A Prophecy to the Land of Egypt


“Lord, I thank you for what you are doing in Egypt right now. In that nation now, there is going to begin an eruption of violence in the next many days. Thank you Lord. An explosion of violence, warfare, and bloodshed will break out because you are removing a ‘circle’ from behind the scenes. And there is going to be a new thing done in that land now. And yea even for My purposes, says the Lord, I am going to begin to let this thing come out! For surely there are so many wicked things that are going on in that land and in that nation and in that government. I am going to begin to cause the world to see it. I am going to cause a new expression and even a new remnant to arise in that nation. And there is coming a new fire of My Spirit and My hand and My Glory down upon the land in the nation of Egypt.

Revival and breakthrough is going to come from within in the midst of My people. And yea there many that who have even said; “Lord I will be a martyr for you. I will let my blood be shed for you. I will do anything you want. I want to see your revival and reformation come in this land, whatever it takes. The Lord says, the prayers have been too great and many have even sweat tears, and even if it could be ‘drops of blood’ like the Master Himself did. They have cried and agonized in prayer and groaned and travailed in intercession for many years!

And the Lord says, I have heard every one of them and now I am going to begin to answer in this season of time like never ever before in that land. And the world will hear about what is going on.

There are seventeen and even twenty one, even twenty five, even thirty and thirty five, and forty and forty two, and forty seven and fifty five and sixty-plus different men that will be executed from their place of tyranny.

God says, I am going to institute a new order in that land. I am going to bring My Fire, My Favour, My Majesty and My Wisdom even upon My people.

I am going to begin to raise up churches, and the persecution will begin to be broken. For even from out of Egypt, says the Spirit of the Lord, I am going to do something new and fresh that will touch the entire continent and the top of the continent of Africa, and even over to the Middle East, says the Lord. I am going to make a Headquarters there. I am going to make a new thing arise there, and you are going to see the Hand of the Living God in that land in that nation.

There is coming a freedom of speech, a freedom of distribution and writing, and publishing of books and materials and literature, and even an opening in the airwaves. And yea the ‘media airwaves’ will even open up in that land for radio and for satellite broadcasting.

There is a group of three men and a company and a conglomerate of enterprises that is coming up from one company that is going to cause the distribution of satellite dishes and networks. (I don’t know if it will be cable because cable is on the ground, and cable could be controlled by the government entities.) But there is a way that God is going to beam the Gospel all around that nation and across the top of Africa and even into the Middle East. And even through the countries in the Middle East I am opening up the airwaves. I am opening up the hearts of people.

Some will even see it as a business and a way to increase in money and income. That’s fine. The Lord says; “I don’t care about that. Let them make their money. I want My Word to go out! If they can sell thousands of satellite dishes and make a living and a business out of that, that’s wonderful. I pray now, Lord, that you will even let some of Your people have those businesses instead of the worldly people. Where there is a market, people will just do it just for the money. Father, I give you praise tonight, that You are doing something great in this part of the world.

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