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30 New Prophecies For Kenya

30 New Prophecies For Kenya   THE WORD OF THE LORD COMES UNTO ME SAYING UNTO THE NATION OF KENYA: 30 New Prophecies For Kenya ~ 2007 ~ 2012! Through The Prophetic Ministry of Dr.Thomas Manton IV~ 2007 – Presidential Elections: ‘President Mwai Kibaki- My Hand is upon him to produce continued development and reformation in Kenya over the next five years, says the Lord! Parliament: Changes are coming in your Parliament. Crime and Law Enforcement: I will arrange a great increase in law enforcement in your nation beginning in this next season. Crime will be dealt with severely; and it will decrease greatly and even be eradicated in certain sectors in the coming season! Conflicts, Violence and Unrest: I saw three Visions...

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Prophecy to Kenya

THE WORD OF THE LORD COMES UNTO ME THIS FRIDAY AFTERNOON, DECEMBER 13th, 2002, HERE IN LONDON ENGLAND; SAYING UNTO THE NATION OF KENYA: The Lord tells me, first of all this afternoon, to declare to you that Mr. Mwai Kibaki will be elected as the next President of Kenya. This will take place in a unanimous ‘upset’ victory regardless of any ‘powers that be.’ The Lord says that He has chosen and appointed him to institute a ‘new level’ of things in the nation of Kenya. There is going to be a new reformation through the arena of the government on a massive scale. The Lord says that in agriculture, farming, and through new economic development, there will be...

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Prophetic Empowerment to Kenya

PART 1…….BY Dr. THOMAS MANTON Lord thank for what you are doing right now, we give you praise that this is the day when your kingdom is going to be advanced. I keep seeing the property we can build, houses to build and even things to own as you spoke before. People that are connected with this anointing are going to be blessed; they will go forward in business taking new expansions in new territories, in business and market places. For the land they will own, new houses they will build, new vehicles, new ways of movement and expansion, and new offices, I declare it right now. This is the day of the entrepreneur, the government and the people who...

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