PART 1: Ultimate Successful Living: The 3T’s, Truth, Time, Talent

Read 2 Peter chapter 1 (verse 10: make your calling and your election sure, for if you do this, you will never fall)

There is no single person that does not want to lead a successful life. Regardless of one’s age, where they come from or where they are in life at present, the one thing all these people share is the desire to have success.

While success may be variably equated by the amount of wealth or achievements we have in terms of having a good loving family or fame and power, ultimate success is found when one has discovered the perfect will of God for their life: what God has called or assigned you to accomplish while on earth. A great thinker once said that the two most important days in one’s life are, the day they are born and the day they discover why they were born.

There is nothing as fulfilling and time saving as being able to discover why we were born. This truth exhilarates a passion and a desire for life alongside the zeal to accomplish that which God created us for. This truth allows us to develop the urgency to do whatever it is; we need to get the assignment done. Ultimately every hour, minute and second becomes valuable as we are always running short of time while there is so much to be done.

God does not call people into doing something because they are perfect, it’s because they are fit for the task and the season of the task. Worrying or doubting your calling is therefore disastrous; perfection at your call or talent lies in the diligence and dedication you give to it.

Additionally God’s anointing to perfect in practice, skill and ultimately accomplishment of the assignment will be upon you, rightfully and faithfully advancing his kingdom through it.

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I pray today that God’s revelation of your assignment be released to you, that you will grow and ultimately strive to advance His kingdom through it in every possible way.

You who have discovered your assignment, may God equip you with wisdom, diligence and the tenacity to work out your assignment to completion.