Indonesia Prophecy


Indonesia*Torrents of fire are raining down upon the nation of Indonesia, says the Spirit of the Lord! The heavens are opening in pockets now; for there has been a vacuum waiting to be filled by Me in your land! Years of intercession, travailing, crying and declarative preaching and proclamations through many voices have been calling for Me to visit your nation, says the Lord. There will come a new release from the oppression of the enemy in your land. As the prince of Persia fought Daniel when blessings were already released, so the enemy has fought you, O Indonesia! There has been a great fight and opposition to keep you captive and seal what was about to break loose for you. This has not been in motion just for a few weeks, but this thing has been in place for many years. But your time of breakthrough and release is now coming, says the Lord your God!

My fire is coming down through tunnels and pockets that are ‘pipelines’ of intercession and deep prayer being released through My faithful remnant. My visitations will touch down in many cities in the nation of Indonesia through the north, the south, the east and the west! I will begin to move in new and great ways in many places.

I will release a new apostolic order the city of Jakarta in the next two to three years from now. This will bring breakthrough in new ways, but it will also breed new unity among the existing leadership in unprecedented ways. Men and women of God from around the world will hear of this supernatural unity and say; “How did this happen?” This could not happen simply through man’s desires. Psalm 133:1 declares to us all that it is good for us to dwell together in unity!

I will release great visitations in the north that has not been there before, and new governments will even be formed there. I will bring reformation in three cities in the north of the nation on the local fronts. I will have righteous government to begin to rule in your midst, says the Lord. I will even put men in positions of authority that had no business being there. I will even have some of My chosen servants to begin to ‘elect’ in the spirit those who should be involved behind the scenes in ruling amongst the people. I will infiltrate your governments by My own Hand.
My own peoples’ influences in the realm of the spirit will begin to flourish and flow in greater ways, says the Lord your God. You will see the release of My fire upon the nation!

The crusades you have seen in the past and even the openings and little growths of churches is nothing to be compared to what is about to happen, says the Lord. Surely I will bring great expansion to My servants, says the Lord. I will grant you great blessings and great provision for building what I desire to be built through My houses all throughout the land.

I will release your airwaves that have been oppressed and kept back from My voices. I have ordained My servants to speak to your masses by television and radio. But your media has been curtailed by the powers that be. But the Lord says that surely in the time to come I will ‘pour’ their voices forth unto you through ‘loopholes’ that I will have created in your media systems.

l will get what I am saying out through newscasts and reports on things that happen through things that I am doing. My Words will be preached and full declarations of My Word will go forth through My voices. Though there has been much fighting against My true servants, surely they will rise again and again with witty ideas and cunning ways of communications. I will get them through one after another.

I see a major printing resource for Christian books, literature and products and materials that will be ordained by Heaven to publish My Words to the masses. This enterprise will expand and then explode in growth in reaching the masses with My Gospel. I will use certain businessmen that are working in the Christian market to and publish and produce Christian materials and make a great impact on the nation. Great distributions of Christian products and materials will be released into the Christian market-place. These distributions will be locally organised in Indonesia by groups of businesses and business-people. I see one man in particular who will be a strategic giant in causing the release of Christian products into the market place. The Word of the Lord will go forth! I am reminded of the Scripture that declares; “Great was the company that published the Word!” The Lord will cause a flourishing to come in this way, and many people will receive the Word of God into their homes and offices on a massive scale!


The Lord says that He is releasing into Indonesia and into Southeast and Central Asia in the other surrounding nations a ‘supernatural hunger’ for information and revelation in truth and knowledge on a deeper level. Father, I give you praise that You are doing this for Your precious people! You want us all to be hungering and thirsting after righteousness; for You said that if we do this we shall be filled!

I will release greater knowledge, information and revelation unto Indonesia now! The culture and mindset of your people desires deeper understandings of how things work in the realm of the spirit. There is a deep desire, and even a demand from the hearts of My people to know how the gifts of the Spirit work, and how applying the principles of God can produce blessings, increase and divine success. These all can be understood by studying My Word. But I will release great teachers in your midst to teach how to understand and apply Biblical principles to attain divine success.

There has been an influence in your nation through the works of certain apostles. This has been a part of My desire for you. But new hunger for more of Me will rise from within the people now. They will demand more teaching and understanding of Biblical principles! This hunger will erupt and cry out from within My people to understand much more about the Kingdom of God. I am sounding My trumpet for the ‘new’ voices to emerge now; and for the ‘old’ voices to begin to step up and shift into new dimensions of understanding and revelation of modern-day truth. It is time now for you to come out of the shallow waters in the things of the Gospel and go deeper!
It is time to share deeper things than just your three-point sermons of how God wants to save people from their sin. We have known this basic truth for years!
As vital and important as salvation is, it is only the ‘entrance’ point into the Kingdom (See John 3:3). After we get saved, we need to grow in the understanding of how God’s Kingdom works! Foundation truths shared in the old ‘simplistic’ fashion will become somewhat dissatisfying to a hungry soul who wants to understand more about the dimensions of God and His Kingdom. I am releasing the hunger and thirst for more in your people so they can all go higher and build and advance My Kingdom.

Salvation is the ‘door-way’ in, and the ‘entrance-gate’ into the Kingdom of God. But once you have entered and come in, you need to taste of the powers of world to come! You need to go through the basic doctrines and go further! You need to go past the basic orders and rituals of the church and learn how to advance the Kingdom! I am releasing a hunger in the people that could seem threatening to some leaders who are not on the ‘cutting-edge’ of what I am doing.

I see the ‘old-order’ being sifted as God raises up men and women with progressive revelation in this 21st Century church! In this ‘new millennium’ and ‘third day,’ there will come a great new awakening in the hearts of men and women who want to truly comprehend and understand the state of the church as it is now, and where God is taking it to. People will begin to ask; “Where are we now? And where are we going? What are we progressing toward? What do we need to know to help make it all happen?”

In Ezra 7:10, the Bible declares that Ezra sought to know the laws and ways of God, and the patterns and principles of God; and then DO them and see results, and then teach those principles to others.
This will also become the pursuit of many in the Earth today in this generation. This will be one of the ‘cutting-edge’ waves of our day. We need to live by the ‘produced’ principles of the Kingdom; and testify of the results to others.

A tremendous passion to win lost souls to Christ will also flood the hearts of My people, says the Lord! The souls of men must be saved! I am imparting a deep yearning and passion into many hearts to bring in the great harvest of souls now! This must be done! Indonesia’s lost humanity shall be saved!

One of the reasons I am causing men and women to know truth in deeper dimensions now is so they can produce more! I want My people to progress and gain success and build and advance My Kingdom. The momentum of progressive progression both in the realm of the spirit and in the material realm will also destroy the works and strongholds of the other kingdoms. When My people become powerful and gain momentum in the blessings and increase of God, the wind of My favour upon their lives will displace the powers of the enemy, and the forces of darkness and evil will be broken and removed from your land, says the Lord!

In the past days, the enemy somehow minimized in the minds of men the emphases of victory and prosperity in Christ. But know this, I am sending a wave of teaching, revelation and understanding that will blow all through your churches in this next season. Pastors and conference speakers will be heard saying that they planned to speak on a certain topic in a certain depth, but when they arrived at the meeting, God began to deal with them about going much deeper! Your services will often go on much longer through those that are moving by My Spirit. I see longer meetings. Meetings will be extended at times by the moving of the Holy Spirit! In the times that He is moving in this way, much more information and revelation will be shared in your meetings and conferences than you had originally planned on.

This is not the day to be shallow in knowledge and in understanding and revelation of the God’s truth. In the days to come in Indonesia, people will be expecting you who are ministering to be moving with the cutting-edge of deeper revelation!
I am now giving My people the eyes to see and the ears to hear and discern those who are really carrying revelation from the ‘other world’ to the Earth!

am raising up and sending forth unto My people the ones that have the ‘goods!’ I will send to you those who carry My revelation and truth. I will send you those who carry ‘cutting-edge’ prophetic giftings to minister in and conduct great conferences in your land. I will send them to teach and impart My revelation; and it will feed the peoples’ hunger for My truth, says the Lord. The people will get so filled up with My Words. They will be satisfied, happy and blessed after these special events. The coming of My Word and Truth will come to you in new and greater ways and you will be blessed! It will not be mere information in the realm of telling statistics and historic information, but it will come in the realm of revelation and enlightenment. I will illuminate My plans to you. It will be very prophetic in nature. My prophetic voices will rise up in Indonesia. I will give them churches.

I will give you My apostles. I will have them get My messages across to the people. And there will be great distributions of My Word throughout your land. Again, great is the company of those that publish My Word. And I will give the increase!

I will cause ‘fire’ to rain down upon the government and down upon your government entities. And everything wicked will begin to be pushed to the side in the time to come. And I will raise up a righteous remnant of My people to move greatly in the things of My Spirit. I will raise up many church workers and lay leaders in your midst. I will raise up My saints from all walks of life!

I will raise up mighty intercessors that will get into the flow of prayer, praise, prophecy and proclamation by My Spirit. They will wield My flaming and cutting-edge’ swords in the Spirit. They will break down strongholds and send ‘missiles’ into the spirit realm to destroy the works of darkness! They will chop down ‘evils’ that have held back My move from amongst your people!They will release My ‘spiritual’ weapons of warfare and lift up their swords into the ‘heavens’ and pierce the ‘brass-ceiling’ and oppressive ‘covering’ of darkness that has been over the land.

This great move of My Spirit will also encompass Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia, says the Lord! This entire region of the world will be encompassed with this fire. I will bless My Church in greater ways than ever before. I will send a wave of prosperity to Indonesia! I will also do this in Malaysia and in Singapore and in the Philippines throughout the different cities and towns of these nations, says the Lord.

I will cause great increases of commerce. I will give great strategies to My people for commerce in the market-places. I will teach My people how to invest and do business and trading. My people will learn new and greater ways of solving problems that need to be solved; and by this, they will make higher incomes, says the Lord. They will touch the people of their societies and thereby gain greater influence with the people. I will release My blessings upon their businesses and My Churches will flourish. Buildings will be paid off. They will be bought, built and paid for. Local and national governments nor any economic crises will not be able to stop the advancing of My Kingdom because I will have My people own their properties. I will even have adverse laws changed so that My people and My Churches can flourish and live in economic freedom.

In Malaysia, I will cause laws to be changed to give My Churches the right to own properties and establish My works. But people say; “How? When is this going to happen? Our nation has been closed to the Gospel. It has been an Islamic society and we have been opposed. We have not been able to get through this great wall of oppression and opposition from the other kingdom.” Civil law has said that we cannot operate in total freedom to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the media airwaves.
But the Lord declares to you that when revival comes the breakthrough comes with it! When Holy Fire comes down there will be great breakthrough! Changes and answers will come! God will break and remove the opposing forces!

The Lord wants millions of souls saved! His Word must go out freely to the masses of peoples around the world in every nation. The Gospel will greatly penetrate the nations of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore! Holy Fire will fall from Heaven upon Southeast Asia! The other surrounding nations and Islands will also be hit by this Fire! Prayer has come up before Me to release these lands from captivity and I will now answer by Fire, says the Lord! Victory and breakthrough are coming forth now, in the Name of Jesus!

Father God, we thank You that Your Word will go forth with great boldness and power! You said in Isaiah 55: 8-11 that Your Word will not return to You void; but it will go forth and prosper in the thing that You have sent it to do! We want to see the manifestation and fruition of Your Word. You also told us in Ecclesiastes 11:1 to cast our bread upon the waters in portions of seven and eight. You told us to sow bountifully and continuously and we will see mighty returns and mighty harvests from our sown seeds. We must keep sowing in different places if we want to experience great harvests. We must keep sowing and never stop. We must continuously sow seed into even different ‘soils’ and then our ‘bread’ will come back to us again multiplied over and over! So be it!

A new breakthrough and change will now come; and there will be a transit out from the old order into the new order. God will raise up new apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral and teaching orders in the nation of Indonesia now. He will also do the same in the other surrounding nations in Southeast Asia. There will now come forth great reformation in His Church. Great breakthroughs, great seriousness and sober-mindedness will hit the people to really want truth. The hunger for truth will surpass anything that has been seen before There will be a demand for it because the people want to go higher. God is instituting this order so that people can know His principles and methods of operation. God wants to truly teach His own people how to get blessed and how to prosper and increase.
People will ask; “We know that God wants to bless us; but how do we make it happen? How can we schedule our own miracles? How can we use our faith to get God to release His tangible blessings upon us? How do we do that? Explain that to us Lord! The Lord will send His vessels to you from other nations. He will also raise up many from amongst you to speak to your people about these important issues. He will teach you how to advance and build His Kingdom.

Lord, we praise You that every opposing force to Your Gospel will be cast down and destroyed in Jesus’ Mighty Name! Let liberation come to multiplied millions of people, Lord God! Let multitudes be born again and swept into Your Kingdom! Let multiplied thousands be trained and raised up as disciples and sent forth to win even more lost souls for You! You gave us Your Great Commission to go into the entire world to preach Your Gospel to the masses of lost humanity! Let us make disciples in all nations! Let us not only win men to Your salvation, but let us also then disciple them to then go and win even more lost souls to You! Let us teach many how to advance Your Kingdom and empower their lives to count for something great! Your true disciples will do great exploits for You! Let us train Your five-fold ministry gifts as spiritual champions in this generation!

Let us take them into schools of training for reigning! Let Your people reign produce great fruit in all the world!

We thank You that this is happening now in great power in the nation of Indonesia and all throughout Southeast Asia, in Jesus’ Mighty Name! *Amen!

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