21 New Prophecies for America!

1. “In the years 2005 & 2006, a great season of revival will begin to erupt in many places in America! Visitations and moves of My Spirit will sweep across many cities and towns in new ways beginning this new season,” says the Lord!
2. In the same breath, the Lord said to me; “Now is the time of preparation for these coming revivals! As hard and as fervently prepare for My great visitation of revival in America it will determine how much you will receive, and how much you will retain when it comes!”
3. The Fire and Visitations of God will hit many churches and houses along the Southeast Coast of Florida between Melbourne and Miami.4. A greater spiritual breakthrough will commence in the Northwest in Seattle & Portland and their surrounding regions.
5. A sovereign touch of revival will hit a certain place in the western part of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
6. The City of Chicago will experience a supernatural movement of unity amongst its church leaders.
7. The great harvest-fields of California are yet on God’s mind, and He will infiltrate their industries and people with His visitation in greater ways.
8. A great spiritual dearth will be felt in Texas; and an ensuing hunger for true revival will erupt and cry out from the hearts of many in that State.
9. A new coalition of leaders will emerge in the State of Louisiana to form a strategic link to gather leaders from around the Nation to launch a National movement calling for unity and revival amongst church leaders.
10. A new prayer revival and release of Kingdom entrepreneurs will erupt from New York City.
11. The ‘red tide’ will come in again in the coastal waters in America. The Lord said to me; “Speak against it and rebuke it! Command it to diminish and subside and it will!”
12. The Iraq issue will become very intricate and complex; and not easy to solve.
13. This could cause a great problem for President Bush and for America. Lord, we decree that you will supernaturally divert and interrupt that cycle. These issues will be extensively spoken of in the media. They will be openly talked about. Great fights, strife, debates, and discussions will come out in the media regarding the Iraq invasion. Yet, I see that if we all pray; the Lord will diminish this and give strategies of resolution to this complex conflict.
14. America is in danger! Terrorists are regrouping and planning other attacks now. My Church must rise up and destroy the plans of evil-doers! People cannot sit back and be complacent and say this does not affect them. If the enemy strikes and has his way, it certainly will affect everyone! Remember 9/11!
15. It is time for My Church and My people to fall on their faces and pray once again! It is time you all get serious and do battle in the realm of the spirit!
16. You are in a season of war. There are things brewing in the spirit world that need to be addressed now!
17. I am releasing a new realm of deep intercession within the Church now!
18. I will have many of My voices challenge My people to get back to praying, and not just asking Me to bless them and their own houses. You need to receive the passion to get caught up into the presence of My Spirit and intercede effectively for your cities and nations!
19. ‘I will break the strong demonic assignments and attacks from hell that have been against you, America! These things will be broken in the spirit,” says the Lord!
20. “I will now stir up My Church to pray! And not just for the cause of overcoming the enemy, but to help you get broken before Me yourselves.”
21. “I want you to get closer to Me,” says the Lord, “What greater thing can happen to you than to know Me more intimately and really get close to My heart?”



“The Prophets are coming! The Prophets are coming! No longer will leaders or any other be able to speak against My prophets without repercussion. I will bring My holy fear with reverence for Me back to the houses in this land.”

“For surely a great reformation is about to take place in this region,” says the Lord, “I will establish houses for my Prophets. And I will pour out a deluge of finances into the hands of My elect to build and establish habitations for My Prophetic move. And the weight of this blessing will not just be set upon this generation, but it will also be set upon your next generation.”

“People will flock here by the thousands even from other cities and nations to come and behold My work here. I have already been speaking concerning these matters, and I will move quickly in this season,” says the Spirit of the Lord.

“I will move both Heaven and Earth for those who I am electing to ‘spearhead’ this move. They’ll get the job done for Me! And I will give great financial abundance and great favour unto them to complete the tasks ahead,” says the Lord!

“The city of Jacksonville, Florida will be a ‘spiritual hub’, an ‘Apostolic Oasis’ and ‘Headquarters’ for My move and My works in the days ahead. And I will ‘rake’ the spiritual pride of leaders over the coals of My Reformation in this hour. Sadly, some will fall because they did not want to go through the metamorphoses into the next day and allow Me to be God. I will resist the proud, and they will be as stubble,” says the Lord.

“Oh, I have been grieved many times with the attitude, arrogance, and opinion of men,” says the Lord. “But now I will set My ‘chosen governmental hierarchy’ into place. I will rename the city to “The Oasis.”

“There will ‘erupt’ certain revivals in certain churches throughout the Northeast Florida region. I am looking for men and women who will say a true “Yes” to me, regardless of its cost! I need someone to stand in the gap for Me. It is a new day!”

“This will be a place where new ‘five fold ministry champions’ will be trained, nourished and thrust out to work for Me! And just as the coast of Florida was the landing place of pioneers and settlers for the ‘new world’ centuries ago – so shall this be a gateway to North America for My ‘new order.’ I am making this place an “Oasis,” and I am raising up a new apostolic order, and a new ‘prototype’ for ministry development. I shall establish what will become an example for many. Look ahead for the ‘old order’ is now over,” says the Lord your God! “A new thing I shall now do, shall it not spring forth?”

“If you truly want to go on with Me, why don’t you seek My face like never before? Call upon me, and I will show you great and mighty things that you know not! A shift is happening now in the spirit realm and in the way I will now do things. Do you have eyes to see? Do you have ears to hear? Well then, why don’t you just go ahead and cry out to Me for this ‘new thing!’ Then, I will cause you to flourish in “The Oasis,” says the Spirit of the Living God!

“I will bring together and establish an “Executive Council” of Apostles and Prophets in this land. They will come together from many places – from both near and far. And many new plans and strategies I will reveal to my servants in these days,” says the Lord, “I’ll only release My strategies to the ‘serious ones,’ for great results and consequences will come from the ‘royal decrees’ of this ‘Council!”

“This is now the day when I will show my servants ways to gain great wealth so they can become the “distribution centers” I have willed them to be! I am granting you great power to get wealth, precious ones, so My purposes may be fulfilled,” says the Lord!

“Let My intercessors pray much for My government to be established in all of these matters. I want My mind and My heart not only to be revealed, but also implemented and manifested in the Earth,” says the Lord. “I will also ordain a Network of “Kingdom Entrepreneurs” in conjunction with this new move, and I will make many new Millionaires in this season for My Glory. I will raise them up for My Gospel’s sake.”

“I will set into motion various schools and training centers in this city, and great will be the joy and rejoicing over this thing amongst my people here! Surely My Presence shall be known and felt in this place known as “The Oasis,” says the Spirit of Almighty God!

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