Unto South Africa, the Alpha and Omega Says….

O’ South Africa! The Lord says unto you, I am targeting your Nation to become a habitation for Me!  I am planting in your land many ‘plantations’ for Myself and making your land My habitation! The land will be My place of excellence and My place of beauty, says the Lord! I will take back what the enemy has stolen! I am now bringing forth a ‘fresh move’ of My Spirit in the cities of Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Pretoria! I am moving in those four ‘mega-cities’ to bring reformation and a new apostolic order. My apostles will rise up now and initiate, orchestrate and administrate My ‘new order!’

I am sending My servants forth into the cities to destroy the works of the enemy in the racial ‘divisions’ of strife and violence that have prevailed there for so long. Now, the devil’s powers will be overturned!

God says I will also bless your ‘economy’ in South Africa.  People that have been in slavery and bondage for years will now begin to arise and be blessed! New solutions to old problems will come forth now. And God says, that even as the economy rises, and new economic ideas begin to rise to the ‘surface’ of men’s thinking, that the spirit of entrepreneurship will begin to manifest in and through those who were oppressed by the oppressors.  Oppressors have taken your spoils, and now it’s time to get them back! Your vast resources have been ‘locked’ by families and companies for generations. But the Lord says, I will begin to divide up the wealth now, and I will even chase some out from the country, says the Lord!

I will begin to re-diversify your natural resource industries, and you will begin to see a ‘crumbling’ of some of the big names that have held your wealth in the palms of their hand for a long time!
In the diamond mines, gold mines and other natural resource industries, you will see a ‘breaking up’ and a ‘scattering’ of many. I will smite the organizations of some that have held the resources of your nation in their own pockets.

God is causing a‘re-distribution’ of the wealth in that nation and you are going to see ‘economic revival’ in Johannesburg! I am decreeing things ‘fresh and new’ concerning you!  You are going to see My Hand moving for you, says the Lord!  You are going to both see and experience My vision, My provision and My revision. You are going to see the ‘uprising’ of My heart and my zeal as it begins to bring revival to your land, and a fierce outpouring of My ‘violent, roaring nature’ as people begin to go forth in My power and ‘tear down’ what the enemy has ‘put up!’

I see people walking through the streets going to church with an absolute tenacity and hatred for the evil one, Satan and his workers. It will be true spiritual and anointed hatred and anger against what ‘evil’ has done in your land!  When they see a devil, they will run to cast it out! When they feel an attack or see oppression, they will cry aloud and spare not, and they will blow the trumpet in Zion and raise their voices against the things that the enemy has done throughout the land!

A new reformation is coming! I am bringing to birth a new order, and a new outpouring and visitation! And this visitation will become My habitation in your nation!  It will be My habitation, and My place of plantation, where I will plant and build many new things in the lives of My men and women and they will grow unto great stature in My Kingdom, says the Lord!

I am causing a ‘vacuum effect’ to happen in the hearts of many that I have even used before. I will pull out the ‘air’ out of the ‘lungs’ of many leaders that I have used greatly in the past and make their past victories and success seem like nothing to them.  They will say like Paul said, ‘I count all things as dung to gain him!’

The Apostle Paul cried out to the Lord after thirty years of ‘moving’ in the power of the Gospel, that he still needed to know Him more! He cried out in his prayer; ‘Lord, let me know You in the power of Your resurrection, and in the fellowship of Your sufferings! I need to have more of You! There is nothing I’ve done to glory in or to boast in. The only important thing is getting to know You in higher levels and dimensions! I’ve known you and heard your voice for years, even for decades, and moved in the orders that You have given me! Yet I realize and know that there are higher dimensions to move up into in You! There is ‘another day’ that I haven’t experienced yet! Take me there, please, Lord God Almighty! A new ‘cry of desperation’ for the Living God is going to resound through My voices in the land!

Lord, You are now bringing Your Church and Your leaders to their knees again!  There is a crossover now back into the ‘Spirit’ dimension for many that have experienced tiredness and have been ‘plagued’ with ‘spiritual laziness.’ God will enter this ‘void’ and ‘gap,’ and fill the hearts of men and women that are feeling that thirst and hunger. A new ‘baptism’ of the Holy Ghost and His Fire will sweep through the land again! Lord, you are moving in the midst of Your leaders and letting even their past successes seem even un-important to them. They will be looking for and yearning for You, Lord!  This ‘experience’ will cause a new ‘outbreak’ of the ‘supernatural’ all through South Africa in signs, wonders and creative miracles! The ‘New Order’ will be raised up quickly, and the ‘supernatural’ will become almost a common thing, a normal thing, and a natural thing to many.
Many new ‘sons and daughters’ will be raised up in this ‘new generation of fire’ and they will walk with Jehovah!  Religious devils in the Church will be so intimidated by this ‘Fire’ that they will just have to run out of the ‘houses!’ I am raising up a ‘radical generation’ of warriors now in your land, and they will absolutely terrorize the ‘evil one, says the Lord thy God!’

I thank you, Lord, that there is yet even another turning in the government of South Africa. There are going to be many changes in the politically elected officials in your nation. There are other elections coming up.  I don’t know the exact time-frame on this, but the Lord says “I am going to turn over again the ruling party, and you are going to see reformation and changes and the ‘new appointments’ of new voices and new vessels in the government. I am taking out what was the recent old regime I will begin to squash that whole thing and institute My own order. Even in the new regime, some things have become ‘stale’ and some things have even grown ‘rotten.’ I will remove the vile from the precious now, says the Lord! I will cause another overturning, and a new institution and appointment of new vessels and new appointees. I will put the new appointed ones into place for My glory. Many of them will know Me, many of them will be used of Me, even praying and prophesying in the halls of the Parliament, and in the government buildings.

I am literally coming in a storm to take the entire nation back for Myself, says the Spirit of the Living God!  The wealth of cities, the wealth of the nation, and the wealth of “old money” families will be spilled out and turned loose out into the hands of the people.  I had the ‘preacher’ write in the book of Ecclesiastes 2: 24 – 26 that; “Wealth will be given to the one that is good before Me! To the sinner I will give travail, and the assignment of gathering and collecting and heaping up wealth, that he may give it to the one who is good before God!” I said through Solomon that “Wealth is the gift of God, and the glory of a thing is to be able to use it and enjoy it!” “Wealth is the gift of God!  Receive it!

The Lord says; “I am doing this in the midst of this nation and the poor will be promoted to see a new ‘lower-middle class’ being developed. The Lord will cause new ‘business-people’ to begin to emerge. Progressive people will arise now in the marketplaces! The Lord will raise up even those that had nothing when they started. Many have struggled in the past, but I am reminded of the Scripture that declares; “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning! The struggle is over! It’s time to get blessed! Hallelujah! I feel the ‘preach’ on me here! Glory be to God forever!

The Lord says; “The wind is coming behind their sails to push them out there and they will sail and they will ‘soar’ and get blessed with more! There is a ‘new economic class’ being formed in South Africa that was not there before. There has been the ‘class’ of the very rich and the ‘class’ of the very poor.  But now, for those in between, I see the arising of a new emerging ‘lower-level’ of the middle class that will begin to emerge and rise higher and higher on the scale over time. Many will not be destitute anymore or dependent on others. God will begin to create new things and new opportunities and give fresh ideas for business, commerce, and wealth-building!

A lot of these things will be a supernatural revelation to the Christian community and amongst the saints. God says that many will go into business and to create wealth.  Many will produce new things, and be diligent and not slack-handed.

There will be an ‘outpouring’ of an ‘economic revival’ in South Africa!  God says I will put in place who I want!  And again I say, says the Lord of Hosts, I am raising up My Apostles!  I am instituting My government in the four major cities and even beyond in the other parts of the country. You will taste and see the ‘fruit’ of your labors. And I am releasing a ‘warring’ and ‘aggressive’ and ‘spiritually-violent’ anointing for increase unto those who want it and walk worthy of it, says the Lord!

I see the media becoming free!  I see where there has been some freedom. I see a little advancement, and then I see other forces behind the scenes trying to bring restrictions.  I see them saying; ‘No, we don’t want all of that on the air.  We don’t want those programs going forth to liberate the people. We don’t want those ministries on the air.

I have never been to South Africa, so I can’t know about all of this. I have no ‘natural’ knowledge of anything I am saying here.  But, I just keep hearing the Lord saying as a ‘Prophetic Decree’ over South Africa, that there is coming a ‘loosing of restrictions’ that have been in the media in Television, and in Satellite, and in Radio, and in the Internet Service Providers!  Be loosed now, in Jesus’ Name!  My God, I feel the anointing here!  Let’s all say that together right now; ‘Media, be loosed now, in Jesus’ Name!  There it is, my friend! New and more lines will open up now, more cable will be run now, more satellite will be connected, more television will be airing, and more radio will ALL be carrying the Gospel! *Hallelujah to the King of Kings!

Certain voices that never could get ‘on the air’ before are about to get on! And God says; “No matter how expensive they try to make it, if I have called you to be one whose voice should go out over the air waves, then you will be ‘on!’  God says’ “Just trust me!  Just watch Me raise you up and provide for My own Work and put your voice out there! There are voices that I have prepared, that are ready to speak My Words to the nation and to all of the people.  These ‘voices’ are My ‘liberators’ and My ‘deliverers’ that have not yet been heard by the masses. God says; “You are about to see the ‘dawning of a new day’ and a release of the ‘new voices’ and an ‘Outpouring’ of My Spirit over the air waves in the nation of South Africa greater than ever before, says the Lord!

God says; “I am giving ‘new revelation’ and I am sending forth a ‘new sound.’  I am raising up a new company and a new breed. And they will be fierce, strong, bold, and radical!  Some will fight this. The ‘religious devils’ will fight it. Some will persecute it, and rise up against this thing that I am doing. But God says; “Truly I am in your midst, and I am opening up doors to you that no man can shut!  I will not be stopped!  I will not be put down!  I will go forth, says the Lord!  You will see My power and demonstration in this hour!

O’ South Africa, arise now, for your ‘new day’ has come!  The dawning of a new day is knocking at your door! Will you open up to Me, says the Lord?  As you do, I will come in and create My habitation in your land!

I will be with you, My precious people, in these days in ways you have never seen before!  It is your time of Breakthrough, South Africa, greater than ever before, says the Lord God Almighty!


”Violence in the Streets!  From whence art thou fallen, O’ great city?  Surely, I the Lord shall step in now and defend the innocent! For much prayer has come up before Me regarding the things appearing in this day, says the Lord. Surely I will now repay the wicked according to their folly.  There shall be meetings and councils called together to try to stop the violence. But only in My Word, will be found the answer. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

My chosen vessels must stand in the gap now, and then changes will begin to come!  A great ‘spiritual awakening’ is just ahead of you, O great city!  The Lord calls you great, Johannesburg!

Surely there is coming a move of My Hand across the land.  As I admonished many in My Word, it is time to seek My Face!  No longer seek only My provision! For surely, I the Lord will manifest Myself to you if you seek Me out!  I want to cause the ‘Light of My countenance’ to shine over your land greater than ever before!  I will, if you give yourself to Me, and not only in South Africa will My glory be seen, but yea, I will move all across the entire continent of Africa, says the Lord!

Freedom and release from the prisons will not come by the hand of man but it will come by the hand of the Lord.  Seek My favor and My heart in these matters, for when you gain one’s mind, you also gain what is in their hand!  I am ready and standing in the doorway to deliver!  Come to Me and knock now and the doors shall be opened to you! Seek and you shall find!  Ask and it shall be given to you, says the Lord thy God!

The former and the latter rain will now come together!  I will ‘pour it out’ in South Africa!  And I will break and even destroy the traditions of men that have tried to make My Word of ‘none-effect.’  Some of My ‘choice-servants’ will rise to much higher levels in this day.  I will bring them into prominence, so long as they do not forget Me in the process! And I will bestow great wealth on some, so they can lead many into their ‘wealthy place!’  Many will begin to prosper now, in greater ways and measures than ever before, says the Lord thy God!  I am releasing My Truth all across the land, that it is My Will to prosper My people in every area of their lives, says the Lord! He, who has an ear to hear, listen to Me, says the Spirit of the Lord!

I am bringing great change to My Church, says the Lord!  I am bringing the ‘Gospel of Liberation to you!  And surely where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!

I want to erect new houses of worship throughout the land, says the Lord.  You, who are bold in me, ‘call forth’ the wealth into My Work from every facet of society! Pull it in so you can build what I am commanding!

In this next day, the world will see a true representation of Christianity, unlike anything they have ever seen before!  There will arise new ‘mega-churches’ with ‘mega-buildings!’  Yea, even the stadiums themselves will not be able to hold the harvest of souls I will bring into My Kingdom in this next day!

I utter to you this day, not a suggestion, but a command!  You must go to the next level and the next dimension!  Leave the ‘dissenters’ behind! Leave the doubters behind! Leave the old ‘religious’ people behind!  Leave the ‘old order’ behind, says the Lord!  For much of it was not built on My Counsel anyway, says the Lord! Much of it was built on the counsel of men.  It is time now for the new breed to be released and to come forth!  Do not be so quick right now to shout and say; ‘I am part of this ‘new order.’ For surely, says the Lord, your ‘membership’ in this thing will not be allowed to be just ‘verbal or emotional,’ but it must be ‘action-oriented!’  You can now no longer be a part of the ‘problem’ if you are going to be a part of the solution, says the Lord!

I now grant ‘great empowerment’ to My Church, to those who will cooperate with Me and My Laws and My Word. The ‘Counsel’ from Heaven that has already been spoken and written, shall come alive within My Churches throughout the land with great unction and great revelation!  Again, I say, he who has an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the Churches!  My favor and My Truth will make you free!  (3 John 2, Deuteronomy. 8:18, Isaiah 45:2, 3; Isaiah 48:17; Psalms 35:27)

Seek Me early, My people, and you will find Me!  Call upon Me while I am near and I will answer thee!  (Jeremiah 33: 3, 6)  Prosperity will come to you as you seek Me! Chronicles…As long as I sought the Lord, He made me to prosper!

The wickedness of this city has come up as an ‘offense’ before Me!  And for whose wickedness, I have withheld My Face from this city! But now, says the True and the Living God, ‘health and cure’ is coming, and a great spiritual awakening is at hand!  The time is now!  Move into it, My Servants and My People, and take back the land for Me!  Arise and shine now, for thy Light has come, and the Glory of the Lord has risen upon thee!  The Light and the Glory is Me, says the Lord!  I am the Light!  And the world will come to the ‘Light!’

Revival shall surely come, but not only in the way you think, says the Lord. Reformation shall come!  My move and the expansion of My Kingdom will touch everyone in your land, from the least to the greatest.  I will invade every man’s world now, says the Lord, and no one will be able to hide from Me, or stand in the Day of My Coming!  The first shall be last, and the last shall be first in the days to come, so prepare yourself for the ‘crossover’ into the ‘promised land!’

He that has an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying unto the Churches!  Great changes are at hand, My precious ones!

*Know that I am the God who answers by fire, says the Spirit of Almighty God!