Tanzania Prophecies

Dar Es Salaam will be shaken by My Mighty Power, says the Spirit of the Living God!

I am going to have My chosen servants there take on a ‘new mantle’ to become more militant and violent in the Spirit! And though the attacks coming back from the devil’s forces will be many; in the end a mighty new harvest of souls will be won into My Kingdom, says the Lord thy God!My will is for one thousand new churches to be born into existence in that great city, says the Lord! I don’t want ‘churches’ that will just ‘exist!’ I want these ‘churches’ to grow and flourish in the land, and bring the mighty harvest in!

The Lord will grace this great city in many new ways. The entire economic climate of the city shall be changed. Promotions and upgrades all across the city shall be brought forth in time to come. You are coming into a ‘new day!’

I will grace My servants there with great prosperity, if they will abide in Me, and operate in My laws, says the Lord!

Lord, we thank you that your Kingdom is being advanced in Tanzania now in greater ways and measures than ever before, in Jesus’ Majestic and Mighty Name! *Amen!

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