Dr. Thomas Manton IV is one of God’s most dynamic ‘prophetic-voices’ to the 21st Century Church today. Multitudes across all six-continents have been impacted by God’s Word, Presence, and Power through his Miracle Revivals, Conferences and Television and Radio appearances. Through his ministry, the Holy Spirit has lit fires of revival and reformation in many cities.

God has also had him speak profound prophetic utterances to cities, states, regions and nations – and to more than 40,000+ individuals personally one-by-one- across 21 nations – in just 12 years of full-time ministry. His prophetic writings to 80+ nations; and his amazingly-accurate and detailed prophetic-predictions of NYC’s 9/11; London’s 7/7, Kenya’s economic, social and governmental changes; Great Britain’s political scandals, France President’s assassination attempt; and the Western Bank/Gaza conflicts – amongst numerous others – have alerted millions across the nations to what God is saying concerning unfolding world events today.


In his revivals and conferences, multitudes have witnessed the Holy Spirit making the blind see, the lame walk, the deaf hear, the dumb speak – and healing incurable diseases and performing many other creative miracles. Hundreds of testimony-praise reports of spiritual breakthroughs, miraculous healings and financial increases and have flooded his offices from all around the world.

His revelatory teachings on CD and DVD have deeply touched the lives of many; and are fast becoming best-sellers. He travels the globe releasing God’s prophetic fire; and investing time developing leaders and saints into spiritual excellence through Dominion International.

The harvest-fields of the earth containing multitudes of lost souls are waiting for God’s salvation. Let’s go now with all our resources and abilities and win them to Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all the Earth!

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