Minister’s Manna


  • Jeremiah 2:31-32; the first and foremost thing for every child of God is to remember Him. ‘If thou love me, keep my commandments.’ Matthew 6:33,” seek the kingdom of God and all its righteousness and all these things will be given onto you”
  • Change your environment. If you need to be a winner surround yourself with winners so that you get challenged. David surrounded himself with good, faithful and able men. David chose wisely and after his kingdom Israel did not experience war again. ‘The environment will either pollute you or promote you’
  • Change the circumstances by staying faithful. ‘ The power of anointing will open doors that have been long closed.’ The story of David gives so many lessons for us today. David had to be a fugitive for many years, first from Saul his father in-law, then his son Absalom 2Samuel 15. David stayed faithful to God in both circumstances and retained his crown as the king of Israel.
  • Change yourself. the analogy of metamorphosis still applies to human beings. An egg of an insect changes from larva pupa then adult. For butterflies it changes into a caterpillar that is very destructive especially to crops. At this stage it frightens even human beings, but it changes into a beautiful butterflies that is adored. ‘Choose ye therefore today life or death; Deuteronomy 29′
  • Take the challenge. God asked Isaiah,”Who can I send today?” and Isaiah said,”here am I lord send me.” Men of old took the challenge and went wherever God asked. Take this challenge today and do your part.
  • Seek God’s consent. Gideon asked, “shall we recover and get spoils?”, God said, “Go forth for I will go before thee.”The scriptures say that if we do not include the Lord in our plans then our plans are in vain.