A Prophecy to the Nation of Rwanda

Thomas Manton prophecy to Rwanda, Kigali and the Rwandese People


Bloodshed, torture, and destruction of humanity, O what a calamity! I weep over your folly, O Rwanda! Many throughout the world have asked, how could this happen? How could God allow this? It is because you have gone on to rule yourselves, says the Lord. You have given yourselves over to the devil, because of your stubborn pride and stupid strife! When will you turn from your wicked ways, you wicked rulers? Even a child without learning could understand that this ruthless wickedness should never be! Nevertheless, I will now open your eyes, and you who I have created, I will not despise. I have heard the cries of the little ones day and night, and the voices of those whose lives were spared, because they took flight!

There will now be a fight between light and darkness, and I will begin to chain those devils that have possessed men’s souls to do such horrible things that make no sense. Who are you, o foolish man, to decide who lives and who dies, based in which tribe your membership lies? I will even cause some of the leaders who gave the orders to take off men’s heads to begin to lose their own! For they will now reap from the seeds they have sown. And henceforth from now, the bloodshed will begin to subside, and many will come to Me to rest and abide.

For the Spirit of Death and Strife, I will now give you the Spirit of Life! Your tears will no more run into the night, for I will now make the evil one to take flight! On its way to you, Rwanda , is restoration and repair, so please don ‘t despair! For throughout your nation, I will pour out my Spirit of Liberation, says the Lord God of Hosts!