Our Vision

Our vision is to reach the unreached; and tell the untold the precious and powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ in our communities, inner cities, states, nations and the world. We are a church of love, acceptance and forgiveness for people of all denominations, races and nationalities.

Our Mission

 “Where there is no vision, the people perish” – Proverbs 29:18

Dr. Thomas Manton IV, along with the partners, members & congregations of Dominion International & our Dominion Revival Centre Churches, has a dream that is born of the Holy Spirit; and a story of obedience to Jesus Christ’s command to preach the Gospel and make disciples around the World. Together, they continuously launch bold and innovative programs to meet the needs of God’s people and to help win the souls of mankind unto salvation in Jesus Christ.


It is absolutely essential that every Christian understand the basic doctrines of Christianity. These principles form a foundation for further building of a ‘quality’ life. Only upon this solid foundation can the Lord build a beautiful, strong house that will stand for His glory against the wiles of the enemy.