Prophecy to the Nation of Malaysia!

“In the nation of Malaysia, I will do something great in the days to come,” says the Spirit of the Lord! “I will touch the hearts of government leaders there in the days ahead! Malaysia will go ablaze with the fires of revival! And I will cause men and women to give themselves to Me in an unprecedented manner,” says the Living God! New realms of My glory being released in Malaysia will cause men and women to bow down on their faces before Me! I will cause many in that land to move into realms of deep intercession to even fast and pray for the salvation and deliverance of the souls of men captive in darkness. At times, these intercessors will even feel the great weight and burden of responsibility in the Spirit even as the Master Himself felt in the garden of Gethsemane when He felt such pressure that He  sweat drops of blood.“A new and great intense awakening of prayer and intercession-even with and groaning and travailing- will come through My people in your land in the days ahead. It will be fierce. It could  get so strong that certain ones could even feel their life-blood permeating out through their skin if I didn’t diminish the pressure of the burden,” says the Lord.

On several occasions while in deep prayer, I have experienced and actually felt this type of pressure and the mighty grieving of the Holy Spirit Himself over how men missed His will and hindered His progress through men and women to advance His Kingdom. While in those realms of prayer, I felt like my insides were going to come out of me. I felt like  they were being torn apart by the agony I felt in the realm of the Spirit. God let me feel His pain over serious adverse issues that were as a result of man’s disobedience that were stealing His life and blessing from multitudes of people.

I thank you Lord that you are going to let men and women in Malaysia feel these burdens as You bend them over in prayer. Through these types of deep prayer and intercession, the powers of the devil will be broken! (See Ephesians 6: 10-20)

“I will release new ‘fires’ and new prophetic utterances and declarations anointed with My great power and authority into the cities of Malaysia! These flames of My fire will burn hot in your land; and will release great impartations into your sons and daughters! Some will even rise up in Me to become great apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, administrators, ministers and helpers in My work,” says the Lord!

Great multiplications and expansions will happen within My Kingdom all across Malaysia. As atoms were ‘split’ to release ‘atomic’ explosions in the Earth, so I will cause great ‘spiritual combustion’ that will release great explosions in the realm of the spirit! These will bring great revival, but also cause great devastation to the kingdom of darkness! I will cause positive ‘splits’ and releases of multiplications within My Kingdom amongst My sons and daughters. Many will be released to become leaders of new works all across the land. Know that I will do this in your midst to advance and expand My Kingdom.

“New ‘apostolic’ expansions will be developed through My chosen vessels; and they will produce their own strategies and networks with and round-tables of leaders and even through great conferences in the season to come,” says the Lord.

“Great leadership will emerge in your land from within My Church. Strategic rallies and leadership meetings will be formed and commenced and there will come a great strengthening of unity and brotherhood in your gatherings,” says the Lord. You will speak about issues,  pray , prophesy and decree answers and solutions to the many problems in your nation. Your fellowships will strengthen one another. Remember that I said through My prophet Amos in Amos 1:9 that I was displeased; and I devoured the palaces of Tyre because they had forgotten the covenant of brotherhood.

This is another prophetic word for your nation. I desire for you to bring the brotherhood together and pray for the unity of your Church leaders. Some have been satisfied to only have their own works at heart. But I will yet use others to ‘bridge’ the gap between leaders in your land. I will give those who desire to operate in this way great authority and great blessing in the days to come.

Unity and true fellowship cannot happen unless the Lord gives one the authority and anointing to cause it to happen and come into manifestation. You cannot always command someone to come. They have to be beckoned to come by the Spirit. My apostolic authority through your voice will cause people to come. You will see My favour. My fires and visitations of revival, restoration and reformation will flow all throughout your land.

I will ‘soften’ the heart of the Prime Minister of your nation toward the Gospel of Jesus Christ after a definite process. *He will appoint a special delegate and a special committee and a special department to look at the things of the Church in your nation. Remember that this voice spoke this here, and this committee will be formed in your nation. Some will with ‘surface-view eyesight’ will consider this act ‘negative’ – as if it has been set up to monitor and ‘spy-on’ the activities and functions of the Church. But the Lord says, “What could seem to be used for evil, I will turn around and use for My good!”

At the right moment, I will release a ‘strike-force’ and this whole thing that was formed will literary become a ‘proponent’ of My Gospel and not an ‘opponent!’ I will turn it all around in My time. God says here to you, “Do not look at what they are doing. Do not complain. Do not speak much about what they are doing! It is just a ‘temporary’ attack against the Church and against Christianity.” But the Lord says to you again, “Leave it in My Hands by praying for My will to be done; because in the end I will use it for the benefit of the advancing of My work, says the Lord.

You will see financial favour come to you now, My precious chosen ones, because you have My visions at heart to do the many things that I have asked you to do for Me! Some of these visions you have not even told others about. But the Lord says, I will have these visions and their projects funded!

Lord, I thank you that you are digging the finances and resources and abundances out from the sources where they are now for Your work!
Media, graphics, printing, and design will  go out through television networks and satellites and out into cyber-space. God will give His servants very distinct and unique ‘images and looks.’

Very unique sounds and brand-marks will be seen around the world coming out of Southeast Asia. Much Christian broadcasting will reach out to people from this part of the world, and people will look and say, “Wow!” God is going to give you anointed images and designs in your minds. You will be anointed as the Scripture declares in Exodus 31 where the Lord gave the skilled artisans their skills and gifting and anointing. He anointed them to do these fabulous things in His work. God has anointed the graphic artists; and He has anointed the video television production people to work and present the ‘brilliant’ image.

We see this principle working both in the world and in the Church. Great expansion in production and reaching the masses comes through portraying the correct image. There is no other way to reach the whole world simultaneously except through the multimedia. You must be in front of people for them to see you!

Greater levels of growth will be experienced from being before the masses in exposure. Though many in your ‘inner-circles’ know you and know what you are doing, the larger audiences out there in the world have not even heard of you! God wants to give many great expansions through exposure in the media so they can effectively minister to multitudes of many people.

A ‘global awakening’ is coming forth to this generation. This generation should not pass before your sons and daughters partake of what I am birthing through you! You must pioneer movements (not monuments!) that will be left living as legacies to be carried into future generations, should the Lord tarry. Your legacies of ministry should be given in your old years to the young ones and they should carry it all on! I am making you the pioneers of the ‘new order!’ You are pioneers of a new move!

God says that the devil is about to try something fierce, diabolical, and horrendous against you, My precious ones, but I have already prayed for you, says the Lord your God! The enemy will not be able to succeed with his attacks; for there is a hedge of fire built around about you as a shield; and he cannot penetrate it!

The Lord says that the ‘spirit of Absalom’ has been assigned against many ministries to try to undermine them from within. There are some that will try to over-throw the set-man in leadership and be like Judas. But I will expose them! And they will be seen by all in their folly; and all will know what spirit they have! And I will remove them from amongst you. I have protected your works before, but know that this next dimension you are stepping into is very powerful in the realm of the spirit.

“Know this, Malaysia, Southeast and Central Asia; that the enemy is lurking about and getting ready to strike; but I have already prayed for you,” says the Lord, “I have you in the palm of My Hand and nothing shall by any means hurt you!”

It is time now for you to break forth into intercession and raise up the prayer warriors! As I move in this way, men and women will bow before Me!

Their prayer-lives will become so intense– that at times it will seem like their insides have been torn up and sweat will pour from their foreheads as if they were sweating drops of blood as in the garden of Gethsemane. I will answer these intensive prayers by fire and give you breakthrough!

I hear the Lord saying that back in the 1800’s there was a move of something significant in your land.
I do not know anything about your nation’s history, but I am hearing the Lord speaking in my ear that something shifted in the 1800’s in Malaysia. There was some type of revolution and reformation that began. Look back and research this. And not only will I do this again, but I will bring forth some new things even many times multiplied. I will add to it. My new order will arise now in your land and there will be breakthroughs! My outpouring of miraculous fire that even touched this land more than a century ago will be upon your land once again!

Intercession that began even back over a century ago and beyond will continue and even be greatly intensified and multiplied. You, My people, will be the catalyst of this outpouring. There are great men in Asia and  in Malaysia that will carry this forth! What I have given you must be carried forth greatly in this generation and in the next. Others don’t have it just like you have it. You are unique. I have called you to lead. You are called to run ahead and to have those sons and daughters follow you everywhere you go around the world!

“You will plant churches in many nations. Many sons and daughters will be developed under your prayer and teaching  and they will have your spirit. They will also carry the same essence of the anointing I have given you. You will call them to come ‘home’ at times for conferences in Malaysia. You will also have conferences and gatherings on other continents in cities where you will gather different leaders together and much will be produced. Many will gravitate to you. Many others will come to receive. Many will say it is great and they love what I am doing. But many will just ‘cling’ to you because I have ordained it,” says the Lord. “And they will not want to leave you when the gatherings are finished. They will cry as they depart saying they call and e-mail you. They will say that they will even come to Malaysia if they have to and see you. I will connect people to you. There is a ‘divine-magnet’ in you for those that are called to be a part of what I am doing through you. I have ordained this.”

“Supernatural favour is being released upon you. Invisible barriers that have stood over you and in front of you will be supernaturally moved out of your way. Those ‘glass-ceilings’ that you could not seem to get past will ‘shatter’ before you now! I am opening the heavens now over your land; and you will see the greatest day of favour and increase that you have ever known,” says the Lord. “My Hand will bring you prosperity and lead you into your wealthy place.”

Anointing for business and entrepreneurship and for doing successful and profitable commerce and trading in the market-places are being released now upon many vessels. New anointing are being released to cause business leaders to prosper greatly. These vessels will cooperate with and covenant with My servants to help them reach the nations with the Word of the Lord. Father, we thank you for the release of the spirit of entrepreneurship. There is an anointing for doing business. Again, Exodus 31 declares to us that the Lord has anointed these artisans to build His Tabernacles. “I have anointed these skilled men,” says the sovereign Lord! “I the Lord have anointed them. I am anointing people to do business, to create things and to do things that will prosper greatly!” “And I make you this promise,” says the Lord, that you will see people who were struggling before begin to prosper greatly now! Tremendous miraculous financial breakthroughs are coming forth now in abundance for My people! They will not be able to explain it naturally but to say that it was just the Hand of the Lord that has done it. Father, we decree this to be so; and the testimonies will be tangible of the manifestations of your blessings!

Father God, we pray over the Prime Minister, his wife, his cabinet, his staff and his people that You Yourself will have Your own way in and through their lives! We thank You Lord that You are going to do things Your own way in Malaysia!

Lord, You spoke to me about India. You said that you will infiltrate India’s leadership and move into the nation in greater ways even from the ‘top’ down!
You told me that many have fought with great sacrifice to bring Your move into India from the ‘bottom’ up. The ‘ground-troops’ of pastors and evangelists have fought such a hard battle. They have been fighting so many millions of devils and  people. They have not been able to break through all the devastating darkness that has prevailed in that vast community of humanity. You told me that You will open up the hearts of men that do not know You to open doors for Your servants. Even if they do not immediately convert to Christianity, they will grant the Gospel of Jesus Christ more freedom to reach the masses! You will make sure this happens in this next season! And I hear ‘echoes’ of this word for Malaysia! God will soften the hearts of the leaders of Malaysia in time. He will make a place for Himself in every man’s world!

Again, I see this ‘department’ and administrative entity being formed in the government to study religion and the Church and the movements of people. But again, in the end, God will literally cause this thing to work for His own good for the advancement of His own order! *So be it!

Lord, you are sending the fire of the Holy Spirit down upon government leaders and their cabinets and upon the Houses of Parliament and their members! Great breakthroughs will come in the souls of men who are in government, leaderships and royalties! Their eyes will come open to see their own wicked ways! Even if they do not turn to the Lord Jesus Christ right away, they will still be able to be a ‘friend’ to the Gospel by saying it seems to be a good thing. Some may say that they do not yet understand the Gospel, but they will still take a favorable position toward it!

God will have ‘laws’ changed from behind the scenes in your nation to give even greater freedom to the Gospel of Jesus Christ! You will see these reports even in your media headlines. We decree it now in Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name! Laws will be changed to favour God’s purposes in economics and in society. Laws will change to favour the Gospel and the works of the Holy Spirit! God’s Mighty Power will go forth in great demonstration and authority!

Lord, let the greatest revival in Malaysia’s history commence now! I see one million (1,000,000) souls quickly being swept into God’s Kingdom in Malaysia! God has ordained that one million (1,000,000) new spiritual babies come into His Kingdom as quickly as possible!

I do not know who God is going to use to bring them in. I do not know how it is going to happen, but the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ is going to go out to the masses! Buildings will be built! God will help you build great edifices in Malaysia for His Churches in future days. Thus says the Lord of Hosts! He will see to it that they get built! I do not know how and I do not know when, but they will be built for the glory of God! And you will have massive conferences in them. And you will build great television studios in them. And you will broadcast the Gospel out through the multimedia from them! *So be it!

I see television studios and their technical departments, beautiful state-of-the-art offices, youth churches, big sanctuaries, flags of the nations all around the walls, high ceilings and magnificent entrance ways, the balconies, beautiful carpeting and decor. You will build it all for the glory of God. I see the platforms, the colors, the instruments, the great sounds of music and worship.

The sounds of worship will flow day and night there. In Isaiah 60, the Lord said that His House shall be open day and night; and that He would make the place of His feet glorious! The Lord will give Malaysia great tabernacles where His Mighty Presence can be tangibly manifested. You will have conferences there. Many people will come.

People will fly in from all over the world to partake of what you are doing! You will in turn push out things all over the world. God says that He will give you the money for it, the favour for it, friends to make it happen, partners, and the strength to carry it out.

The Lord reminds you again here that this is not just for this generation, but it is even far beyond that for you to build in the next generation; and even the ones after will carry it onward should I tarry. I will preserve your lives even to the end. And the latter house shall be greater than the former house! Everything you have done until now is just a seed; but your harvest is yet to come. “The true harvest is coming,” says the Spirit of the Lord. “I will give you favour in the great harvest field which is the whole world.  I will give you favour with great men and they will open doors for you.”

Your future travel will be much; and you will travel many thousands of miles around the world continuously for Me! One of the reasons for this is so that you will gather connections, friends and contacts to begin to put new things into motion. And I will send you to places on purpose because there is purpose in those places I will send you. Connections had to be made. And the Lord says, “surely you will do this all over the world. I am building you a house. You will build not just for yourselves; but for your sons and your daughters. And people will come behind you.”

A mighty reformation will happen in Malaysia! We pray that all evil spirits that have raised their heads over the nation of Malaysia be dethroned and torn down, in Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name! Lord God Almighty, let Your Kingdom come and Your perfect will be done in the nation of Malaysia now, in the Mighty and Matchless Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, the King of kings and the Lord of lords! *Amen!”

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