Prophecy to Denmark

denmarkNEW PROPHECY TO DENMARK-Through-THOMAS MANTON IV(Wednesday, April 26th, 2006)

The Holy Spirit began to speak to me a few days ago about some new developments that will take place in Denmark in the coming season…I am making note of them here tonight in London, England. The Word of the Lord comes unto me saying to the Nation of Denmark:

”The Nation of Denmark will experience greater spiritual breakthroughs in the year of 2007, says the Lord! I will target and challenge even government leaders and business tycoons and celebrities to receive My Gospel, says the Lord! My true Church remnant will begin to rise in a greater witness with a greater boldness and militancy to penetrate the evils in your land and society, says the Living God!

Benny Hinn’s Copenhagen Crusade will be marked with a special and unusual touch this coming Weekend. I will have him speak Prophetic Words over Denmark that I will honour in the next season in your Nation, says the Lord! These words will not be lengthy but will carry much weight in the Spirit.

I will do a new thing in your land in 2007, says the Lord! Great new breakthroughs and great new awakenings will open before My people. It will be the time to reach out to the lost greater than ever before! Souls are on My heart, says the Lord! I want you to win souls! Your greatest church workers and Kingdom advancers are now yet sinners! Find them and lead them to Me; and I will bring them into My Salvation, says the Lord!

I want to make the Churches of My true remnant in Denmark much more ‘evangelistic’ in every way! You will finally receive more genuine interest in what you are doing from those who don’t yet know me, says the Lord! I want My Gospel much more public in the days ahead! You will need to have many Prayer Rallies in order to advance with great results. It’s time now this year for My true intercessors and Prayer Warriors to rise into new heights and into greater dimensions of truly anointed Prayer and Intercession!

The principalities and powers that operate in Copenhagen and throughout Denmark can be moved if you will pray much and keep decreeing the changes I am demanding, says the Lord! If My Church will rise and take her rightful place of full Kingdom Authority and Dominion in Denmark, great results will be seen and experienced!

I will now infiltrate your high society with My power and glory. I will gain entrance into the hearts of your Royalty, and your government leaders. I will gain entrance into the hearts of entertainment and sports celebrities and ruling business leaders. And the spiritual climate in Denmark will begin to be liberated and improved after this, says the Lord! These leaders will eventually testify of their experiences with My Gospel. They will openly declare their faith. I will see to it that they do, says the Lord! You will see it and your will hear it.

Denmark is on My heart, says the Lord God Almighty! I weep over your spiritual oppression. It must change now! Your masses must now be loosed from their unbelief and mockery of the Gospel! Your Churches will grow in the coming season. You will see your accommodation limitations and come crying to Me for more! And I will grant your requests, says the Lord. I will enlarge the tents of Soulwinners!

Make My Gospel known to your Nation! Make it as public as possible! Fear not the reviling of men. For what can man do against you when you are in the palm of My Hand? The time of the Great New Awakening has come for Denmark! You must all rise to this great occasion now, declares the Living God! Will you do this? Will you move ahead for Me? What do you consider to be the value of your lives? Do you count Me worthy enough to give your All for? Will you give Me your lives and so I can work through you in My fullness?

Ask of Me and I will give you the Nation as your own inheritance! Does your heart grieve and weep for lost souls? Ask of Me and I will fill you with My Spirit! You can never win the masses and the multitudes without being absolutely possessed by the Holy Spirit! Let men say you are fanatics! Let men say they want organized religion instead the awesome outpouring of My Spirit! But you just keep moving out toward what I want. I want the harvest of lost souls! This is what I want, says the Lord! Seek Me day and night and you shall find Me! Run hard after Me and I will answer your cries for increase! Please learn this, once and for all, that your life is not just for the purpose of gaining wealth and family treasures. Your life is precious for the purpose of serving Me with All of your heart, mind, and body!

Always remember that only what you do for eternity is what really counts! Only what you can leave earth with will remain with you in eternity! The days are evil and the time is short. Work while it is day for the night will eventually come when it will all be over. Then, your only significance will be what you have done in your giving and in your work to prepare men for the next life!

Denmark is right on the verge of massive spiritual breakthrough! Please do all you can to see that this really happens! It will as everyone does their part! Find your callings now! Discern, discover, define and do that which I have called you to do, declares the Lord your God; and I will bless you in ways and dimensions greater than you’ve even imagined!”

Father God, let Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done in the Nation of Denmark now, in the Mighty, Majestic and Matchless Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of the Living God and Saviour of the World!

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