Prophecy to Kenya


The Lord tells me, first of all this afternoon, to declare to you that Mr. Mwai Kibaki will be elected as the next President of Kenya. This will take place in a unanimous ‘upset’ victory regardless of any ‘powers that be.’ The Lord says that He has chosen and appointed him to institute a ‘new level’ of things in the nation of Kenya. There is going to be a new reformation through the arena of the government on a massive scale. The Lord says that in agriculture, farming, and through new economic development, there will be new levels of production. Your gross national product will rise immensely over the next five years. There will be drastic changes and a very strong solidification of My favour in that nation. For surely this man, Mr. Kibaki, is like a ‘Joseph’ who came into the top level of ruler ship in Egypt in his day. And favour came upon the land because the Lord was with him. Now the Lord says that there is going to be economic revival in the land, but also economic judgment upon the wicked forces in the nation of Kenya. I will judge those who have oppressed the poor and shut out people from the business world. I will uproot them out from their seemingly ‘unevictable’ position of splendor. God says He will do this for His own Name’s sake. Their tree will be shaken in these next days. You will see a new realm of favour in the nation that has not been there before. Unfortunately, I see another terrorist attack coming forth in an explosion of some type. This disaster will be coming in the future. For surely the enemy will want to revisit the nation with evil again.

As we saw the American Embassy bombed years ago, God says that there is another event that the enemy wants to bring forth against many people in that nation. But the Lord says that this time I am going to fully expose the ‘order’ and the organization that is behind it. This time they will not be able to hide themselves for I will turn them out and they will be captured and exposed, and their network will be foiled, says the Lord. The Lord says “do not fret; do not fear, for surely the casualties will be minimal.” Their regime and their intricate network of evil will be exposed and stopped after this event.

Your farming industry will shift. I will bring rain upon the land where there has been drought and there will be showers of blessing coming from Heaven above, says the Lord. You are going to see an increase of produce from the farming industry like never before in this generation. There will be a greater effect than from even the last full generation of forty years. Great crops and much fruit will be yielded from this harvest over the next several years. God is shifting several things in the nation.

There is a subtle working of evil doers and iniquitous ones that would like to stop the blessings and moves of God that have come through great evangelism, and great churches and ministries. The enemy is working behind the scenes. He would love to just stop it and overturn it. That’s why God is going to push the people ‘extra hard’ to put a man of righteousness in power.

For surely when righteousness reigns and rules, the nation is exalted. But sin is a reproach to any people.

The Lord says that no matter what the enemy or those in power would try to do behind the scenes, His choice will prevail, says the Lord thy God.

Now, concerning a coming harvest of souls, God says that He will release a wave of salvation that will bring another one million souls into the Kingdom. And you will see a new zeal for evangelism come upon the Church, and upon the saints. They won’t be complacent any more to just have their meetings and churches and ministries, but they will have a ‘heart cry’ from my heart to win the lost, says the Lord. Many have thought that Kenya has become a ‘Christian’ nation, but by many standards it is not. The Lord says that He is going to move intricately into society and into the government leadership, and also into the business development leaders. And the Lord says there will emerge a new ‘middle class’ out of the midst of all of this. It is going to take many, many years through great reformation, but the ‘common’ businessman that starts with nothing will have the opportunity to prosper. Corruption will be broken up. God is going to cause many to step out to expose evil where it is, even with the risk of great opposition and persecution. The men and women that I choose for this will not be afraid of any repercussions even to the risk of their own life. The Lord says I will sovereignly protect those who I’ll position for this. Do not fear for surely I am with you, says the Lord, to protect you, to guide you, to lead you, and as you obey My voice you will see my protection and My hand.

All I expect is for you to be obedient to Me. Speak and move as I instruct you, and the rest will work itself out. And you will know my Hand of favour, love and protection. You’ll also experience My hand of power, righteousness and judgment. You’ll see justice come forth in your land as never before, says the Lord thy God. I will give you new government ‘strategies.’



I see three new departments of ‘directed,’ but somewhat ‘autonomous’ leadership in the business arena, in the social arena, and also in the school system. Then I see seven other projects coming forth quickly that will be very new to the people but not new to Me, says the Lord. And they’re not new to the ones who’ll propose them because they have had these things in their minds and in their hearts for several years. There is coming great expansion and great freedom and a liberal move toward true freedom from the things I want to institute, says the Lord. It’s going to be ‘the day of the people.’ It’s going to be ‘the day of the common man.’ And they will have the opportunity to arise!

There will be joy in the nation over what has happened! The Lord says a whole ‘spiritual shift’ is coming across the nation now. A new realm of favour is coming upon My people! The ‘New Order’ is coming! Great apostles and great prophets will rise in the nation! Great evangelists and great pastors and teachers and great churches will arise in great power and authority! And the Lord says that surely a great economic revival will come even within my house. The Lord says that the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just. And I will give ‘key’ plans, strategies and ideas on how to gain those things for My sake and the Gospel’s sake, says the Lord thy God. I’ll make great ‘gospel ambassadors’ and ‘gospel financiers’ and ‘kings’ in the marketplace for My glory. I’ll raise up apostles, prophets, and evangelists in the market place!

I’ll raise up pastors that have ‘shepherds’ hearts to stand in intercession and mediation between heaven and earth to create and build new enterprises for Me, says the Lord God Almighty. Surely many men will be made rich from this. They’ll be the ones that I have chosen to become wealthy because their heart is toward Me, and toward that which I have given them to procreate and produce in the earth. A new environment of ‘luxury’ will come to many. It will no longer be only for the ‘super rich,’ and the ‘power brokers’ and the ‘old money.’ New businessmen will arise with new revelation! Arise and shine, for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord has risen upon thee! And God says for this next year of 2003 that the Word of the Lord found in Isaiah 60:1-22 will begin to be implemented not just in Kenya, but also in other nations of the world! This is a move of My Spirit to bring the glory upon My leaders and upon My people that they can shine now! And the wealth and forces of the ‘Gentiles’ will come to thee! And the services and work of the ‘Gentiles’ will come to produce for thee! And even the favour of kings and leaders will come to bow down to this light that is upon you! For it is even I, saith the Lord! Surely it does not come from the one who carries it, but from the one, who gave it, and that is Me, saith the Lord!

You will experience a new day of revelation in the midst of My people not to stay with or put up with things of the past. You’ll no longer be able to just leave things the way they are. Some have said, “Don’t turn over the stone because you don’t know what is under there! We don’t want to touch anything messy! We don’t want to open up any ‘can’ of worms because it’s going to smell bad. We don’t want all of these problems. We don’t want people to get upset! Just leave everything alone, and just leave it the way it is. We don’t want all this change. We don’t want to stir up any controversy. We just want to leave things alone. Don’t rock the boat. Just keep things simple and the way they are!”

Heaven says back to this, “Nonsense!” The Lord says that He is going to impart a ‘holy hatred’ toward this kind of ‘spirit’ in His servants and leaders in the days to come! Well, Glory to God! This ‘impartation’ will even get into many of those that I am putting into government offices, says the Lord. God is going to overturn and uproot things, and to tear things down. (Jeremiah 1:10) He is going to get into the business of all realms of society. And great, great change is coming upon you, O Kenya! Heaven will ‘bend down’ and ‘kiss’ the nation because of the righteousness and for the price that has been paid by others that have pioneered before you who said; “We must see this land cleansed and exalted by God! We must see our own people come forth into a position of prominence and power, and ruler ship and authority under the Hand of God!

*Almighty God Himself has given it to us to walk out! So we must claim it, take it, and walk it out!” God says He is going to show the hearts of men to the masses whether they are good or bad-‘kingdom-advancing’ hearts or ‘self-promoting’ hearts; oppressive and corruptive-or-promoting of others by the heart of God. God is going to bring about a movement for the ‘advancement of the people.’ He’s also bringing about a movement for ‘unity in the kingdom,’ so we can all go and infiltrate the world’s order. There is going to be an exposing of hearts. He’s going to turn up the flame of discernment in the hearts of the people to know the good and the bad of things and of people. A mighty and sovereign ‘awakening’ will come into the spirits of those who are praying and walking with Me. They’ll have eyes to see! They can’t be fooled. They know Me. They can see through the facades and the false humility in the agendas of men and the evil one. A greater breath of the Holy Ghost will blow across the land to make known even prophetically what is on God’s heart and in the mind of Christ for the future days. Kenya will be exalted! As God’s prophet sitting here in London delivering this word, I am absolutely amazed at what I am seeing for this nation of Kenya. She’ll be lifted up! I am seeing a vision here of very large hands coming down into, and then going under the soil and literary lifting the nation up onto a high plateau and putting her upon a great a pedestal. God says I am doing this! 2003 will be an awesome year for you.

However, there will be conflict and adversity over the installation of this ‘new order.’ You just can’t break an ‘old order’ and institute a ‘new one’ without conflict. That’s just part of the process. After the dislocation, the relocation can come. The resetting of the bone must happen after it is broken. I will cause a healing to come sovereignly upon the men that I have chosen. Mr. Kibaki, the Living God addresses you this day, and says that He will heal your body. Sir, your body will begin to be healed totally. Things that you didn’t think you’d be able to do quickly you’ll be able to do! The pain will begin to leave you! God says this too is a sign of a ‘dislocation’ coming before ‘relocation.’ I am going to expose the evil that has been operating behind the scenes. It will even spill out into the public, and be seen in the media headlines, says the sovereign Lord.

For surely I am going to do this for My own glory and for My own purpose. I am not afraid of anything or anyone. I am not slack to want to expose evil and wrongdoing. And I will do it! And those who to try to cover it up will be ashamed as well! But My remnant that is walking in My purposes will never be ashamed. Never! And for your shame you will have double! (Isaiah 61:7) “You’ll have double for your trouble!” Like Job of old who went through his great trials, and afterward was exalted to a place of “double honour,” so shall you be My precious ones! (Job 42:10) The Word said that God wants those who rule well to have double honour. (1 Timothy 5:17) My God, I keep seeing business. The Lord says; “Business, business, business…International trading and international agricultural production will come out from the land in an increased manor. An upswing is coming on every scale. Kenya will be known as a ‘trendsetter’ on the African continent for business in the future!

The nation has been blessed and made great in many ways in previous days. But, the Lord says there will now come forth out of her a ‘shooting branch’ that will seem to come from nowhere. It will shoot forth as a wide stem, with wide branches, and will bear much, much fruit. The Lord says you’ll see it and you’ll know it. You’ll hear about it. It’ll be in the news headlines. It’ll be broadcast all over the world! You’ll be talked about. You’ll even be the envy of other nations. They’ll say; “Why Kenya? What is it about Kenya?” The Lord says My favour is coming upon you, O Kenya, for you’ve found favour in My sight!

God says; “Know this, My people that the price has been paid by many that have gone ahead of you. I am no respecter of persons, but I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me. Your ‘harvest time’ has come because many have sown in tears, but now it is time for you to reap in joy! Many in the last generation have sown in despair, agony and pain. But now, God says, your next generation shall arise in My light and in My glory! Though gross darkness now covers the earth, God says, My light will be seen upon thee! Its harvest time for you; O great land! So arise and shine for thy light has come! And My glory has now risen upon thee, says the Spirit of Almighty God!

May He bless you ever so richly in the days to come,

O Kenya, in Jesus’ Mighty, Matchless, and Holy Name! Amen!


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