Prophecy to Tunisia


The Lord says, that the nation of Tunisia shall come out in the world’s media headlines, says the Lord, because I am doing a shift in that nation also. There have been literally thousands of people that have been devastated by the system and institution of that government. God says I am going to topple it! I am going to move it. I am going to shift it. I am going to shake it. I am going to break its underpinnings, and begin to let it fall! And then, I am going to institute a new thing in that nation, says the Lord.

All across these nations, I am going to begin to cause My new government to be put in. And apostles that are strong, and prophets that are strong, and pastors that are strong, and evangelists that are strong are going to begin to institute My government in these places, says the Lord. And I will deal with the ungodly, and I will make them do certain things that they didn’t know that they would do. I will even get involved with them, and make them move things into the way I desire them to be, says the Spirit of the Lord.

My government shall now be instituted. My government, My ways, and things that I want to happen will happen!

Many have prayed about what they call the 10/40 window, and now it is called the 40/70 window. They said we are going to fast and pray and decree breakthroughs over this part of the world. God says I am answering by fire now. In the next season of time, over the next few years, you are going to see great changes in these nations. It will be undeniable. It will be catastrophic to the kingdom of darkness. It will be absolutely annihilating to the forces and principalities that have stood there for years and years, and seemed as if they could never be removed or uprooted. But the Lord says I am doing it now!

My government shall be established in these places, says the Lord. And no longer shall the will of man be the ruler, but I will be the Ruler. No longer shall the will of the devil be the ruler, but I will be the Ruler, says the Lord. My favour shall come upon My chosen vessels and My fire, My wealth and My increase and My blessings shall come upon those that I have called and ordained to stand strong in the midst of the battle. In the midst of upheaval and turmoil, and in the midst of opposition and persecution, I am going to give My servants greater strength.

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