A Prophecy to the Nation of Namibia

Namibia Prophecy by Dr. Thomas Manton

The Word Of The Lord Comes Unto Me Saying To The Nation Of Namibia:

I am seeing a vision of a caldron ~ a big pot sitting on top of a fire. I see things inside of it boiling. I do not know if this is an occultic work; or just a symbolic expression of something that is burning hot in that nation. I want to say that it is more of the latter; but it could be both. The Lord is causing things to come to a boiling point in that nation! There is now coming a release of a new season and the dawning into a new day in the nation of Namibia.

I see a new torch of fire coming upon the leaders of that land. I see new fire coming upon the Apostles and the Prophets, the Pastors and the Evangelists, and upon and the Teachers and Administrative workers and the Helps and Governmental Hierarchies in the Church there. A new fire will begin to burn across the nation; and God’s government will come down in new and unfounded ways.

I will raise up a new remnant in Namibia now, says the Lord! A new breed and new company of leaders will be released now and sent forth; and My power will flow through them! Senior Pastors, administrative pastors, church leaders and heads of evangelistic and para-church ministries must catch this fire that I am releasing now! As they catch this wave and move with Me, a new awakening will begin in the land as has never happened before; in this or in any other generation in the nation of Namibia, says the Spirit of the Lord. New fire, new activity and My new visitation is coming to the churches and to the shepherds even now, says the Spirit of the Lord.

As We, the Trinity sent Our Angels down to the Shepherds of Israel to announce the coming birth of the Messiah, so I am also now sending my trumpeting voice ahead of My great coming move in the nation of Namibia. I am sending a new visitation of My Power and Glory; and it will be gloriously seen and felt by millions, says the Spirit of the Lord!

I will cause many of My pastors and servants to walk in new understanding with severe and fierce revelations of the principles of My Kingdom and government, says the Lord.
I will then have several of them begin to write and document these revelations and put them into print so My people in Namibia can be educated in new ways.

I am bringing the economic level of the nation up higher now. I will bring the economic level in My churches up higher also. I will cause people to go into business. I will cause people to become more progressive in their thinking. I want My people to catch this fire and become a people of wealth and entrepreneurial ability and anointing. I want My people to go into the market places and trade and do commerce. I tell you now, says the Lord, that great wealth is stored up for My People in that land. You are going to see its release now, says the Spirit of the Lord. My favour is coming down upon you, O people of Namibia, and I will do you well! You will experience the dawning of a new day now in your nation like never before. The great outpouring of My fire is coming!

My baptism of fire is being released in the land. It will purge out wrong doctrines. It will purge men that have not had My heart. It will purge the people that are like dead wood sitting around wasting My divine opportunities. The dead wood will burn first! When the fire comes, the dry wood burns up the quickest. The dry people that are as dry wood that do not want to do anything have grieved Me. I will move right past them in these days. I will move the way that I want, says the Spirit of the Lord.

Many have had zeal, but have not had knowledge. Many people have lifted up their hands and have said; “Yes Lord! Come on! Help us! Let’s go! I am ready!” But they have not had the knowledge of how to do things according to My principles!

I am sending an abundance of revelation into the land now. It is being released from My Throne, says the Spirit of the Lord. I am releasing it upon you now! Many of My Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers will rise to this occasion and opportunity to receive from Me and become vessels of learned revelation. I am releasing new realms of revelation to My leaders so they can teach the masses what I want them to know. Consider it done! I am releasing this now, says the Living God!

I saw a vision of severe political changes coming forth in Namibia. As the new President comes into positioning for the next administration, I will institute many new concepts and ideas into your governmental structure, says the Lord. New issues will be both raised and addressed inside the internal structure of your government and inside your economy.

I will move greatly in the next Presidential regime and in the next government that comes into place in the cross-over. I will see to it that wicked men and devils do not have their way. I am going to have My way, says the Living God!

Watch this sign, O Namibia! A trick is coming before you. Men will try to get in the way and trick and deceive the people. They will do things in darkness and even try to rig the election process. Deceptive men will try to perform some kind of trickery; but I will have it exposed! It will come to light and be exposed and turned around! I am reminded of the episode of Haman in the Bible in the Book of Esther. He wanted to set up the execution gallows for Mordecai; but he, in turn, ended up hanging on that same gallows poll!

This Kingdom principle is timeless! When one sets up a trap for someone else, they end being the one who gets trapped! When you “humanly” set up a judgement for someone else, or try to trick or hurt them, you will be the one who suffers! God has it turned back toward the one who set up the evil device!

In the Book of Kings, the wicked Queen Jezebel had a certain man killed because she decided that her husband, King Ahab should have it because he desired it.

When the rightful owner of this special piece of land refused to give it over to the King upon his request, Queen Jezebel set up an evil scheme to have this man killed. King Ahab got the land that he desired after all. But then, the Prophet Elijah, after hearing of this man’s murder, went to Queen Jezebel and prophesied against her pronouncing death upon her for this evil deed! King Ahab repented after this and God let him live; and even said that his sons would have power in their upcoming generations. But the wicked Queen Jezebel was persistent in her rebellion and was thrown out of her own castle’s window by her own servants; and there the dogs ate her flesh by the wall of Jezreel just as the Prophet Elijah declared!

The Word of the Lord through His Prophet’s mouth surely came to pass! By doing evil to another she invoked evil upon herself!

I see this happening in Namibia in the days to come. Someone will maliciously set-up someone else behind the scenes. It will then turn around to their own demise. So be it, in the Name of Jesus!

A fresh wind of God’s fire will blow across Namibia. I keep hearing the Lord saying in my ears; “Fire is coming over this nation and the Spirit of the Lord is going to move in great power! A great invocation of a new visitation and revival and reformation will come forth after this, says the Lord. The visitation, refreshing and outpouring of My Spirit must come first to water the soil and prepare the ground and prepare the people. Then I can place My government there. I cannot put a house on a weak foundation. I have to build the foundation first and then the house can be built! I am doing this all across the nation.

Your capitol city will under-go a shift in business and a shift in its economy. Many foreigners have come in to lock-up certain markets and certain industries. I will deal with this and divide it up in the coming years and make things available to other people that they were not available to before. I will judge and push aside many of the rapists who have come in to rape the land. They will surely be repaid with evil back on their own heads for their wickedness and thievery. I will even remove some people out of the way so that others can work in those marketplaces and flourish. This will actually be good for the entire economy of the nation.

I see markets, commerce, businesses, buildings and retail establishments that have been totally been ruled by foreigners. The Lord says He is changing this. This has been wicked in His eyes. He will make some new things availability for the common man in that land that were not available before. You watch this happen in time, says the Spirit of the Lord!

A major leader is going to die in Namibia, says the Lord! One who has great influence in the nation will suddenly pass on. This person has had a very powerful position of control and influence. My replacements will be set in place following his departure. What he did will be split into three other positions and into three other departments in the future. These three other off-shoots of the original function will do far more than the one who had it first.

This will happen. I see it in your newspaper headlines. I see it coming out in the news media that this person has suddenly departed this life. After this, I will work and do something great for the good of the land through this situation.

Now concerning the transition of power in the government, be not dismayed but always remember that I am the Lord and besides me there is none other. I will cause things to go My way. Things will not go the devil’s way. Things will not go the way of wicked men.

Watch the signs! Watch the map that I have ordained be unfolded, says the Lord! I will prophetically show My spiritual leaders in that nation how to pray and consult and counsel and talk with both their own people and other peoples, says the Lord.

I will raise up an apostolic leader in Namibia that will even gain political influence and influence the government for Me. There will also be others that I will raise up and cause to speak for Me. For I am going to have My Christian people who are My own sons and daughters in that land infiltrate the government arena and the business arena to bring change! I see new international connections evolving between Namibia and its surrounding nations. I see them signing some types of pacts and peace treaties and new trade agreements will each other.

There will even come some type of a border-dissolving agreement and relationship with one or more of the surrounding nations. Some would say this is impossible! But watch it happen, says the Lord! I am opening this new thing up. It is going to happen so fast. It is going to shock people!

1995 was a year when something new began in the nation of Namibia. But the Lord says now that 2005 will begin the next decade of glory! What will happen in this next decade will far surpass anything that happened previously. I am going to do such great and deep things in your land.

Did I not say to My prophet Jeremiah that I would have him root out, tear down, throw down and destroy wrong things before I could build and plant? Before I could build and plant four seemingly negative things had to be taken care of before the two positive things could happen. The weeds in the gardens need to be uprooted before the true seeds can be planted in the soil!

I am uprooting evil from behind the scenes; and I am breaking the occultists’ activities. I am breaking demonic structures and strategies and strong-holds in your land like never before, says the Lord! I will give the golden keys of My Kingdom to My servants. Did I not say in Revelation 3 that I have given you the keys of David and that I will open to you doors that no man can shut?

The Keys of David are several. They include: The keys of praise, the keys of worship, the keys of faith, the keys of conquest, the keys of obedience, etc… I am looking for people who want to develop a heart after Me, says the Lord! What are the keys of David? Study it out. See what they are. They are multi-faceted, multi-levelled and multi- dimensional. They are both natural and spiritual. They are conquest, praise, worship, music and covenant obedience. They opened the way for David to take down Goliath. There were so many key positive attributes of the life of David. Study the life of David. Again, the most powerful keys are not physical ones. Look at the life of David. Study how he did things. Study how he took conquest and advanced My Kingdom! He so greatly pleased me in the process. For this, I blessed his house forever! (Warning: Study the pitfalls of David’s life also. Be sure to avoid these!)

Surely I will cause men to rise in My New Order as David did in times of old. As My servant David of old did, so shall it be done once again in this generation, says the Lord! I will raise men into prominence. I will raise men to new heights, not so they can be seen, but that they may be effective and make an impact on your society!

A mega-impact will be ‘stamped’ upon the nation of Namibia like never before, says the Spirit of the Lord. I am raising up My own order. I am raising up men and women unto Myself. And surely a new capacity of this new awakening and dawning of a new day is coming unto you now!

Again, watch the transition of the government. Watch this thing come to pass! For surely I will have My way even if things currently seem adverse and disappointing. Men and issues can surely change! In the end of these matters you will see that I have done much for you! I make you this promise, O Namibia!

I will be your Lord if you will continuously celebrate Me and entreat Me and receive Me into your land in increasingly greater dimensions than you have before! Seek Me early and pray and fast! Seek Me and seek My face! Call upon Me while I am near!

In 2 Chronicles 7:14, I said; ‘If My people who are called by name will humble themselves and pray; and turn from their wicked ways; I will hear from Heaven and heal their land.” As you seek Me now more intensely and more passionately than you have in previous times, I will release My healing fire all across your land!

Seek Me to learn My secrets and My Kingdom principles; and you will receive My strategies, says the Lord thy God. Many men will be made rich in this move. Many of My servants will be made prosperous. Many of My people will begin to have the opportunities that they did not have before. I will open up the way for you.

I will increase both the availability and power and viewer-ship of your television satellite and radio air-waves so My Gospel can be broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year! I am opening up more air-time; and more facilities and more networks and more stations. All that is needed to facilitate My Word going out to the masses will be made available to those who have My strategies to implement the broadcasting, says the Lord. My Word will go forth to the people! I will have a variety of many types of ministries; and many international ministries from abroad will be on the air! (Thomas Manton IV’s first, of course!)

Father God, we give You praise for Your will being fully manifested quickly! What you have planned for generations will now come to fruition in the nation of Namibia! For it is a new day now! It is a new season of greatness; and a new season for Your divine order to shine and come forth!

The Lord says; “O My people, arise and shine now; for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you; and My glory shall be seen upon you! Though darkness covers the earth, My light will come upon you and be seen upon you! Arise and shine now; and kings will come to the brightness of your rising; and the wealth of gentiles will come to you! Your sons and daughters will come to you from near and far! They will rise; and the sons of foreigners will feed your flocks and build up your walls; and the sons of strangers will even take care of you! I will make the place of My feet glorious; and I will build up new habitations! I will raise up new houses and restore many old ones! I will raise up habitations for Myself in your midst, says the Spirit of the Lord. A little one will become like a thousand; and a small one will become like a strong nation in these days. If I am for you, who on Earth can be against you? Rise up in victorious praise now, My people, for I am opening the floodgates of blessing upon you now, O Namibia!

This will be the time when I will take unlikely candidates that did not feel like they would have the opportunity to shine become the very vessels that I will use! I am looking for vessels that I can use; and I will cause a great awakening to be released in your midst. A new release of the fire of the Lord will saturate your land; and My Kingdom will be advanced and revealed to multiplied millions of people in the days to come! Get ready for it, says the Spirit of the Lord.

Rise up now in a determined and a spiritually violent posture and claim the great harvest of souls that I long to bring to myself! Ask me for millions and I give you millions! Psalm 2:8 says; “Ask of me and I will give you the heathen and the nations for your very own inheritance!

I release this fire now upon you, In Jesus’ Name! It is done! Father God, let your Kingdom come and Your will be done in the nation of Namibia now, in Jesus Mighty and Matchless Name.


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