Prophesy to the Nation of Mongolia

Prophetic Words to Mongolia, Tibet, the Northern parts of the Asian Continent, and Singapore.

Changes over China you will see! And many things concerning China will now become very ‘vocal’ and even ‘global’ throughout the world’s media. The ‘attention’ of the world will come to China, and the media will talk about many developments there. This will not be any ‘one-time’ event, but it will be an ongoing breakthrough for the ‘destruction’ of the works of hell over many generations, centuries, and yea, even ‘millennia!’ Freedom and liberation is coming to the masses, the multitudes of people that live in that great nation, says the Lord God Almighty!

I will move even into Mongolia and Tibet and even up into the Northern parts of the Asian Continent, says the Lord. In the northern parts, there will come great deliverance and freedom from demonic powers that have ruled there for a very long time, even for millennia. There are very strong ‘networks’ of demonic principalities in Northern Asia. But there is now coming an ‘unveiling’ of what they are, and what they are doing, and how they got there. I will anoint, appoint, raise up and assign many to go back and uproot their even ‘ancient’ works, says the Lord! Their chains of power and hierarchies in the spirit realm will be chopped down! I have many intercessors already praying on the wall! Many have fasted and prayed, and surely I will now bring these powers and principalities down, says the Lord!

Many have not known that they have been under the spell of the wicked one, and under the strongholds of principalities, powers, rulers of darkness in this world, and wicked spirits in high places. Somehow they did not know that they were being held captive, and why they thought certain ways, and why they did certain things, and why they did not want to do certain things. Certain celebrations and things instituted by their ethnic cultures and traditions in their provinces and regions at times connected, compromised, combined and cooperated even with the ‘evil one.’ But the Lord says; “Surely now I will overturn many of these practices that even entreated devils, and I will give great breakthroughs to the peoples and nations of the North in Asia, says the Spirit of the Lord. People will be liberated all throughout the continent of Asia now greater than ever before, says the Lord your God!

I will move strongly now against the prince and the power of the air that has stood against the vessels of God in Singapore, says the Lord! My servants in that nation will now gain great new strength, and I will release them into new realms of influence and favour, greater than they have ever known!

Surely I will cause a great breakthrough in Singapore! I will even ‘push’ you through that ‘brass- ceiling’ that could not seem to be broken through, says the Lord! Many have been trying to ‘climb’ up to the mountain top, but they could only seem to get to the side of the ledge and look up; yet they could not climb all the way up to that next dimension to the top because they were so greatly opposed by the forces of darkness.

These forces of evil have even kept many in My Church down even financially, and in real estate, and in acquisition of property, and in growth of numbers in the churches to reaching that ‘mega-status’ in growth that I even desired them to attain, says the Lord. But just stand firm now, and keep building, because multitudes will now be coming into My houses, says the Lord your God!

The media will now be broken loose now out from the ‘powers that be’ and My Gospel will go forth twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and three hundred and sixty five days a year through many new channels and networks, says the Lord! Your ‘airwaves’ will now be broken open by Me, says the Lord! O Singapore, your breakthrough has come to you now as never before!

Get ready for My Visitation in your land, for it is coming now as never before! Rejoice, O My precious ones, for your hour of Visitation has come, says the Spirit of the Living God!

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