The Word of the Lord Comes Unto Me Saying Unto the World

There are 1000 ministries that will be pushed forth into Major Minister Status! The New Faces are coming on the Scene!

Will now experience My hand sweeping over them, says the Lord. And the Gospel will be preached in that nation and several other nations in the Middle East. It is My time for it now, says the Lord! Pray much, My people, for the battle is now, and the ‘spoils’ of war will be great for My Kingdom, says the Lord! And know this…There will be consequences from this war. It’s not over! The enemy’s forces want to retaliate in a big way, says the Lord. We must pray like never before to restrain and stop them!

In 2000, God spoke to me about a possible assassination coming of the President of France…to tell the people to pray…apparently they did-because the assassination was attempted, but not successful.

The true office of the Prophet carries powerful authority from God. Elijah said it would not rain. Then, it did not rain anymore for three years. Joshua stopped the sun by his word so they could finish and win the battle. The prophets can change the weather patterns! Elijah did! So can we!

1) Hurricane Floyd ~ 500 miles around! 155 MPH winds~ F5 Hurricane! It would have destroyed the East Coast of Florida! I WENT OUT ON MY BALCONY IN Orlando. THE LORD SAID: Tell it to stop and turn north! Within the next hour, it stopped and turned north! The Weather Channel confirmed that!

2) Dallas Ft. Worth Tornado ~ God said, “Tell it to lift!” I did & it did instantly as the Lord said! Right in front of our eyes! It was going straight toward DFW Airport. But, we stopped it!

9/11 NYC:
(The Big One) that God told me about in 1997! Interestingly, He never told me to pray about it or against it, or to warn the Church…but only to tell the world and decree that this would happen! And it did happen, sadly, exactly as God told me and showed me in explicit detail.

‘This is surely a Season of Terrorism in the Earth, so you will need to follow your intuition on where to be and where not to be, and where to go and where not to go, at all times, says the Lord. This is not to alarm you, but to help and protect you, says the Lord.

For surely, many Cities will come under attack in this next season, says the Lord. It is inevitable that these things will happen. The enemy has gotten a stronghold on wicked men’s minds and wills, and they will try to carry out the enemy’s plans. So pray about your footsteps and your movements in these days and I will lead you correctly in the right paths for My Name’s sake, says the Lord.

It’s time now for My Church to rise up now like never before, and fight and war in the spirit realm. For it is now a season of war in the Earth! But in the midst of the battles there will be great spoils-not only in souls, but also in gold. For the great transfer of wealth is just ahead of you, My Church.

As I judge the wicked and the institutions of this world’s systems, and their hierarchies and their governments, I will cause them to ‘cough up’ the coffers of wealth that reside within their habitations, says the Lord. These will be the most glorious days for the Church, says the Living God.

You are now coming into 7 years of Plenty and 7 years of Prosperity now, says the Lord. From this year of 2003 unto 2010, you will experience My sovereignty in blessings coming unto you like never before. And in 2008, I will send forth a new move of My supernatural power that will sweep across the Earth with Divine Manifestations, Creative Miracles, and Signs and Wonders greater than you’ve seen previously in this Generation, says the Spirit of the Lord! A ‘Militant’ and ‘Authoritive’ Church will arise! I will use many of My chosen ministry vessels, but I will also use My Church as a whole, says the Spirit of the Lord.

This will also be the day of the release of the next generation of My Youth into full- time ministry service, says the Lord. And they will do big things for me in big ways, says the Lord.

This will also be the season of ‘full release’ into many new nations, the fresh institution of My ‘Government’ through My ‘militant’ Apostles and Prophets and they will no longer be questioned about who they are and what they are about. For all will see and witness the exploits that I’ll do through them!

Those with Churches that remained and maintained under a thousand (1000) will soon explode into ‘Mega-Impact’ status and influence. And I will burst the seams of their churches to grow to over five (5) & ten (10) thousand, not only in membership ~ but in attendance, says the Lord.

Massive public crusades will be arranged in many Cities and newcomers will come by the thousands and be touched and converted by Me, says the Lord.

China and the Far East:
And before this, says the Lord, I am going to move in China and the Far East in great ways. For I am now opening the Heavens over the Far East in New Ways, and you will see the new open doors fly open to My Gospel as never, ever before, says the Lord thy God!

In 1998, I began something new as a ‘seed’ in many of the Asian nations. But now, five (5) years later, I am beginning a new cycle and a new breakthrough in those nations. And it will explode forth now, and you will see changes in part almost immediately. But, you will see changes in drastic measures over the next five (5) years, says the Spirit of the Lord.

I am setting the clock on America for a massive explosion of revival to hit and scour the land in 2005, says the Lord! And how hard you prepare over the next year plus, will determine how strongly you can receive it and retain this Visitation when it comes.

Miracle Evangelism in the Marketplaces:
I will have you to prepare and train up the troops now, says the Lord, for I will release the ground forces to go out into the streets in a ‘New wave’ of Miracle Evangelism! And miracles will take place on your streets and in your market places, says the Lord thy God. I will have My people go out and win the lost at any cost, and pray and demonstrate My power throughout your cities and towns. The Harvest truly is ripe and ready, and you must go forth now in My Name and Authority, and in My Power and Boldness, says the Lord. And even the ones that you thought would be too timid and shy will go forth in My Name, and signs, wonders, and miracles will be manifested where the Lost and Needy people are, says the Lord.

New Wealth:
New Wealth is going to spring forth in the marketplaces for you, My precious ones, and I will have many new entrepreneurs arise ad become rich for my Gospel’s sake, says the Lord. Many Gospel Financiers will manifest now for the Divine Purposes of supporting My chosen Servants, and funding My chosen works in this next day, for I am preparing this even now, says the Lord God Almighty!

‘The Days of Unity and the Days of the Splits’:
The days ahead in this next season will also be known as ‘the days of unity,’ and also as the ‘days of the splits.’ For I will move to unify men and women of God, and I will bring them together. But know this, My people, that even at the same time, the enemy will move behind Me to bring division, says the Lord.

‘Day of the Second Chance’:
This will also be called the ‘day of the second chance’ for many who have ‘erred’ previously in their ways. They’ll be forgiven and re-charged by Me to launch greater into active service again. But only after I have truly gotten a hold of their heart, says the Lord. This will be a day of Unity and Repentance, and Reconciliation and Joy. I will break the hardened hearts of many to see the error of their arrogance and wrong attitudes, and exclusivity, which ‘blinded’ their eyes from seeing the ‘true value’ that I have invested in all of My people, says the Lord. For I have put treasure in My earthen vessels, says the Lord.

Men that have surmised other men, and been suspicious of vessels that I am raising up will be dealt with severely now, says the Lord. For I want My wells to be pure, and not polluted.

Remember, as I’ve just said, that several men who have done wrong, or who were in the ‘learning process’ of experience, I will release and push forward into greater levels of glory. This shall be a day of unity in My Body. But mark those who cause division among you, and have no fellowship with them. The enemy will plot many splits and potential undermining of My Houses. But he will not be able to do it amongst men who are truly loving, and truly walking with Me, says the Lord.

I asked the Lord; “Anything, else, Lord?” He said back to me; “John 12 will come to pass in your life, Son”.

Houma, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Monroe, Louisiana:
There will be revival in Houma. I will send in one of My Evangelists. He will start it going, and it will break loose and miracles of healing will bring many people into this move, says the Lord.

Amsterdam, Holland:
The aids virus is rampant in that city. If it were to be known on what scale, fear would grip the society. The powers that be don’t want it to be known. I saw the finger of god coming down and squashing the filthy, perverse spirit there in the next season of time.

Supernatural visitations of revival in Cologne, Frankfurt, & Berlin…

Dark forces behind the government and the occultic ‘orders’ operating ‘behind the scenes’ will both be exposed and restrained.

Reformation is coming in the church. New apostles will step forth to the forefront.

Visitation, revival, and breakthrough!

Switzerland: A new breakthrough move of unity amongst church leaders & a breaking of old religious traditions.

Minneapolis, Minnesota ~ U.S.A.:
In Minneapolis there will be a visitation of God and a supernatural ongoing revival in the western part of the city

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