And Unto Kenya Speak!

The Lord is saying that He is going to cause people that had been in the way of His movements, He is going to hit, break knock and run them over over permanently. God is a God of justice, righteousness, mercy, and love. He does not want the devil to use men and hurt billions of people. Every subversion, opposition, war, stripe, recall and every game that politicians and even people in church, and even others in society that they have done and hurt millions of people from going forward.Some people down at the bottom are stuck because they do not know how to climb up. Men that had opportunities to build something that everyone can flourish, they never did, and they were too busy filling their pockets and bellies. They would do any kind of crafty trick against anyone else that would try to expose them or come against them to change the order. They have killed literally, killed people, people’s abilities and tried to stop the movements. The Lord is tired of it, He has had enough, and He won’t allow it anymore. You are going to see it come into the media and be the talk of the town.

“The day is now” says the Lord, “that I’m going to cause the sealing in the cap and the lid to come off of the nation of Kenya.” It is not only going to be such a movement from heaven down upon the earth, but also an interruption of volcanic movement, literally, about to come from within, from the people that I’ve ordained and anointed. From heaven is coming, where the Holy Spirit is moving externally. How the power of God is manifested and transferred from heaven is an amazing supernatural mystery which is baffling to the mind, when we think about it because it’s invisible to the world.

The power of God is going to now come upon his chosen elect and the remnant for the next day in this month of August, next month and the rest of this year. We will see the raising of the apostles and prophets like never before. The great Bishop in the land who has been in many seasons in Ministry, preaching 40 years and pastoring a church for 30 years, a really good man and I won’t say his name. I can say he is a good man while some of you might not, but I have known him for a long time and have had some fellowship time with him in the last couple days.

He said that the church hasn’t understood prophet and even apostles; they build on pastors and evangelists. I said that is a weak foundation, Ephesians 2:20 says the foundation the church is to be built on the apostles and prophets, with Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone. He said, “Yeah, the apostolic and the prophetic, that means, the stage is to be set for that and he said, “man of God speak without fear, speak anything you have for the nation. These things write them down and let’s look at them and go over them, and I said “great.” There are many books that should be written for Kenya, I have them and I have put volumes of information put in print in every form, in video, books, and audio. We go through them and put them online in order to feed the nation the word of heaven.

Other Men have began to prophesy to nations, leaders of nations to correct them even to bring the nations into righteousness to speak many things to those that are hungry enough to celebrate. The people will celebrate, not everyone will fight it,” said great apostle just this morning and that not everyone will fight the man of God, there are people that will celebrate. When you will have favor you’ll see amazing things. This is happening in Kenya.

A different apostle was prophesying saying, “Announce Him to the nation again, Announce Him now! Announce Him! Set the platforms now a very high level, roll out, and release.” Another apostle said, “This is the time of the breakthrough, restoration and revival, and is all going to happen because God is going to use you in the forefront and you will see massive wage of favor.

I prophesied about Kenya’s economic and infrastructural development, her world connections and inter connectivity with other nations in the world. Tourism will come back and God will deal with some of the people that are giving Kenya a bad reputation, they need to be put out, their lights put out, the switches of inflict, off!

Kenya will be known as a civil, peaceful, secure great nation. The Lord said to me that a revival is coming, a reformation wave, and powerful revolution, is going to come through the many women that I have ordained. It is going to be real and the motivation for people doing this is genuine, like heaven on earth, and the society will change. I am also continuous about what I was saying this morning in prayer about some of these nations with these apostles.

Therefore, apostle means anointed, trailblazer, leader, father, powerful man of God, anointed by the Holy Ghost- full of the Holy Ghost- God’s word and power moving through them in functional ministry not a figurehead, not somebody standing around looking for applause,accolades and people’s money.

He should be a real man of God. We were praying and the Lord began to say of the trip to the White House, after we had prophesied that Uhuru Kenyatta was God’s chosen elect choice to be the fourth president of Kenya. He won the election he is the president now, William Ruto is now the deputy president or vice president, and it has happened.

After these, great threats sent wrangling, turmoil, accusations, persecutions, and attempts at subversion that flopped. God just smote them as we prayed and prophesied. We see right after something happened last month, the president Uhuru Kenyatta gets invited and stands on the red carpet inside the White House. They had this conference where they were going to allocate trillions of shillings-trillions-that is a lot of much money. 12 figures, twelve zeros that so much money people can’t even imagine this, thousands of billions. One trillion is a 1000 billion shillings 1 billion shilling is a lot, it’s about $11 million. You think eleven million dollars is only $11 million as 1 billion of 12 million as of 11.5. A thousand billion is what? Thousands times that, that is, one trillion, is even more than!

Likewise, God in our day is causing the uplifting of the economy of Kenya. I heard one man is doing a teaching on that, let me confirm. My voice has been spoken way before and am the voice again right here, but let me just reflect on a few comments that was made in a teaching. There is a major wealth transfer and development of this country and many people are going to graduate into middle class from the lower class and be uplifted, the workforces, the industries and companies will increase, the government is going to get better. Everything is happening, and this is all that we have spoken for years and years and again in explicit details.

This is the season now, that God is literally going to cause a shifting from the old to the new, the old wineskin God is going to fill new wineskin and raise them up. The old order is not going to get in the way. Saul threw javelins at David for a season, a good long season, several years in fact. David had been anointed to rise to lead the nation yet he did anyway, there was a process time or a refining time, it was satanic opposition, delays, diversions, divisions, distractions, destruction, and despair attempts.

All of these things try to derail, get the train off the track, and get things to stand still, roadblocks, blockages in the spirit world and that come even through people in doing certain things. Evil doers- the Devil’s ugly friends, his ugly friends have really tried hard and some even from within the church sadly enough. God knows who people really are anyway, and everyone will account to God for what they are.

The day is coming when the Lord is going to cause a great awakening a great shifting from the old to the new, nobody is going to stop this thing now. It is like an explosive thing, like a volcanic eruption. Some can say put a lid on the top of the volcano and see if we will stop it. Try to speak to it, let’s speak against it, let’s try to get people to believe something else and try to divert it, the lava is still pushing by the pressure by the scientific way that God made it in the earth and it’s still going to come out. If you even put cement over the top, the cement is going to be blown off the top or melted or burnt away, the lava is going to come out, and flow and that is a good analogy. Also is the tsunami though Tsunami was so horrific, but if it is coming no one can speak to it and stop it, the forces are so great. These are horrific natural disasters and I do not even like using them as examples. They can give the picture in the mind of somebody listening, that pictorial image of something that has so much power in it can’t be stopped, so it is like this in the spirit, like a tidal wave, like a tsunami, like a volcanic eruption, like thunder clouds coming in pouring rain. No one can stop it, unless you are a prophet that can speak to it, change the atmosphere, and change the atmospheric conditions because God does give power to men.

Joshua stopped the sun in the battle, Elijah spoke to the rain clouds and they went away, dried up and disappeared, and Jesus spoke to the waves in the sea and they stopped when he said ‘peace be still.’ Likewise, God reveals to me to stop the hurricane, He reveals to me to speak to you events, weather patterns, spiritual and natural climate, and speak things into being creatively, prophetically that were not there before. They get created and made.

The devil does not have enough power, his friends do not have enough power to stop this one, and beginning this month of August the number eight is significant. It is the time we are in, what we are feeling so I want to say; don’t even look at the calendar it doesn’t matter that the year is 2014 or coming in 2015,6,7,8,9 to 2020, it doesn’t matter the season, or what the calendar- the Gregorian calendar-, doesn’t matter what the calendar says, what the clock says. Does not matter the exact number the time, of the exact number of the dates. The eighth month-August can be a blessing because 8 is new season, eight is new beginnings. This is really happening now.

I saw this explosive thing coming and it is like a lid ceiling- a glass ceiling- many people can’t see it unless they discern, is as a cap that evil doers are restraining the nation from going forward. The chaos that went on in early 2008 after the election and the last few days of 2007, and then now this threatening from another camp that wants to cause division because they have their own agenda.

God is silencing all that, the nation is going to get healing, and it is going to get fixed. The tribalism, nepotism, conflict, hatred, malice is going to end, petty differences, the attack one to another is going to end and we declare, pray and speak for speaking is a form of prayer. Not just crying to God about something although, we thank, petition, worship, and sing to him, we ask him for things. It is time we speak a simple old saying that says ‘I don’t need to tell God about the mountain, I need to tell the mountain about God’ and I speak in the name of God to be removed.

Mark 11:23 says that if we doubt not what we believe and say, it will happen. The 24th verse-says whatever it is we desire, we pray, believe and receive them and we will surely have them. When you stand praying get unforgiveness out of your heart, bitterness, release everybody just for yourself, forgiveness brings freedom to us. It never absorbs the guilt; men have to account to God for what they have done.

In Scripture we were reminded of yesterday, from Lamentations 3:17 which says that to subvert a man in his cause the Lord approves not, does not approve of anybody that brings subversion against another. Lord is not into it, is not His will, He does not like it, He will react even if somehow it seemed to be allowed to happen, God was not for it nor its author.

The subverters I would not want to be them, listen to me people of Kenya and anyone else who is listening to this from wherever European ethnicity or anywhere in the world. If you are on the side of a subverter, opponent from opposition, rumormonger, a slanderer, blasphemer, a sinful person, unrighteous person, a con artist, thief, or liar you are on the wrong side of the wall. The flood is coming to that side of the wall, the other side is going to be dry ground, where we are standing is a beautiful green pasture; I am seeing it in vision right now.

Water comes, destruction, earthquake, mudslide, flood, drowning, despair, fear, and terror streaming. When the judgment wave comes and everything begins to get destroyed in its path and is a huge wall that goes all the way up to the sky. We are on the other side of it and there is sunshine, it is even soundproof wall we do not even hear the turmoil going on in the other side. We may hear about it if someone gets to leak the news to us but we are not really involved in it directly because of the wall.

God is shining and blessing one side while judging the other side. I say this is part of my office and is not very pleasant all the time, the warfare I have to go through and the persecution that comes with it is no small matter. Nevertheless, God’s grace is sufficient, he has elected us for this and he rewards us greatly and the reward is always coming.

“Thank you Lord, Lord we deserve it, thank you for your blessings that make rich and add no sorrow. Everything we want, need, desire, complete luxury, the next wave is real estate acquisition, conquering in markets from mega wealth transfers into our hands, then partnership. You are touching people to bless us with inheritances from them, with legacies, partnerships, and proceeds from business deals. Lead people to us that they have known about us but then at the time they could not communicate anything, God speak our name to them and they say this is for my servant Thomas Manton.” God will begin to hand select and touch people from all over the world, everywhere in the whole planet God is going to hand select people to be our partners

Deuteronomy says remember the source, God is the source, but he also uses men to pray, speak and prophesy before him. They speak blessings to the faithful of the vision, and carry the anointing that has brought change to the multitudes.

“Lord I feel your presence here, thank you that in Kenya the harvest season is coming to the faithful, you people that waited so long, cried so much and waited I want to prophesy as God’s servant and tell you that the day of the breakthrough is come. I am not hyping this or speaking this so you can shout and feel good.”

I am telling you the day has come and the season is come, the prophet who has been sent by God speaks by the spirit of God, what he says happens. You will see breakthroughs and increases that you have never seen, lift your hands right now to see. You will see things happening that are just God’s tangible favor, you never saw them like that before. This is that day now for you personally, business and career life, your ministry calling and your ministry, and you see will God’s provision-Jehovah Jireh.

Hebrew definition of Jireh is the Lord who sees our future will see to it that it happens. Hebrew definition of the word Yireh (Jireh) is not just a God who gives us money to pay our bills, kids, family, house, car, expenses, utilities, clothes, shelter, and put food on the table and put food on the table, but also things you want to use money for, to do certain things.

He is our father, He cares about us in those ways more than we can imagine. There is a vision that God has and that is the thing that He will do the mega funding for, He is our overseer and father who sees the future.

Jeremiah 29:11 is a good cross-reference. He is Jehovah Jireh speaks in Genesis 13:13-20. The Lord our God is a jealous God, He is jealous over his people and so many attributes shalom, peace and etc. and our righteousness but Jireh not just to give money to pay for bills, not just to help live, but also to provide for the big picture which is the advancing of the kingdom.

Cross-reference to Genesis is Jeremiah 29:11; I know the plans of thoughts that I have for you, and what I want you to be involved in working, in your assignment, your calling. I will cause you to prosper, no harm should come to you, the expected destiny, the end of the matter and the in between, am going to take care of those things. Jehovah Jireh, the plan of action that I have the vision for the appointed time.

The time is now the Lord is saying to the remnant, God knows who’s really his and who is not, He is going divide (the divide or dividing line that I talked about so often live for so many years) it really has been done now and then the video that I did, says a ‘blessing is coming on the righteous and judgment on the wicked.’ They repent, they should, anyone about God’s mercy. His mercy is also to His real people that He gets the evildoers out of their way that is also His mercy. Ephesians 6:11, 12 says; we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers. These are demonic beings, rulers of darkness in this world. These are men and devils, the devil and his ugly friends. Wicked spirits and high places are ruling things from the top. We wrestle not against flesh and blood alone men can be involved but also devils. The devil can use bishops, politicians, businessmen, con artists in the church, liars, thieves, evildoers, and fake preachers. They will be accountable to God.

God is going to deal strongly with people to bring change and those that do not want to bend because some men like to carry on with their folly and their evil and are so arrogant. They have no attention to repenting you cannot call them on the carpet and say have a board meeting, we have to sit down and discuss, and we have to bring correction. They will not acknowledge their guilt; they want to hide behind a statement and some in such high places have been exempted because of their positions from petty things with the law, the police, and the government.

They think they have become untouchable because of the corrupt system but God says you are not untouchable; the day of impunity in Kenya is over. People will be brought to book, courthouse, and even brought charges of indictment. They will not be able to pay with the money they stole. All of a sudden, the guy is seated in the hot seat, near the line of fire. Then they go having private meetings, making calls, throwing around money they stole to buy silence. God says that can only go on for so long before you know, people get caught.

I want to tell you as God’s prophet whom He has chosen and anointed. I am sitting right here in the state of Nairobi, this afternoon and I have had lengthy meetings with these men. We have been praying since morning, I am on fire right now the Holy Ghost resides in here. I am sitting in my vehicle right now recording this. The Lord is going to shake things to the point that all that can be shaken will be shaken after some time, and nothing illicit or evil will be able to have its hideousness anymore. What has been darkness will be brought to light and what men have done evil against others, will account and pay for it.

The Lord is saying that He is going to cause people that had been in the way of His movements, He is going to hit, break knock and run them over over permanently. God is a God of justice, righteousness, mercy, and love. He does not want the devil to use men and hurt billions of people. Every subversion, opposition, war, stripe, recall and every game that politicians and even people in church, and even others in society that they have done and hurt millions of people from going forward.Some people down at the bottom are stuck because they do not know how to climb up. Men that had opportunities to build something that everyone can flourish, they never did, and they were too busy filling their pockets and bellies. They would do any kind of crafty trick against anyone else that would try to expose them or come against them to change the order. They have killed literally, killed people, people’s abilities and tried to stop the movements. The Lord is tired of it, He has had enough, and He won’t allow it anymore. You are going to see it come into the media and be the talk of the town.

From the middle of the year 2000, the last 14 years God has used His servant here to speak over this nation of Kenya. The prophecy of 2000 was never made public; it was about the change of the Moi regime to have a reformative government. I do not know how people would have thought too much of that prophecy back then. I was advised by some attorneys that it was a dangerous thing to say and I did not fear about it. I had flown out of the country and left it at that, I never went on the rampage to broadcast it. Within a year and a half what I had spoken had already been solidified and the day came when the old order for 24 years was going to shift. There was a call to a new election thereafter.

The Lord spoke to me in December 13, 2002 and said tell the people of Kenya and make it public. The prophecy got circulated to millions of people around the world. I found people years later, when I had come to Kenya, people that took the folded copy with the grease on it, with tea stains, and the edges were falling off. Others were crying saying they had read the prophecy and memorized it.

The Lord said Mwai Kibaki is like the Joseph, a man of restoration, economy, accounting, implementation, and new programs. It was hard because the devil tried to kill him before it would all happen. I had prophesied that God would heal him. A leader of a major bank in Kenya brought my prophecy and put it physically on Mwai Kibaki’s body. I was not in Kenya at that time I was in London.

I wrote the document in explicit details of massacres which were to happen in the next season. This was an evidence of God using me as His vessel. Praise be to Him forever and ever, Amen.

God would speak His will, I am doing it again right now, and I am telling you what’s coming in our day. The move of God is going to come and it is going to take shape. God is going to fall upon certain vessels; they are not going to talk nonsense when they get up to speak. They are going to speak as scholars, with eloquence, their intellect will be elevated.

The age of Enlightenment has come, where you can type anything you want to know on Google or YouTube. It is better off than watching News in the local channels that are horrifying. The government should enforce laws where vehicles are inspected and that has not happened. The diesel fumes blown out of trucks are caused by people who are too lazy, ignorant or too poor to want to change their filters or service their engines. Even old model cars that have never had their oil changed blow smoke polluting the air and there is so much dust. The precious people of Kenya walking on the side of the road breathe all of that stuff and get choked by dust and smoke from trucks, buses, and cars and all of it is unnecessary.

I want to prophesy right here to the president, the deputy president, to the ministers, and the government. God is going to really deal with that issue, to put law and order not only from the criminal but also from the civil side. To restore the moral structure for people to do right but also in governance in completing more projects of road development and also press some restrictions on road unworthy vehicles.

God is going to bring into account; the book is going to be slammed down on the desk. You have an account to pay for; this is criminal activity because you are a thief and liar. You are in government to represent the people and help the nation go forward than to fill your pockets.

The day of corruption and impunity is over. The problem is going to be solved and it is happening already. Major things are going to take place; people are going to be prosecuted from high places.

God is going to make an example to the nation, of the price that has to be paid by evildoer- the consequences of evil, my God notices. Nevertheless, God will bless his people, He will honor his true sons and daughters with wealth, riches and good things, gifts and opportunities, to do business and trade in high levels. His favor is going to make things go to the closing table and the transactions will happen, money will change hands in favor of the righteous.

God spoke to me; I had a vision on February 14, 2007. I had landed here that night and was brought to great hotel. I lay down at 2 AM because I had been traveling from America, 24 hours through Europe. I was exhausted ready to collapse and I lay down stretched. The Lord Jesus walked into my room, I saw Him at the foot of my bed and he looked at me.

I was so amazed, I said, “Lord what do you want to tell me.” I felt so unconscious. The Lord said, “get up son I want to speak.” The Lord said that He is first going to cause an avalanche of His glory to come into the Christian business community, the people of Kenya, the city of Nairobi in particular, and also throughout the nation. That means God is going to raise up his own people to become brilliant and wise. He is going to the marketplaces, success is going to be our portion in every way, and the devil is not going to stop it.

An initiated increase even for great ministries, the support of people will shoot through the ceiling because they are being blessed from their percentages and proceeds. The kingdom projects will be done, new media networks, new land and real estate, properties, buildings, and state-of-the-art facilities. Places that people can come in not just to be preached to all the time but also to be taught, to learn, to have think tanks, seminars, and conferences on different topics and develop holistic lives-the whole life. Because of poor facilities in church some people would not even attend. The church even gets a bad reputation as a result.

Build a building that is incredible and beautiful that men would have a wonderful experience. A good atmosphere where the lighting, the design, and the sound provide comfort. I am seeing a vision of other buildings, not just churches but churches with office complexes, where you can have halls, and even conferences. People come together and have strategy meetings. Coffeehouses in the Fellowship Halls, places to eat, schools and developmental places for people in business.

It is not just the platform of the old evangelistic order but a place of prayer. Prayer is the best use of our time. Worship and prayer along with bringing the word, causes God to show up and come into buildings. When you are praying, prophesying, speaking, declaring, and worshiping, there is a connection of heaven to earth.

God gave me a definition for churches, he said, “what is the church? What is my definition? What is my desire for the church?” He said a very simple answer that was profound. He said, “it is a place of my expression, manifestation to my people, of who I am and what I am doing in and through them, how I want to be represented, how I will represent and manifest myself to people,” The house of God is a training center where God helps people live a better life.

The stigma where the church is evil will be overridden with good, it will not matter. We do not need to focus on the negative, we do not need to look at what bad is happening we can do with it correctly. The positive aspect of God’s manifestations in His houses in His kingdom is the advancing of ministries and organizations by men and women who are anointed for real will override all that. It is rare to see real men or people that really love God.

God is going to raise His apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. 1Corinthians 12:28 says, ‘I gave first apostles secondarily prophets, early teachers, and the workings of miracles,’ the working of these three offices is that we need to never neglect or overlook. They are very important. Governments helps administrations, government is governance in the organization. Administration has to do with the whole corporate structure and functionality of organization, doing projects and the go-between between the leadership, where it meets the people and all the operations. Good administration needs grace and brilliance with cooperation from people.

Acts 6, the apostles could not do everything themselves, they appointed elect men full of the Holy Ghost to oversee these other administrations of things. Paul told Timothy to give church to faithful men, to elect the faithful ones, those that he will see and love, “You will see and love them.” Those that are unfaithful are not fit for the service. Scripture also said, Jesus said when a man puts his hand to it and looks back, and goes another way he is no longer fit for the service.

Any great ministry needs a lot of good administration, faithful deacons and deaconesses, but the foundation, Ephesians 2:20, 1 Corinthians 12:28, Ephesians 4:11 says, “The foundation of the church is the apostles.”

The scripture in the book of Revelation talks about the foundation stones of the city have the names of the 12 tribes in one aspect and 12 apostles on the other. The 12 tribes and the apostles’ names are in heaven. This is what the early church was birthed through; the number 12 is so significant. Jesus had 12 apostles, God chose 12 governmental numbers.

Tribes in those days, some of them did not have the right vision of the 12. A good example is Joshua, Caleb and the ten spies. The Scripture talks about Joshua and Caleb had another spirit-Holy Ghost, the other ten had too much of their own carnal fearful influence of men more than the influence of God. They had a negative report. Joshua and Caleb said, “Let us rise up, we will go now and overtake.” The scriptures did not mention the names of the others except that they were chosen captains. These were chosen leaders from among the tribes but their voices were wrong.

Joshua and Caleb they were in the spirit, overcome by the anointing and had confidence in them from God. They did not care and those are rare. People like this are going to rise up in the nations.

 It is God’s will for you to prosper, to succeed, for the nations to be inundated with opportunity, development, wealth and wealth creation. This is especially for you who are righteous, you who served God and suffered for His name’s sake. Watch how God will bless you in these days it will amaze you.


This is God’s voice to the nations, Prophet Dr Thomas Manton IV. May the Lord bless you abundantly!!!