Prophecy to the Republic of Singapore



Singapore“I will move strongly now against the prince and the power of the air that has stood against the vessels of God in Singapore, says the Lord! My servants in that nation will now gain great new strength, and I will release them into new realms of influence and favour, in greater dimensions than they have ever known!

Surely I will cause a great breakthrough in Singapore. I will even ‘push’ you through that ‘brass- ceiling’ that could not seem to be broken through, says the Lord! Many have been trying to ‘climb’ up to the ‘mountain-top,’ but they could only seem to get to the side of the ledge and look up. They could not climb all the way up into that next dimension to the top because they were so greatly opposed by the forces of darkness. These forces of evil have even kept many in My Church down financially, and in real estate, and in acquisition of property, and in growth of numbers of people in their churches. They haven’t yet reached that ‘mega-status’ in growth that I desire them to attain, says the Lord. But stand firm now, and keep building, because multitudes will now be coming into My houses, says the Lord your God!

The media will be broken loose in the days ahead out from under the ‘powers that be’ and My Gospel will go forth twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and three-hundred and sixty-five days a year through many new channels and networks, says the Lord! Your ‘airwaves’ will be broken open by Me, says the Lord!

O Singapore, your breakthrough is coming to you now as never before! Get ready for My great Visitation in your land, for it is coming now greater than ever before! You will see Me move in unprecedented ways in your land!

Rejoice, My precious ones, for your hour of Visitation has come, says the Spirit of the Living God!”

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