also be very humble and grateful about it! All that I give is My own plan in action, says the Lord! These are actions I will take toward many people now, and you all will see it! It is My own doing!

A very serious time of growth and expansion will now come upon your country. I see new and advanced and expanded industries emerging, and rising to higher heights and broader horizons! I see new factories producing goods here in Brazil. I see new movements coming even in the far-away places, even in smaller towns where great infrastructural development and advancement has not happened yet. New development will begin to grow in new cities. Your country will be built up for My glory, says the Lord! And it will be for the benefit of the people here.

I see your children of the next generation rising up and being very brilliant and very wise. I see them being brilliantly and extraordinarily educated. I see them walking in the spirit of excellence. Where many have previously been ignorant of many things, I want people to now be highly educated and become highly skilled in many things.  

I will now teach and train people here about how to flow in the realm of servanthood and in the realm of learnedness. I am calling for the realms of education and the realms of service, in realms of excellence and with an excellent spirit! I want My people to serve well and excellently, in Ministries and in Businesses and in the Corporate world! I will teach and communicate to you, the spirit of grace and excellence and elegance, in all things. This will seem challenging to some, but I want it done, says the Lord!

I want brilliant things taught and even fought for! I want instilled in the people, and especially in the next generation, the great and powerful effects of excellence, and the spirit of good order, and the solving of problems in the most brilliant and effective ways! I want people and even visitors to have a great experience when the encounter you. This is important. And this is also a vital key for you getting My favour directed toward you, for you to be blessed!

I will cause men and women to rise to this occasion to teach and train and bring people into training for reigning! This will be a strong wave and current reformation that I will bring forth now within the beautiful people of Brazil!

There are outpourings of My Spirit that will come to many cities and towns in Brazil. And these Outpourings will shake the devils and principalities down to the ground! I will crush the works of demons that have been looming and lording over the peoples and people groups here. Many evil-operations will be crushed now in this next day, says the Lord!

I will cause My touch to come upon many, and revival and repentance and reformation is surely coming forth now in your societies, says the Lord! Get ready for it now!

Many have prayed for these to happen, but they have not yet seen it manifested enough. And many who have prayed are also already in Heaven now. But now the day of the outpouring is quickly coming upon you, says the Lord, and millions of people will be touched. Millions of people will be saved. Millions of people will be healed. Millions of people will be delivered. Get ready for this, as I have said. Can you just simply believe that I will do this, says the Lord? Yes I can, and Yes, I will! Watch for this, and prepare yourself now to become a part of this. Prepare yourselves to be Vessels in My movements on the Earth, says the Lord!

Next, I see greater and also new Automobile manufacturing situations that will arise in Brazil. I see the designing of new cars and new vehicles. These will come out from Brazil. And these will be designed here. And brilliance will even flow in from abroad to Brazilian entities. Certain Brazilians will design and build new cars and new vehicles! I see much happening in the days ahead in your automobile and vehicle industries here in Brazil. I see things that have never been happening in Brazil before, and being put into place in Brazil.

Next, I see a greater development of your Airline industries in Brazil. The Brazilian airline will have upgrades. Greater service will be provided, as even greater aircrafts and services increase in your routes. This will also enhance sand expand tourism and business travel for many that want to come from around the world. 

Everything good will increase for the better in Brazil now in the future coming days. And the common man and the common woman will be blessed by all of these advancements. I foresee so many upgrades and so many infrastructural advancements; and I see so many new developments that will happen in Brazil.

Increased developments and upgrades in all sectors will also create tremendous growth in your GDP and in your GNP (your gross national product). Your economy will increase greatly by this. And this is on My mind and in My own plan for you in Brazil, says the Lord!

There are coming now, tremendous increases in economic-development and also in their amounts of monies and resources flowing throughout your land! But I will put much abundance in the hands of ‘good’ people! Not everyone is good in My eyes. You may be a believer. But you may also be a self-appointed judge or a slanderer. There are many examples of people that do things that I despise. And these ones I will not bless. They will just continue in toiling for their living expenses. But there are people that I like, by how they are, and what they are doing, and not doing. These I want to bless now with riches and wealth. And I will also grant you My direction and correction wherever you need it. I also know that you need continuous healing and great health. I will help you with that too. I know that you need My protection and also emotional and intellectual well-being. I will also help you with that! [See 1 Corinthians 2:9,10,16 .. 2 Corinthians 10:3,4,5 .. 3 John 2,3,4 ..1 Peter 2:24 .. Jeremiah 33: 3, 6], etc…

The well-being and the resources and assets of many people will increase in this next day, says the Lord! And know that I am behind that!

I will cause good people to prosper; but I won’t be blessing nor empowering the wicked! I will not bless evil people! But I will cause good people, who are ‘good’ before me, to prosper greatly! Remember that I had King Solomon declare this in Ecclesiastes 2:26. I had him to say that I cause the wicked to gather and collect things, so that those things can then be given to those who are good before Me!

Next, many new technological advancements will happen in your country, says the Lord. Better ways of doing things, in all good things, will be developed and instituted and implemented. More beneficial services, such as more powerful Internet and media technologies will be structured and out into place. More powerful cellular, and more powerful broadcasting facilities for the benefit of the people will be installed and used. I see interactive technologies, that are already in use very much in what people call the 1st world, being installed strongly and used by the people in Brazil. Fast high-tech services in so many creative dimensions will become more available to more people. So be it!

I will now raise up into greater boldness and power, the people that I have called and ordained, says the Lord! I will have My own warriors now confront and break down and crush religious demons and witchcraft demons. I will have My own warriors confront and crush demons that wrap people up in illicit lifestyles! I will have My own warriors confront and crush all kinds of demonic and wrong things! I want wrong things to be confronted by the power of the Holy Ghost! So be it!

I am raising My people up higher now, and I want you to worship Me in Spirit and in Truth, and in the manifested mighty power of the Holy Ghost! I want My people to dwell in My presence and live under My Anointing, all the time! I want My people to love My Word, and to live by My Word! it My Word and My Spirit are always in agreement! I will cause many multitudes of people to understand more about that. I want accuracy. I want true righteousness. I want a pure-flow of what I have given you to be continuously moving everywhere throughout your societies! Focus on that. Pray for that. Desire that. Declare that. Expect that, continuously! And you will then see it and you will live in it! You will move forth in and flourish in the pure, power-filled and accurate movements of My Word and My Spirit going forth, bringing about change, healing, deliverance, and wisdom, knowledge and understanding, so you can attain success and prosperity! Yes, My children, I want you to be living in great success; and I want you living in abundant prosperity, says the Lord! So be it!

I will now raise up a new-breed of aggressive-warriors! And I say to you: “Do not be afraid of My power! Do not be afraid of My abundance coming into your lives! I am raising up new orders of people that will receive this from Me! I am raising up new tribes of Kingdom-minded and Word-minded people who will walk in and demonstrate the Mind of Christ in the Earth now!

The day will now come when many Brazilians will be moving forth further into the international scenes; doing very high-level and very powerful things! And those that speak perfect English will be speaking to people all over the world! There is a great business that can be a lucrative one. And that is to teach people to learn and speak English! The education business to teach people to learn and speak English will be a very lucrative enterprise! The Holy Spirit is saying this! The Lord wants people to also be speaking English, so that they can flow forth well, into t international communities more easily. So be it!

I am seeing fashion-designers and fashion-design companies being raised up in Brazil, and coming from Brazilian people! This is an amazing thing that I am seeing! Entire new clothing-lines and factories and industries will come forth through this! It will even spread all around the world! New levels in productions of clothing-lines will come forth! And many people will get involved in this, and this will create multi-million dollar and even multi-billion dollar enterprises if waked on very well. It will be a very lucrative industry. And I see great competition coming up in the midst of this, but the survival of the strong will work and thrive! Remember, this is capitalism! The worlds of the strong will be power-filled, and several will soar to high-heights and out into broad-horizons, says the Lord! The realms of creativity that will flow, and the business-development, and new-distributions into many markets, will astound the minds of many, says the Lord!

I see a new and greater emergence of great and brilliant thinkers! I see great writers and great authors bringing forth brilliant messages with brilliant content that will enlighten and empower so many people! I am touching people to become vessels filled with gifts of brilliance! It grieves me so much to see and hear the nonsense and foolishness that people say and listen to, says the Lord!

I am not the author of derogatory speech and actions that dishonours others, says the Lord! Things said and done that do not lead to anywhere good are grievous to Me, says the Lord! Things going forth over the airwaves, and through conversations, and through the speech of people that are not edifying, developmental and empowering are grieving Me, says the Lord! I don’t like it and I don’t want it happening, says the Lord! The nonsense that is being spoken throughout the whole world that causes detriment and degradation to people is displeasing to Me! I want people to speak good things and positive things and brilliant things over people, says the Lord!

In My churches and houses I want My people to speak with eloquence and brilliance! I want you to teach and raise up a new generation of brilliant thinkers and brilliantly successful people! I want the next generation of children to be brilliant, and I want them trained and raised up to be so powerful, brilliant and successful, says the Lord! I want to see people and even children being raised up as they are trained. I want them to speak brilliantly and eloquently!  I want them touched by Me, says the Lord! I want My people operating in the special gift of the Mind of Christ! I want My people flowing in the special gift of the Spirit of brilliance, which, of course, is from the Holy Spirit, says the Lord!

Brazil is going to higher heights, says the Lord! My elect will be blessed! I will bless you! I will bless My elect! This is not for everyone, of course. It is especially assigned to those I favour, because they favour Me, and they favour My servants! My favour will flow to, and through, and for, those who I have ordained, and for those that I love, and those that love Me, says the Lord!

Millions of people will be saved in this movement, says the Lord! Millions will be healed in this movement! Millions will be delivered in this movement! Millions of people will become Christ minded, and I will have many my disciples going forth and doing great things, says the Lord! My Hand of favour will be upon them! My power and My anointing will be upon them! And great days of elevation and breakthrough are just ahead of you now, declares the Lord! Mighty reformation is just ahead of you now, says the Lord! Get ready and be ready now, for things will move forward in very fast motion now!

Revival, reformation and even revolution by My Spirit is moving forth now! And it will move forward at a very fast pace now!  I want the things that the enemy has done, and set up as strongholds, overturned now!  I am going to bless My people, mightily! I am going to anoint you mightily! I am going to empower you mightily! I am going to enlighten you with great revelation! I am going to elevate you! And through you, the world will become a better place to live! So many of My beloved servants will be demonstrating My power and My brilliance! I will cause My servants to let you know more about what My imagination is destining for humanity! So be it!

I will reveal and make known now, better ways of doing everything, says the Lord! Multitudes of people will now have their minds and hearts being enlightened and illuminated! And they will clearly know exactly what to do with themselves in the days ahead! I will show My elect exactly what to do, to make things better in every way in every day, says the Lord! And things will work better in so many ways, says the Lord! So be it!

You can realize that true revival and reformation from Me are happening when new ideas and new wisdom comes to people. Wisdom and brilliance is coming to people by the Holy Spirit! New knowledge and new understanding is coming to people by the Holy Spirit! This is astounding and amazing when this happens in widespread manifestations. And I declare to you, My people, that this will happen, and it will be marvelous to behold and enjoy! So be it!

I am now causing Brazil to become a much more brilliant nation! I am the one who is making this to come forth now. I am doing this now, says the Lord, so get yourself ready! Ask Me to make you become a recipient of this movement of Heaven upon the Earth! Ask Me to give you My anointing! Ask Me to give you My power! Ask Me, says the Lord, to give you My imagination! Ask Me to give you My creativity! Ask Me to give you what you need and want! Let the people ask Me for what they need and want, and then I will grant these blessings to you, as you walk with Me! So be it! [See Mark 11:22-25]

I said in John 15:7: “As you abide in Me, and as My words abide in you, you will ask for what you want, and it will then be done for you!” So be it!

I said in Deuteronomy 8:18 that I will give you power to get wealth! In Psalm 66:12 I said that I will cause to rise above oppressors, and bring you into wealthy places! So be it!

In Isaiah 45: 2 & 3, I said that I would cause you to inherit treasures and riches, even from various and even unknown sources! And when these treasures and this wealth gets into your hands, these treasures and riches will be useful for Me for My work through you, and also for you to have a very prosperous and beneficial life, says the Lord! So be it!

All generations – from children, to youth, to adults, and even to the elderly – will be touched by these movements that I am now going to carry forth into manifestation; in enlightenment and in empowerment and in enrichment, says the Lord! This is all going to happen now, says the Lord! So be it!

I saw a vision of some type of violence that was being directed toward a certain person in the government. But the Lord told me that He had sent His angels to stop it from succeeding! And whatever was happening would not result in what the enemy wanted. Hallelujah! Divine protection is over good people that God wants to use! The enemy cannot have his evil and twisted way! My divine protection has been released, in Jesus Christ’s majestic, mighty, matchless and marvelous Name! Amen! Hallelujah! The devil was scheming and trying to do some harm to a certain individual, but God did not allow it!

The Lord has good plans for you! Know that I am Your protector, says the Lord! Know that I am Your provider, says the Lord! I am Your intercessor, says the Lord! Please remember that I am Your friend and Your lover, says the Lord! Know that I have good intentions for you! Know that I have great plans for you, and no evil can stand successfully against you! My plans are to prosper you, and see that you never be harmed! [See Jeremiah 29:11; Habakkuk 2:1, 2]

I see a vision of the Lord coming against corruption in your nation! I see that there are certain people that need to be prosecuted for corruption. Their evil deeds need to be exposed and crushed. They need to be charged with the crimes they have committed, for their grievous thefts and corruption, in both business and in government. I will cause a great clean-up to take place in your societies in the coming days, says the Lord! So be it!

A very great and massive move of My Spirit will come forth in your nation and in your people now, says the Lord! I am doing this now! As I am prophesying here now through My servant here that speaks to you now; so shall it be! [See Amos 3:7, 8; Hosea 12:13]

I am bringing forth wars from Heaven to the Earth against corruption in many countries; and I am doing this now also very strongly in Brazil.

I want people to live clean, and I want people to do things right!

I will greatly reveal My mind and My thoughts to many people now in this coming season!

Many will know My mind and My heart! And many will understand My ways! Many will get to know My laws and principles for righteous and successful living! Many will come to understand how I like and want things to be done. Many will come to understand My laws of blessing and My laws of success. So be it!

I am the Lord Your God, but you need to apply yourselves to learning. You need to apply yourselves to wisdom, and to understanding. You need to apply yourselves to doing things My way! For surely then I will bless you richly and mightily, My precious chosen sons and daughters! 

You will yet now see the greatest-days ever, of manifestations of wealth-creations! You will yet now see the manifestations of My power gifts. Great manifestations of My Spirit coming to break people free are coming now! The amazing power and anointing of My Spirit will now penetrate your societies from the highest to the lowest, says the Lord! 

Amazing advancements will now take place in your societies, governments, industries, and in your infrastructural developments, says the Lord!

Love & blessings to you who are living for the glory of God! I love you so very much, beautiful people of Brazil, with the Love of Jesus!

I will speak to you again, with more, soon…
I Am … His For The Miraculous … & Yours For The Breakthrough!

God’s Servant…
Prophet Dr. Thomas Manton IV
Copyright 2019 – Dr. Thomas Manton IV – Dominion International

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