Prophetic Empowerment to Kenya


Lord thank for what you are doing right now, we give you praise that this is the day when your kingdom is going to be advanced. I keep seeing the property we can build, houses to build and even things to own as you spoke before. People that are connected with this anointing are going to be blessed; they will go forward in business taking new expansions in new territories, in business and market places. For the land they will own, new houses they will build, new vehicles, new ways of movement and expansion, and new offices, I declare it right now. This is the day of the entrepreneur, the government and the people who are being infiltrated by the Holy Spirit to cause some new things to happen in this land. It is also the day of advancing the kingdom for people to have love, the missing spirit of love. If you are missing the spirit of love, you are missing the spirit of God because He is Love. This is the missing factor with these people building their own things and acting like children, little arrogant children that do not know better.This is the day now when maturity will come to people. They will become sensible, compassionate, down to earth, selfless and fearless, secure in who they are in you and not feel threatened by anybody. People who can genuinely love other people and work together, be generous and not feel bad about it.That Revelation I declare right now Lord, as your servant who has come into this society, Kenya, where fools have fought each other trying to undermine each other, attack each other, and malign each other. They are fools, they do not know it, let the curse, and the curses that you have released out your mouth Lord hit them. The ones that do not want to repent the ones that want to keep on with their foolishness crush them! Crush them and let them be as powder we do not make apology for saying that.

Kenyans have not risen up to change anything; they do not want to confront anything. They just look and say they are used to it and nothing can change that. I am glad you made me an agent and an apostle to bring change and prophet to speak new things into being and be done.

This is the day when people become wealthy, you will give them business and financial wisdom, how to invest in markets, in trading, and in real estate. Not just that but very perceptive and ingenious ways of multiplying money. It will just fall upon the right people, people that have been faithful to you. Lord you spoke to me, the perseverant one to the end will be blessed. As the Scripture says you reap in due season if you do not faint or quit, you stay faithful, obedient, flowing and you do not look away from it and stay with it.