Prophetic Word to England and the British Government

Prophetic Word for Leaders: The Lord had me open His Word in Zechariah 3:1-12. This entire chapter is very applicable to the Church and its Leadership today. Verse 9 declares ‘Iniquity can only be removed from any land if God’s Leaders get themselves cleansed and holy! Then and only then can this ‘cleansing’ and breakthrough happen!’ If the leaders get ‘right’ with God, it will happen!

Prophetic Words for the Nation of Great Britain:………*The Lord visited me first concerning my ‘Heavenly Assignment’ to England in November 1999 in Orlando, Florida and said:

1) ‘Son, I am sending you to London, England next year to prophesy of My Coming Visitation in that city and throughout the U.K.

2) Then, He said; ‘The greatest spiritual Breakthrough in the history of Great Britain is about to happen in this next season!

3) Billboards began to depict ‘biblical sayings’ even though twisted to sell their products. The Lord said that this will be one of the ‘Signs of the beginning of this Visitation and New Season’ when He will begin this New Visitation.

4) He said there would be references made to God and the Bible in colloquial speech, in advertising and in the world’s media. This has already happened.

5) Back in 1991, in a conference in New York City, the Lord had me prophesy a very strong word of Judgment over the House of Windsor and the Royal Family. From then onward, all sorts of scandals and tragedies began to unfold one by one, and are continuing to this day. (They are too many a detail to list here…the whole world knows about them all.)

* September 14th, 2002 ~ *5 VISIONS* as I was preaching in London:

1) The Lord showed me in a Vision as I was ministering in Camber-well in London ‘Earthquakes shaking England.’ *Well, to everyone’s astonishment, this came to pass eight days later on Sept 22nd, 2002. Earthquakes shook Middle England from Birmingham to Liverpool. Some days later, another wave of Earthquakes shook Manchester. The Lord said this will be a sign of the Earth quaking for the manifestation of the sons of God, as the Scripture declares.

2) U.K. High Government Leaders’ Scandals: The Lord said through me that night “Scandals will come out from the top of the British Government and hit the World’s Media. (*A few weeks later, the John Major Scandal hit the world’s Headlines regarding his personal indiscretions; and more and more scandals regarding great sexual perversions, etc…have been coming out in the Media one after another until this day.)

3) The ‘Wall Game’ Hackers: I saw a Vision of Symbols being painted on buildings and streets across London. This was ‘puzzling,’ to say the least, as no reference for this kind of thing had been seen by us before. Within a couple of weeks or so, this hit the Headlines in the British Newspapers.

4) I saw a Vision of a ‘Cage over England’ in the spirit realm. I saw demons arrayed along the gates and corners and height of this ‘cage.’ I saw multitudes of people under this ‘cage,’ They didn’t even seem to know that they were ‘trapped’ and being held ‘captive’ spiritually. Then, in a flash of Light with amazing force, I saw Angels come all around this ‘cage’ and begin to cut it apart with ‘blowtorches.’ The ‘cage’ then fell flat to the floor! And then suddenly, with the ‘cage’ down on the ground, the masses of people began to see and acknowledge that they were being released and set free. Many of their eyes and faces began to light up, and they began to run and scatter and move out from under the ‘cage.’ Almighty God is setting the people free. They will be loosed in these days! The ‘masses’ will go free! *Hallelujah!

5) The Saul vs. David ‘Saga’ continues: The enemy of a new order is an old order. However, the ‘old’ religious order will be broken and surpassed by God’s ‘new’ order! The new ‘David’s’ shall arise!

I had a Vision while I was down in Margate in Kent by the seashore. I saw a ‘demon prince’ out in the English Channel south of Margate in Kent & out in the North Sea. This was a Big, mean ugly spirit spewing out blasphemies about how he is ruling Southern England. You’re a Liar, I said! Then, immediately I saw a flash of light come from the Heavens, and I saw two huge Angels come up behind this devil, and one angel hit it in the back with a long ‘steel’ rod and broke his back! Then, with utter shock on his big, ugly face he crumpled and fell down into the water with a big splash! *Hallelujah to the King of Kings!

Visitations of God will touch down in Brighton, Newcastle, Sussex, Margate, Birmingham, Manchester, and, of course, London!

Islam is on the rise. It must be De-throned by the Church! No other entity on the face of the Earth has the spiritual authority, no one else can do it but the Church who will walk in its Authority! Regarding Islam…Listen, just because Jesus Christ is Lord isn’t enough to stop the spread of the devil’s work!

*His Lordship must be enforced for His Power to work! We should all know that by now! God uses Vessels! We must Enforce His Lordship! *It’s Time to Take Dominion in the land!


We must Bind the Strongman! Then, we spoil ‘their’ house! This Principle works both ways. The door swings both ways. If you bind the devil’s leaders, then you spoil ‘their’ house. –Or- If the devil binds your Leaders, then he spoils ‘your’ house.

*More Prophetic Decrees from the Lord over the British ‘Governments:’

1. The Tax Accounting System in the British Government will come under fire in the days to come, and scandal will come out from this department of the British government, says the Lord.

2. The ‘Congestion Charge’ in Central London will backfire in the end. The Mayor of London will come under fire for having ever done this thing, says the Lord.

3. Queen Elizabeth is going to suffer physical attack in her health. (Perhaps a Stroke or something significant).

4. I also saw Prince Harry having some sort of accident. It will not be life threatening or damaging, but it will be a ‘symbolic sign’ of something significant.

5. God will strip rulers in Islam of their influence by various methods. Some by death, some by scandalous activities being exposed, some by criminal and fraudulent activity coming out into the open. Then, many followers will depart from under them. But you will still have the militants to deal with. Some will be converted. Others will die out. God will see to it. A mass exodus will come out from Islam into Christianity in this next season, says the Lord!