China Prophecy


1.3 Billion Souls and counting! Could I leave them to the dogs? I am even now dismantling the old communist regime, says the Lord! As you saw the Berlin wall fall, and the Soviet Union fall, so shall you see Red China fall! The ‘Bamboo Curtain’ will be torn to shreds! Many thought, who could destroy the ‘Iron Curtain?’ But did I not do it? Yes I did! And so will I utterly destroy and lay to waste the wickedness of oppression that has ruled over this vast community of My humanity!

I have had watchmen on the wall for many years, and they have known of this – that the day would come – when the people would be made free! Free for what, you say? Free to serve Me! That’s what!

I am setting up My forces to begin to march on the land. And the day will come when Christian television will be a reality in that great land. For I will move by My hand! I am literally crushing the opponents of the Gospel. They will not be able to stop what I am doing now, says the Lord! I will open up the airwaves for My voice to be heard!

The day will also come when Tiananmen Square will not just be remembered as the place of tragedy and bloodshed, but it will also be known as the place that the soles of My people have tread! They will shout My praises openly there in that day, says the Lord! You will see the day come when millions will stand in that great square arm-in-arm and openly worship Me! And My people will rejoice there in My Presence without any fear of retaliation!

Changes over China you will see! And many things concerning China will now become very ‘vocal’ and even ‘global’ throughout the world’s media. The ‘attention’ of the world will come to China, and the media will talk about many developments there. This will not be any ‘one-time’ event, but it will be an ongoing breakthrough for the ‘destruction’ of the works of hell over many generations, centuries, and yea, even ‘millennia!’ Freedom and liberation is coming to the masses, the multitudes of people that live in that great nation, says the Lord God Almighty!

I will touch both the feet and the head with My authority in this hour! For My servants have prayed long and hard, and true to Me they have stayed! Now I bring forth liberation to you, O China, and I hear from you the standing ovation!

Of course, you know that the enemy will not take this ‘sitting down’ without a fight. Go to work, My people, for it is not yet night! Persecution shall rise up within many pockets of the land once again, but do not despair, for I am sending My angels there! They will fight for what is right, and the enemy will have no choice but to take flight!

I will cause factions of the wicked ruler ship to fight themselves from within. I will release the spirit of confusion amongst them, and I will have them in derision! And I, the Lord your God, will sit and laugh at them from the heavens, for yea, I will even destroy their wickedness with My own staff!

Sing, O barren ones, and you who did not bear! Sing aloud, for both My judgments and My mercies are being poured out upon whom I will, and you shall see Me in My majesty move throughout the land!

If you will cry unto Me, I will ‘impregnate’ you with My vision for the East, and the ‘cry’ of My salvation will ring out in the land, both to the greatest and to the least! It is time for you to feast, My precious ones, for the table has been set for you! The ‘stage’ has been prepared, and the ‘show’ is about to begin! You, My people, will have the victory over sin! Guess what? *You win! So rejoice!

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