The 5 Greatest Pleasures in Life

The 5 Greatest-Pleasures In Life

  1. Knowing God Intimately. By this, you can unlock the secrets and treasures of the manifestations of God’s presence, power, authority, and protection. You also must crave, receive and experience God’s wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment; along with His great, supernatural-favor! (Psalm 23; Psalm 91)
  2. Operating Fully And Effectively In Your God-Given Assignment. You must know what to do with your life. Time is valuable; and the clock is ticking. You can only truly succeed when you devote your life and all of your energy, time and resources to the very thing that God has ordained you to do. What are you good at? What are you not good at? What interests you? What does not interest you? What do you enjoy doing? What do you not enjoy doing? These are all questions you must ask yourself often, starting very seriously with all you are doing with your life, time and energy now.
  3. Becoming Wealthy And Healthy. You will excel in these, by being productive in the vocation and calling God has given to you. Wealth and health will afford to you the opportunity to exercise every best available-option to live the best possible life, here on earth. We need to have everything we need and want; and succeed in all the things we need and want to do. (3 John 2; Isaiah 48:17; Psalm 66:12)
  4. Having The Best-Relationships. You must receive this, and enjoy the many benefits that having the greatest-relationships gives and provides. We also derive even more-pleasure, by giving, and by pleasuring others, by sharing the blessings in our life that God has graced us with. God wants to give us His best, for our-relationships, both in work, and in play. We, in turn, can praise Him even more for all of these! He will make available to us, His special gifts for us. We will love, enjoy and cherish the great people God connects us with, and enjoy the great relationships and events as a result!
  5. Having God’s Security And Protection. In addition to the other previously listed Blessings, we need God’s security and protection. It is vital for our well-being in this life. It is not enough to have great things; we also need them to be protected from all evil, and all evildoers. The devil and his evil-friends are infidels and idiots. Always remember that! They are not rational. They are evil, and they work in irrational and greedy ways. But they can never, ever have their way with us, because God is on our side! The Blessings of security and protection are also offsprings of God’s Word, Wisdom and Wealth. Let a ‘dividing-line’ be drawn between the righteous and the wicked. Notice I did not say the sinner and the saint. I have painfully discovered that not everyone that tries to name the Name of Christ is real! God’s Wisdom and Discernment, learnedness and maturity that He develops in you will bring you into the depths of His security and protection. Take your past wounds as learning and development experiences, and use them as stepping-stones! You will know what to do and how to operate next time. Be a learner. Explore in your mind, and with wise counsel, how to ultimately-protect everything that you are, and everything that you have. There is evil in this world. And there are many crooks, liars and cheaters around, especially in certain cultures and environments. You know what I mean. Take every precaution you can when embarking on any great mission or endeavor. You are wiser now after your many life experiences, aren’t you? There are many practical-procedures in doing this naturally, which we can get into later… therefore, first, find your place of obedience to His Will. It will bless you and protect you.