Prophesy to Switzerland

switzerlandThe Word Of The Lord Comes Unto Me Saying Unto The Nation Of Switzerland:

A “Holy Ghost-Revolution” is coming to Switzerland! New visitations from Heaven will come to you in new ways now in Switzerland, declares the Sovereign Lord! New moves of My Spirit will begin to move across your Nation now to touch many people in many new ways!

My new visitations will begin to move very strongly in the eastern-part of your Nation. A region along the Eastern border will be hit by Me; along with your five major-metropolitan Cities.  Five key-cities in Switzerland will be hit in great ways with the new things I am about to do in your land, says the Lord!

I will cause My Church to begin to rise up now in new and powerful ways to begin to destroy the old-religiosity that has left My people religious, but basically powerless. I will show you now the prevailing orders of religious powers, religious devils and religious orders that re standing so strongly in your nation. But now, I will work with you, My anointed remnant, and I will empower you to rise up against them, and together, we will see them begin to crumble and they will eventually be destroyed!

I will even do something inside the government of Switzerland to thwart these religious forces! They have been binding multitudes from receiving My true salvation and healing and deliverance! I will cause something new to be put into motion coming out from inside your government to stop their control over people. I would desire to even totally stop them from being, says the Lord!

A disbanding is coming to these religious forces! And your government will have their hands in assisting this cause of Mine!

A shift is coming in your land! A great awakening will begin to rise up in your people. A great hunger for the new things I am about to do!

Something new will begin to be planted in the hearts of My anointed sons and daughters beginning in the months of March, April and May of 2009 and beyond. You will begin to hear new things from Me in this next season as you pray and wait upon Me, says the Lord!

I am seeing a vision here of God’s people walking and marching with flags in their hands, sometime during your summer-months. I see them raising their voices aloud with God’s praises. I see a radical army of people rising to carry the Name of the Lord to your streets! I see some citizens in those communities saying:”Do not do that! What is wrong with these people? Are they crazy? Have they lost their minds?”

But I tell you, My people, says the Lord, that the spiritual force of My people will intensify so much that many of My people will grow tired now of only staying inside the four-walls of the Church!

Staying quiet and staying home with your saved brothers and sisters and families does not bring the saving-Gospel out there where the lost multitudes need it! I will begin to stir the hearts of My people now to ask: “What about our nation? What about the high-percentage of our population that are lost and going to hell if they do not get saved?

If My Church does not tell them the good-news, then how can they be saved? How can they hear without a preacher? And how can they receive the Gospel, unless the preacher is sent to them? I spoke to My prophet Ezekiel that he had a responsibility concerning the lost.

In Ezekiel 3:18, I said: “When I say to the wicked, You shall surely die; and you do not give him warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked one shall die in his iniquity; but I will require his blood at your hand.

I said that if you do not warn a man of the results of sin, I will even require his blood at your hand if you did not carry the remedy of My Word to Him. I will now cause conviction to come upon the hearts of My people to move strongly into evangelism, says the Lord.

I will release great breakthroughs in soul-winning even into the top hierarchies of your government, says the Lord. I will touch three particular men in the high-places of your government. Two will want to keep it private, but at least one of them will come out publicly down the road about his faith in and commitment to Christ. He will only hint about his faith first though. When you see this, know that he is one I have touched.

I will begin to infiltrate the government of Switzerland with righteousness! I will now put My people into strategic-positioning for the purpose of infiltrating the top-echelons of the Swiss government arenas with My power and My Spirit, says the Lord!

Your Television airwaves and programming have been oppressed, held back, restricted and restrained from broadcasting My truth. But I will now break your airwaves and broadcasting loose from their oppression, says the Lord!

Your local channels and local stations that said ‘no’ to My Gospel will be turned around! I will open their doors and make them say ‘yes’ to Me! My Word will be spoken and declared over the airwaves into the houses of all the people of Switzerland.

Many do not yet have all the satellite-channels airing in their homes, though the technology and ability is there. So I will cause your local stations to be deregulated from their oppression against Christianity, and My Word will go forth now! The common-man will be able to turn on his television set and hear Me talking through My people!

You must pray now, My people, and declare and prophesy to the powers-that-be that My movements will now overtake all of theirs! Many things do not change in many societies because there is no prophetic-voice for Me crying aloud and sparing not!

You must also now pray, declare and prophesy that only the right and relevant voices get on these new openings in the airwaves! Do not allow those religious-ones get on the airwaves that have no power to change anything in the spirit. These have been on Christian Television programming all over the world for far too long, and nations have not been transformed enough yet!

Some with either weak, or just plain wrong, doctrinal viewpoints have stood around pontificating their messages to the masses that do not mean much at all in the order of transforming one’s life. This is a waste of My time and resources. There are yet others who make it their unholy mission of criticizing anyone who is powerful because they feel threatened by what they do not have or do not yet understand due to their spiritual ignorance.

I see a vision here of a stubborn ‘legalistic-type’ of control coming through these heads of the religious-orders. It appears that they have made their oppression and control into their own elite club, where their leadership dictates to all what happens by their approval, or in what is acceptable or not acceptable based on their terms and policies. This tells me that this is demonic, and that it has become institutionalized in your society.

In the next three years of 2009, 2010 & 2011, I will have begun the weakening and dismantling of these religious-forces. And their ultimate destruction will still yet come at a later time as My spiritual revolution continues to take place!

In the years coming, commencing from the year of 2012, you will begin to see the reverberation of a new reformation that will be powerfully instituted in your land spiritually, and also somewhat naturally.

I will continue touching those of high-esteem and high-estate and those from high-society. They will also have a part in My move in supporting it and spreading it, says the Lord!

Revival and spiritual-revolution and reformation will break forth in your land, O Switzerland! It must start with revival though. If people do not have My life manifested enough in them, they do not possess My power in enough of the big measures necessary to bring forth spiritual-revolution and reformation.

I will pour out My Spirit now in abundance amongst your people. I will baptize you in My fire and Spirit in measures you may not have known before.

I will work to remove fear, intimidation and manipulation placed in your society by the evil-one.

I see a vision here of surveillance going on from your government that studies the activities of what Churches are doing. You would not see this on the surface, but it is going on behind the scenes. I see someone that is planning to report on somebody to cause a problem for a certain man of God that is moving now in God’s power. But this ‘messenger’ does not now know that God will touch him in the process. He will not be able to report, but he will get saved in the process, and turn back the other way!

I will infiltrate all levels of your society with My touch. And revival will genuinely touch so many people. Get ready for this, says the Lord!

I will both begin and do many great and miraculous things in this next year of 2009. It will be the year of great favour in demonstrative measures. Many blessings you will just have to call ‘crazy’ because you will not be able to explain them in natural terms. This is the Year of Favour for your chosen-elect, Lord! *So be it, in Jesus’ mighty Name!

I decree that supernatural financial-abundance and even surplus will come to ministries to fund their visions! I decree that the things that need to be paid for on even high-levels will be supernaturally paid for now!

Many things I want done do not get done because people are either unwilling to produce funds, or just lacking them. Projects that do not get paid for do not get done. Brilliant staffs are needed. Funding is needed for them.

Father God, I thank you that the things that are binding up and withholding your people’s finances are now being destroyed by Your mighty power! Nothing is impossible for you! Do it now, Lord, and cause Your abundant provisions to flood every endeavour for Your Work, in Jesus’ mighty Name!

These will now be the days when we will see anything needed granted to us! And we will have the best people possible avail themselves to do Your Work with us!

Lord, let Your true Church stop looking for greatness in the hearts of fools and inept people that are un-able, un-trained and un-learned.

Lord, let Your true Church never put people in charge of things that do not have the ability, intelligence, learnedness or skills to do the jobs that are so crucial to the success and breakthroughs for us advancing Your Kingdom!

Let Your true Church stop the foolishness of erroneously-expecting great results from those incapable of producing them! We need professional-excellence in Your House, Lord! We must have the best and most skilled people at the helm of every department we institute! Great and successful business leaders throughout the world testify to the excellent skill and ingenious productivity of their excellent staff, colleagues and associates! There are laws and procedures that govern each level of success. We must learn and know them, and then, of course, implement them!

It is often said that you can take a faithful man and make him able. But that is quite a process! And some people just do not have affinity for certain things! So Lord, please give us pre-programmed geniuses for Your Work! We receive them now, in Jesus’ mighty Name!

The Church and many Ministries have been guilty of taking anyone who comes along and acts a bit interested and available! But beware! Many come because they have nothing else to do, and some come with untoward personal agendas!

The Elijah-Elisha principle is, however, a different system and order altogether. This takes time, even several years in actual reality. You cannot look to a son or daughter in ministry to run things in the business-realm, marketing-realm, media-realm, technical-realm, or in the administration-realm on high-levels if he or she is not gifted and skilled in such.

Several Churches and Ministries have been lacking wisdom in this area. The world runs their businesses and companies well with highly-skilled people and they succeed! And they have influence! Meanwhile, the Church many times lags behind in proficient standards of excellence, thus, they lose greatly in the realms of commerce and production.

Father God, I ask You to give Your true Church Your wisdom and direction and guidance in these serious matters. Several of Your leaders have had things moving at a slow-pace and on small-scales because they have been too trusting of people. They just hoped for the best in people. And those people they set in place did not have the necessary abilities to perform on high-levels, so Your Work suffered. This is not only a set-back; it is a tragedy!

Lord, please pour out and develop Your brilliance in Your people now, so they can advance Your Kingdom! Bring forth a restructuring now that will cause great advancement through Your leaders and Your people in business-matters, in Jesus’ mighty Name! *Amen!

Lord, I decree that new administrations, new brilliance and new excellence will spring forth in all of the areas of things and operations needed to reach the masses with Your Word, Presence and Power! Let the best and most abundance for producing marketing for the mass-media come forth and be created now! Grant Your chosen ones all the money, finance, resources and equipment and staff needed to perform what you are doing now through them, in Jesus’ mighty Name! *Amen!

I am seeing a vision here of what looks like a pipe-line going deep-down into the earth. I can see that there is a certain type of flag on the top of it. It appears that some types of new natural-resources will be found in the land of Switzerland. It could be natural gas or oil or some precious commodity that has been hidden under the ground. Whatever this is, when it is discovered and harvested, Switzerland will gain new power and influence on the ‘world-map’ of the business-arena in new ways. What it is specifically is not clear now to my gaze, but this thing will be developed, and Switzerland will gain new recognition for it!

Inside the nation of Switzerland, the church-world has remained in a calm, quiet and even obscure posture. The full-Gospel has almost been unheard of! But now, this all will change! I will raise up My leaders and sons and daughters to carry My glory-fire and glorious-Gospel saving, healing and deliverance power to the people of your nation. Do not fear men’s reviling or persecutions. Just obey Me, and I will bless and reward you for it, says the Lord!

The times are changing now! I do not want you to merely-exist. I want to make you all revolutionaries for Me, says the Living God! I want you all to take the Kingdom by force! My Spirit will reside in and burn in you. You will find yourselves getting grieved and even angry at the way things are now. You cannot accept things as they are now anymore. You will toss and turn at night and in the morning. I will cause this conviction of My Spirit to come upon you. I will lead you in My cause to bring forth change in your nation. You cannot accept things they way they are, and leave things the way they are any longer. I will have you think about what can be done, and I will give you brilliant ideas.

I will pour out My fire upon you, and you will become revolutionaries for Me, says the Living God! The days of the shift are now coming upon you! And I will lead you in the ways that you should go. You will walk in My ways; and no longer in the ways of religiosity, says the Lord!

I will lead you out of the bondages of religious-control and compromise; and you will now walk in the life and fire and power that I am granting unto you from My own nature, says the Lord!

I will also cause these prophecies to get on the lips of some of My servants in the coming days. I will also send some of My servants in from the outside to echo and declare these things.

I am preparing My people now for the coming magnanimous-movements of My Spirit and Power! I will see in manifested-reality the Destiny that I have ordained for the nation and people of Switzerland, says the Spirit of Almighty God!

© International Copyright ~ 2008 ~ Thomas Manton IV ~ Dominion International ~ All Rights Reserved.